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An "Income Tax" Subject Site Map

A Brief Introduction To The Fascinating Truth About The American Income Tax

A concise drill-down on the nature of the tax, the real purpose and meaning of the 16th amendment, and a "CtC for Dummies" model of how the tax actually works


'Cracking the Code- The Fascinating Truth About Taxation In America'

The scary and exhilarating book that educates, liberates and empowers every reader


Various "Tax Protestor/Tax Honesty" Misunderstandings Of The Law

The IRS really IS an agency of government; your birth certificate really ISN'T collateral for a loan from the Queen of England; and while those tin-foil hats might really keep rays from space from getting in, they also seem to do the same to simple facts...


Federal And State Responses To Proper Claims For Refund

Brain candy for patriotic Americans dedicated to the rule of law and restoring the republic


Supplemental Appendix Material For 'Cracking the Code'

Hey, it's a big subject, and I keep finding more and more supporting evidence and authority...


Regarding Trolls And Their Smears, Lies And Evasions

Learn the truth about 'Latham' and 'Sullivan', and other dodges and cognitive speedbumps tossed on the road to understanding by trollkind


Government Efforts To Suppress 'Cracking The Code'

The lengths to which the scamsters go to keep you from reading CtC are the best indication possible of how important it is that you do


The 'Every Which Way But Loose' Collection

Fully-documented case studies of tax agency efforts to resist CtC-educated testimony and claims


The 'Cracking the Code Companion CD'

All the tools and resources any legal and historical researcher needs


An Index To Cracking the Code

Warrior Yvonne Wesley put this helpful guide together


The Lost Horizons Forum

The national forum of the CtC-educated


Regarding Tax "Reform"

Why this perennial issue is invalid and insidious, and just a harmful distraction from the liberating truth


Search Lost Horizons

Everything you need to know about the tax is here-- just type in your keywords and go!


The "Deniers" Page

If you know folks in denial of the truth about the tax, this is the page for them


Ordering Info

Get CtC, UtL, WGRaM? and your Warrior Wear here!



Educated service-providers



Things to go over if it's just not coming clear, or if you're being victimized by bad bureaucratic behavior



The losthorizons news, of course!



Pages everyone should read now and then, just to find answers and keep some of the subtle things in focus


(A lot of additional pages and materials are linked-to from those listed above and below, so watch for blue text while surfing.)


Recent Posts And Other Things Of Interest Are Recorded At The Bulletin Board


Have You Been A "Non-Filer"?  Learn The Important Truth About This Potentially Very Serious Mistake


Pages of special interest to business owners


A Business-Owner's Introduction To The Truth About The Tax

Chartered Financial Consultant Tom Bottaro offers some wake-up info to the not-yet-educated


Everything Most Americans Need To Know About Credit-Card Transaction Reporting

As usual with "income tax" issues, this one hinges on the fine print


A Sorry But Instructive Little Subterfuge

The "levy" power is very limited, and any honorable business must ask certain questions before complying with an alleged "levy...


The Criminal Rites Of Spring

Signing a tax form without a complete knowledge of the legal meaning of everything on it is perjury, at the very least...


It's Not Too Late To Do The Right Thing

An honest payer will only report what he actually knows to be true on an "information return"...


Legal Resources

Detailed information and tools relating to the legal realities of the following subjects:

Regarding The Limits Of The Lien And Levy Powers

About "Frivolous Return" Letters And Notices

About "Notices of Levy"

The Limits Of The Summons, Examination And Audit Power

A "7602 Summons/Examination/Audit" Brief

Regarding "Deficiencies"



Passports and SSNs

A Few Words About The Second Amendment

9/11- The American Reichstag Fire

The Military Commissions Act


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