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The Seminar Schedule

Where to be, when, and how to reserve yourself a seat.


FRIENDS, THE NEXT SCHEDULED SEMINAR will be in Ohio, on Saturday, May 18, 2019. The event will be held at Comfort Inn and Suites in West Chester, Ohio, just north of Cincinnati.

The program will run from 2PM until 6 or so, and then we'll move to a local restaurant to wind things down during a nice "Dutch treat" dinner.

Attendees new to the subject will be introduced to the liberating truth about the income tax. The importance of that truth and seeing it once again acknowledged and respected by all Americans and all American institutions will be demonstrated and discussed in depth.

We'll identify and discuss the central issues involved in any legal contest concerning the tax. There will also be an extended Q&A session, and a bit of attention to good outreach practices.

THE WEATHER SHOULD BE GREAT, and for those who make a long weekend out of it, downtown Cincinnati is quite charming. All in all, the seminar will be a great way to take a little break from the routine while getting some focused code-cracking and law-upholding under your belt and meeting more great Americans like yourself.

This will also be a great way to help anyone important to you get centered on the issue of the tax. If you've got a sweetie who's been on the fence (or hanging back entirely), bringing him or her to this seminar will be a great way to prompt that epiphany for which you've been waiting.

"It was an awesome experience! I found it very worthwhile. I felt it helped to solidify what I read in the CtC book. I also felt it was helpful seeing others in the room with the same understanding."

-Lola Hussey


"I was at the Dallas seminar and I thought it was great. Much inspiration from yourself and the attendees."

-Dan Shogren


"[Y]our last seminar in Dallas was excellent!  The word is being spread my friend - I am the storm!"

-Craig Scheider


"We thoroughly enjoyed the seminar and found the info extremely helpful."

-John and Phyllis Greer


"I would highly recommend and encourage everyone who has a distaste for paying the federal income tax to learn the truth about the tax by attending one or more of your seminars..."

-Forrest Voss


"Hi Pete, My wife Kris and I had a really enjoyable time at the Columbia seminar. You and Doreen are to be commended."

-Steve Stackelhouse

Keith Lee said it in a video:


There will be a small door charge in order to cover the cost of the venue, which should be less than $10. Otherwise the event is completely free of charge.

SO MARK YOUR CALENDARS, make your plans and RSVP to Doreen 'at' losthorizons.com with how many you will be (you all know how to fix that address to make it useable, right?).

RSVPs are REQUIRED, and early RSVPs are much appreciated (and your best bet for getting registered on time). Please have "Cincinnati Seminar" in the subject line!!

I look forward to seeing you on May 18!