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The Seminar Schedule

Where to be, when, and how to reserve yourself a seat.

FRIENDS, THE NEXT SCHEDULED SEMINAR will be in Bakersfield, California, on Saturday, November 10, 2018. We'll run from 2PM until 6 or so. The special focus of this meeting will be the issues that arise in any legal contest concerning the tax.

Afterward, everyone in attendance will be invited to congregate at a local restaurant for a Dutch-treat dinner.

The venue will be provided in response to your RSVP. There will be a small door charge in order to cover the cost of the venue-- generally no more than $5 - $10.

SO MARK YOUR CALENDARS, make your plans and RSVP to Doreen 'at' losthorizons.com with how many you will be (you all know how to fix that address to make it useable, right?).

RSVPs are REQUIRED, and early RSVPs are much appreciated (and your best bet for getting registered on time). Please have "Bakersfield Seminar" in the subject line!!

Doreen will reply to your RSVP with the venue info.

I look forward to seeing you on November 10th!