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  1. We need a “CtC and WGRaM for Dummies”, written at an 8th grade reading level so that the information can be more accessible to the masses. The videos are nice, since people’s attention spans are shorter than they used to be. But a book that can be held in one’s hand is still invaluable. However, fewer people today are free from the distractions that prevent them from the type of focused study needed to read and understand CtC. If we want the masses to get on board and bring the tidal wave that is needed, we need a simplified version of CtC with short sentences, published in a volume that can be printed and sold for under $10. And we need documentary film producers, like the late Aaron Russo, to be willing to bring this information to a larger audience.


    • The Constitution (and the federal government it brought into existence) was created by the states to serve the states. It sets forth the rules for how the government administrators must behave and says, in effect (in the tenth amendment) “Any powers that we did not give to them are ours; we’re still the boss.” It’s time to remember who’s the boss, time for the states to regain control of a government which thinks the states are subordinate to it. The federal government exists to serve the states, not the other way around. The states have the right and the duty to restrain the federal government. Unfortunately, most state governments don’t seem to understand this!

      • . . . a bit of humor and tablespoon of truth;
        After reading CtC for a year and following a blog “don’t give them any money and see what they do”
        (or, something like that – *sidebar: I believe it was on that blog I first read about CtC)
        . . . I put down my government “protest sign” and stopped attending all those “sit-ins” when I filed my first educated return, realizing that the change I wanted in others’ needed to begin
        with(in) me ~

        • The blog was “Stop giving them money and see what they do”. I started that blog, my name is George. I am a CTC warrior and proud of it. I am also delighted to hear that my efforts at getting out the word have helped yet another person escape the bondage of the IRS. Like me, you are a slave no more.

          • I am trying this method of non-servitude for the first time…Just hoping I have done it correctly

    • The problem with the complaint / Indictment are many… starting with the failure to cite to the applicable law, which would be:
      26 U.S. Code § 7204 – Fraudulent statement or failure to make statement to employees
      In lieu of any other penalty provided by law (except the penalty provided by section 6674) any person required under the provisions of section 6051 to furnish a statement who willfully furnishes a false or fraudulent statement or who willfully fails to furnish a statement in the manner, at the time, and showing the information required under section 6051, or regulations prescribed thereunder, shall, for each such offense, upon conviction thereof, be fined not more than $1,000, or imprisoned not more than 1 year, or both.
      (Aug. 16, 1954, ch. 736, 68A Stat. 852.)
      Add to that are problems making legal arguments where facts should be alleged, and errors must be assigned…

      • No– Sec. 7204 only applies to persons “required under the provisions of section 6051 to…” None of the people about whom these complaints would be made are those required (if they are, the statements they make are probably not false).

  2. I am still waiting. The last letter I received was the dreaded “IF this is found to frivolous, you MAY be subject to a $5000 penalty”. Scary stuff, to be sure (I’m not serious). That was the second letter I have gotten. The first was “we need more information so we can process your return accurately”. So, I think my victory will be coming soon. Thanks so much for the information you provide Pete. When I get my federal reserve notes back, it will be my proudest day and I owe it all to you. By the way, I recently got my uncle to buy your books and he will be standing up for himself soon. Out of all the people I have told, he is the only person who will do it on his own. It’s a very good feeling to know I have at least one other person with me in this fight. EVERYONE (except my uncle) is waiting to see what happens to me first. Lucky for me, I have some fortitude within and I couldn’t care less about following the herd. I will be sure to send you my victory once it is achieved.

  3. I agree with Brian that an additional and simpler version of CtC may be helpful to the quicker and broader dissemination of the tax truths unearthed by Pete Hendrickson. Why not, for instance, produce a version for Kindle, cost of which is borne (as I understand it) entirely by Amazon.com. I’ve cast an eye in that direction myself, but doubt I could pull it off with the nearly the same authority as Pete himself. The much greater exposure of a Kindle book would bring both the widespread attention to CtC and needed supportive income to the Hendricksons. How about it, Pete?

  4. On the article “The Sixth Circuit Concedes the “Includes” Issue”, I was asking myself “what can I do?” about this admission of the court by failure to seize an opportunity to rebut, if it could. But when I got to the words “Doing both is easy” and read on, I saw something more productive than sending a disapproving letter to that sorry excuse for a court. Thanks for the suggestions and for the sample verbiage that can be used, where appropriate. I’ll save this for use, as appropriate, in any administrative hearings or litigation, and I’ll certainly use it for ammo against the trolls out there who want to muddy the waters about “includes” and its limiting expansion.

  5. Hmmmmm. Curiouser and curiouser.
    I just got eight documents in the mail from the Service, all of them seemingly accepting my returns into the record.
    What’s weird about this is that I almost feel that the service is somewhat “panicky”, if that’s possible for an artificial entity. Some even have “Civ/Pen” amounts that they are crediting me with — and these go back to 1999 — and were the subject of lien/levy actions in the past. There are 2 or 3 years in which all these “accreditations” are applied to “other taxes which our records indicate that you owe.” About half of the documents have the year to which they’re applied. The first thing that makes this strange is, in all the confusion, I must’ve forgot working for Uncle Sam in 2005, 2007, and 2009. Sleepwalking, I guess. The second weird thing is that I certainly didn’t ask for these, so why send them? They certainly don’t seem to help the IRS’s case as far as any culpability of not adhering to the law and entering returns…

  6. What do Samuel B. Kent, Thomas Porteous, Robert Frederick Collins, Walter Nixon, and Harry Claiborne, have in common? They were federal judges who were disrobed and (most of them) put in prison for crimes while on the bench. Is the Michigan Common Law Grand Jury going to be conducting investigations into possible bribery as well as the overt crimes observed during the trial and then issuing some indictments?

  7. This is about the article: Apathy and ‘The Incredibles’

    Katie Hendrickson on clear thinking, First Principles and the foresight of the Founders

    Great article. Our schools are set up to drive kids into apathy and the you are great because you are you is the vocalizing of the dying group of all the politicians.

    If I am right in my assumption; there is no way anyone can handle anything in our system until the schools are turned around and kids are taught how to think but only remember, and this means that they just do a GI GO or garbage in garbage out.

    The best thing we can do now is; 1) take our kids out of public schools – no schooling would probably be better than public schooling; 2) Read the book Summerhill School, the best treatise on real democracy which can only work in small groups and 3) promote sites such as LostHorizons.com so that more and more people will be moving away from the slippery slope and having a life.

    Thanks for writing this article.


    • Scott:
      Thank you for posting! I spent the weekend confused and fretting over many of the issues you have referred.
      Your message has helped me with my final test in the class of “confusion that creates doubt”
      “TY “0000” and “CIV/PEN” 101″.
      I haven’t read the entire article, “The Sixth Circuit Concedes the “Includes” Issue” but I am going back and doing so, now,

    • I decided to home school my four sons in 1979.

      I would like to say to anyone considering homeschooling but who feels in someway unqualified.

      “. . . my worst, was far superior to their best.”

  8. An idea for an enterprising CtC-educated American who likes doing CtC outreach: start baking and distributing “Keep Your Fortune” cookies with short concise messages of CtC truth therein.

    Here are some ideas for the message inside the cookies: “The income tax is an excise tax on privilege–LostHorizons.com”, “The income tax began in 1862–LostHorizons.com”, “The income tax is a tax on certain privileged activities–LostHorizons.com”, “If you work in the private sector, it is likely you do not receive “wages”–LostHorizons.com”, “Why did only about 8% of the population pay income tax from 1862 to 1942? Find out at LostHorizons.com”, “Cut off federal funding the lawful way–by obeying the tax laws. Visit LostHorizons.com”, “The Constitution still prohibits unapportioned direct taxes and capitations–Lost Horizons.com”, “The Sixteenth Amendment did not change the Constitution’s prohibition on unapportioned capitations and other direct taxes–LostHorizons…

  9. After years of challenging our collection friends, both Federal and State (VT), with no end to the liens, levys etc, I discovered CtC. Then processed $0 type returns for years 2002-2013 and sent them to IRS as well as copies to VT. So far, IRS responded “Case Closed—Currently Not Collectible” for 2003-2008 from the Revenue Officer assigned and then, at the same time, from Ogden UT in another Division, they threatened “Frivolous” for years 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010. I responded in strong rebuttal to their assertion of “frivolous” and am awaiting their response. State of VT, in the meantime, responded that they assigned my case to A Tax Examiner assigned to my Appeal at the TAXPAYER SERVICES DIVISION. So, my conclusion is that things are happening in a positive direction, and that they are kicking and screaming as they try to turn the attention on me. Stay tuned for the next chapter. Thank you CtC because now I know the truth.

  10. Hillsdale College’s September Imprimis contains an article “The History and Danger of Administrative Law”, summarizing Philip Hamburger’s May 6, 2014 speech, wherein it is stated “Administrative adjudication evades almost all of the procedural rights guaranteed under the Constitution. It subjects Americans to adjudication without real judges, without juries, without grand juries, without full protection against self-incrimination…administrative courts substitute inquisitorial process for the due process of law…” and “…some of the earliest constitutional cases in America held administrative proceedings unconstitutional for depriving defendants of a jury trial.”

  11. I genuinely enjoy looking through on this website, it holds great posts. “Beware lest in your anxiety to avoid war you obtain a master.” by Demosthenes.

  12. The “facts” in this case involve the facts in the Law ! The jury is not “deciding” the law, the law IS what it says !
    The jury would be using the EVIDENCE in and of the Law , as FACTS pursuant to them in deciding the verdict !!

    Juries don’t decide the facts, they ponder all the evidence presented as “facts” , to determine the true “facts” of the case from the false “facts” of the case !

  13. Hey guys, I just heard Mr. Hendrickson’s podcast on Radio 3fourteen last night where he was describing how the income tax is a federal privilege tax and so forth and I’ve been studying his site here throughout the day. I’ve noticed that all the rebuttals to the IRS are very well written and include many forms and they refer to different codes. The forms and codes both are alien to me. Will “Cracking the Code” tutor me sufficiently on how to form my rebuttals to the IRS and how to first go about getting my stolen money back? Maybe even about collecting past years taxes returned to me as some do? Any help or info would be greatly appreciated.

  14. If pastors and laypeople (I really dislike this term, but since it is so commonly used, am somewhat compelled to use it) were using their hearts and brains as God intended, they could figure out how truly restrictive 501c3 status is. There would be no need for “Pulpit Freedom Sunday” because all pulpits would be. But then I consider the same ‘spirit’ that keeps individual use of spiritual gifts to a minimum (See 1 Cor. 14:22-35) may be involved in the gagging of the church through 501c3 Status as well. Some are more free with permitting the laity to use their gifts than others, but even these are often 501c3s. Freedom is denied wither way, and the One who died for our freedom is in a real sense denied as well. (Galatians 5:1)

  15. I received a refund letter saying they were sending every penny of federal tax withheld around October 17 (not ss and medicare though). Victory! The same day, I received another letter saying I am being penalized $10000 for frivolous tax returns. The refund letter says nothing of a penalty however. Of course the refund has not arrived yet as it said it would within 2-3 weeks. However, I am more determined then ever and will be sending yet another certified letter to these criminals. It has been almost eight months of grief with them and I hope to have my money soon. I still can’t thank you enough Pete for doing what you do. Good luck and if I lived anywhere near Detroit, I would most certainly be there to show support.

  16. Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! NO ONE has ANY authority to force a human being (endowed by their Creator with the certain unalienable right to work and earn a living) to make a declaration under penalties of perjury (aka 1040) that they have taxable income. This is just more evidence that we are no longer under the rule of law, instead government employees are operating under mob rule!!! THEY ARE THE CRIMINALS (lying and looting), not us! And they claim that they are Americans. Every one of them are nothing more that paid thugs, extortionists.

  17. Hello Pete. Took your exam and scored 17 right out of 19 a few years back. Read most of CTC but got sidetracked with other exigencies. Got notice from LWRN or your wife’s situation. Have y’all considered filing and presenting an allocution at sentencing? Seems to me the facts could thereby be bolted to the law right in the judge’s face putting the judge between a rock and a hard place, compelling the judge to perform her sworn duty and not impose or execute any sentence or declare a mistrial or enter a directed verdict or vacate the sentence. At this point, it is worth a try. Thanks for all you do!

    • As I understand “allocution” in trial, in most United States jurisdictions a defendant is allowed the opportunity to allocute—that is, explain himself—before sentence is passed. Some jurisdictions hold this as an absolute right, and in its absence, a sentence may potentially be overturned, with the result that a new sentencing hearing must be held. In the federal system, Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 32(i)(4) provides that the court must “address the defendant personally in order to permit the defendant to speak or present any information to mitigate the sentence.”[2] The Federal Public Defender recommends that defendants speak in terms of how a lenient sentence will be sufficient, but not greater than necessary, to comply with the statutory directives set forth in 18 U.S.C. § 3553(a).[3] At least, Doreen would finally, for the trial record, have the opportunity not given her at trial to present her case without being cut off by the judge.

  18. This is what happens when one waives rights. Specifically, the right to keep quiet when testifying. It is well established in the law that signing a tax return document is testamentary in nature. That being so, a person commanded by a judge to sign such a document may invoke the right by asking if the testimony may be used as evidence in a criminal proceeding or may be used as a link in the chain of evidence to be used in a criminal proceeding. This rule is so well known that it surprises to find that it was not used in this instance. Equally well known is the rule that one cannot be punished for invoking such a well established rule. This whole affair could have been avoided by a simple application of the right not to give testimony by the the contemnor.

    • Anonymous, of course that right was asserted, repeatedly. It was simply ignored, or the assertions were “misunderstood”, or what was being demanded of Doreen was “misunderstood”. What’s going on here is judicial corruption, nothing more and nothing less.

  19. My answer to your comment today December 7, 2014, is, ~ that the “emperor”, that being the elite criminal cabal running the world, know they have no “clothes”, and you’re pointing at their little pee pee with grin and saying look! “We’ll ! ~ that just will not do! Off with his head!” (or her head), it doesn’t matter, said the hatter!

    Hang in there Pete!

    MW, Encinitas

  20. Pete, first thanks for all your efforts. I have the book and am muddling through it with the goal being to file an amended return to reclaim what is rightfully mine. For now, thanks to the “great” economy, I have been unemployed 18 months (except for two when I took a temp job driving a truck.) When I get a job, I will contribute financially to your efforts as we all owe you a tremendous debt for being the leader in exposing the criminals in the IR-SS.

    As for the best day to receive the newsletter, for me it is either Friday or Saturday as the weekend is when I have free time. Whatever you do, please keep sending the newsletter!

    Lastly, I will pray for you and Doreen as you are being persecuted simply for exposing criminal behavior. I thought there was a law against retaliation but apparently, laws no longer apply to the criminals in government.

  21. Pete, although you have given the people knowledge beyond compare, the simple fact is that your style of writing is torture to try and comprehend for anyone not at Mensa level like you. Reading CtC is a near impossible task for anyone with a short attention span.This is URGENT. A version of CtC written more for the consumption of people with average intelligence available through Amazon and other electronic formats. An audio version using someone seen as credible/authoritative such as James Earl Jones or Kurt Russell. And make no mistake about this, this is extremely important and urgent. Too many talking heads on TV speak of reforming the tax code by completely replacing it with a new one. Not only them but politicians at all levels of government are saying these words.
    CtC’s information MUST be broadcast using these and other methods that can be done both quickly and for relatively cheap. But most important is a version more concise and a quick easy to read and comprehend.

    • The copyright on CtC covers the text that Pete wrote, which does seem rather too advanced for a great majority of people. But the ideas he presents are in the public domain. The danger any one of us faces for writing the same thing in a simpler way is twofold. First, Pete may not appreciate being upstaged (but I doubt it). Second, it’s possible that the simpler wording can be construed to represent the facts incorrectly. Of course there are plenty of ways to mitigate both dangers. I have been learning from Pete, his books, his website, and other people who post, and I’ve been writing my own explanations. I have not written a book yet because I’m still puzzling over the key to unlock the “auto-prison” that most people keep themselves in (schoolsucksproject.com might help). Sadly, I fear that the key might be great suffering. Those of us who did get out without great suffering are lucky.

    • About Pete. Brilliant man! Mensa member. But, I have to agree with this comment. I have been reading CTC since the first edition. The most difficult part is understanding the confusing writings. A dear friend of mine, law degree, believes the context of the writings are good but the confusing nature of how they are constructed are destructive to the results. He states that judges will only read and properly respond to simple writings which address the core issues and that “rambling on” with big words and statements along with side issues destroys the chance of success. If CTC were “translated” by a simple person who spoke like a “layman” the degree of success would be exponentially increased.
      The simplest direction, which needs to be fixed, is “how to impart the information of “without apportionment”. There are NO OTHER QUESTIONS after that one is placed in a position that can’t be ignored.

    • Matt, I wouldn’t say, as you do, that Pete’s writing style is “torture.” The entire topic is difficult (as he himself says) because it entails both the history and the law underlying the income tax. Generations of Americans have been imbued with the notion that the federal government is all-benevolent, and that the Sixteenth Amendment changed the Constitution to give Congress the authority to levy a direct tax on earnings. Thanks mainly to Pete, WE now know that is simply not true. WE now know the true nature of the excise on privileged earnings. What is still missing is that WE in our tens of thousands have not done OUR jobs well enough of alerting family, neighbors, friends, our accountants and CPA’s, business owners, of what we now know and have benefited from. That doesnt have anything to do with Pete’s writing style. He manages to communicate well enough. Your comment might better be: Why don’t WE commuicate to OUR worlds what WE have (thankfully!) learned from Pete?

  22. Great idea for the legal notes. Thanks.
    I sympathize somewhat on Matt’s comments about the level of your writing. But, it is our job to teach ourselves and bring ourselves up to the level to understand what is written. It is no secret that the public schools are training up slaves (i.e. common core) and not free thinkers.

  23. Great idea Pete! Allow me to suggest a section for Basic (nuts & bolts)issues and another for Intermediate issues (typical correspondence elements) with a final section for Advanced (philosophy of law) issues as one possible format as this resource evolves.

    Sometimes simple things like the length of time allowed for parties to “reply” – e.g. various & sundry statutes of limitations for all sides regarding diverse issues (e.g. processing claims) are beguiling to the newly initiated. On the other hand the philosophy of the tax laws and their reconcilability to the Constitution and subsequent Case Law are also key foundational pillars (e.g. 16th Amendment) that need to be understood.

    God Bless you for your courage and tenacity in standing for the truth and the law, and to teach & exhort others to do likewise.

  24. “Judicial power is the power to hear those matters that affect the life,
    liberty, or property of a citizen of the state.“ (Sapula v. Land 101
    Okla. 22, 223 Pac. 640, 35 A.L.R. 872 ( )).

    “[A] suit at the common law, or in equity, or admiralty, involving an
    American citizen [and not a corporate officer, agent, contractor or
    employee], inherently involve judicial determination and must come
    before an Article III court.” (Murray’s Lessee v. Hoboken Land &
    Improvement Co. 59 U.S. 272 (1855).

    “[N]o clause, sentence, or word shall be superfluous, void, or
    /United States v. Harriss, /347 U.S. 612, 617 (1954).

    Hillsdale College’s September Imprimis contains an article “The History and Danger of Administrative Law”, summarizing Philip Hamburger’s May 6, 2014 speech, wherein it is stated “Administrative adjudication evades almost all of the procedural rights guaranteed under the Constitution. It subjects Americans to adjudication without real judges, without…

  25. Hillsdale College’s September Imprimis contains an article “The History and Danger of Administrative Law”, summarizing Philip Hamburger’s May 6, 2014 speech, wherein it is stated “Administrative adjudication evades almost all of the procedural rights guaranteed under the Constitution. It subjects Americans to adjudication without real judges, without juries, without grand juries, without full protection against self-incrimination…administrative courts substitute inquisitorial process for the due process of law…” and “…some of the earliest constitutional cases in America held administrative proceedings unconstitutional for depriving defendants of a jury trial.”

  26. Hey Pete, why do you not allow any of the documents or rather the articles you write to be copied and then pasted to a page or to an email or as attachments? This seems rather harmful to the whole idea of getting the message out. There are many of us who would gladly post articles on website comment sections or facebook and so on. But doing so is many times either just not possible or going thru tons of workarounds to get the job done is too tedious a task for most people. If your answer is going to be to just post a link to losthorizons.com don’t bother, I am also certain every single one of us who does try to copy and paste individual articles do that all the time. If your readership or book sales have remained steady or just slowly grown over the past five years, just think how much more this subject would be known if people could read the article in front of them instead of hoping they will click a link to go to another page to have to click another link to the page wanted?

  27. Pete is an American hero and I am greatly appreciative of his efforts. He’s written a book that presents the truth, and it is accessible to basically anyone who can read, if they want to put forth some effort. After reading CtC, I spent a year of weekends in the library reading law and court decisions, verifying his statements and more. If reading a book is too much to ask, what does that say about Americans today? And if you think a simpler version would be helpful, make it! Don’t ask Pete to, he’s done more than his share. But take seriously the warning that a dumbed-down could be inaccurate; that would be more harmful than not having such a book.

  28. My troubles began when I stopped filing in 2010. I hadn’t found CtC yet but had heard “there is no law that requires me to file” so I didn’t. What a mistake! Since June 2013 I have been turned every which way but loose to say the least. Most recently I’ve requested an audit reconsideration for 2010. If I could say anything to your readers I would say: FILE FILE FILE. If you don’t you might end up like me; fighting the beast for 2 miserable years. If only I had found CtC earlier. Better late than never tho. Thank you Pete. I am forever grateful to you.

  29. For what it’s worth, here’s what I sent to the gov of mich:

    I chose this category [law and public safety] because the public can never be safe if government is not restrained by the rule of law.
    I am specifically referring to Doreen Hendrickson’s predicament : NO PERSON can be legally compelled to sign a government form under the penalty of perjury with facts which that person does not believe are true. PERIOD.

    The State of Michigan must not allow the federal government to so curtail he due process of law and the first amendment so as to be able to imprison Mrs. Hendrickson. To allow this is not merely a travesty of justice in the matter of US v Doreen Hendrickson, it is the abandonment of the rule of law for all the people, in every state of the union and you, sir, have the opportunity and duty to prevent it.

    Very sincerely yours,
    Tim Richardson

  30. Its time for civil disobedience. This government no longer deserves the consent of the governed. To hell with them!

  31. I know you put a tons of hard work into the book and likely your livelihood, but what if you just released it for free in ebook form? This would spread like wildfire and make their attempt to stop the publishing completely futile. Could put links in it to all your other books for purchase, and likely boost the sales in the end. Could even have digital purchases for instant download. I develop websites for a living, wouldn’t mind donating some time for this cause.

    Just an idea, I would buy the hard copy anyway.

    I’m in the discovery phase right now, looking forward to figuring this all out once and for all.

    • I did that with the 12th edition, Jake. The current 14th has many updates, as all the editions do, and that’s the one that should be read by anyone wanting the latest and greatest. But the core information never changes, of course, so anyone that simply can’t afford $25 and can find one of those 12th edition .pdfs isn’t just left out in the cold, and there is, indeed, no stopping the spread…

  32. Swindling from Doreen her RIGHTS by the judge must be reported to the judge that accepted her oath of office.

  33. Charge the Criminals running the Courts >>>> Contempt of Constitution and it is based on the following….

    And IF it should, at any time, be claimed that Contempt of Constitution is NOT an Inherent Power belonging to Constitution, ultimately, exclusively to the People, then by such false claim the Inherent Power of contempt of court ceases to exist altogether, instantly, and the People’s Right to exercise it Directly for Themselves becomes Immediate;

    Sorry for Brain Damage

  34. Tony Jackson’s story, letter to his payer when they started garnishing his pay, and actions to uphold the rule of law are very encouraging and appreciated. Way to go, Tony!

    Chugiak, Alaska

  35. I know this is not the correct place to post this but I have attempted to use the Forums and apparently they no longer exist.

    I recently read CTC and have perused this site quite a bit and am still confused on which forms to use to 1. Rebuttle my 1099’s and 2. Request my money back which I wrongly gave away.

    Any help would be appreciated. Email me at wolfster101@gmail.com

    Thank you

  36. The Supremacy Clause is used like a bludgeon to instill the idea that federal law supersedes state law. So, let’s examine the Supremacy Clause.
    This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.
    What laws are the supreme law of the land?
    Those made in PURSUANCE of the Constitution. To pursue means to follow. That restricts legislation to those enumerated powers found within article1, section 8 of the Constitution.
    Which treaties shall be the supreme law of the land?
    Those treaties made under the authority of the united States.
    What is the authority of the united States?
    The enumerated powers found in article1, section 8 of the Constitution.

  37. Pete,
    As seen in earlier correspondence with Dr. North, he will and can be rude in his response to inquiries about his articles. Based on my experiences with him, I have refused to communicate with him based on the reasons you articulated in the above. He, like others of his persuasion, refuse to seek and find the truth on matters where they deem themselves to be fully informed. And because of their following, they do harm to neighbors and friends thru their hubris.


  38. How To Explain To A Pundit The Error Of His Ways
    Educated, grown-up American Brendan Trainor shares his excellent example

    Congrats Brendan, well done. This same letter could go to all the other pundits, like Gary North, and others!

  39. I have actually gotten a few of these and it seems to be a new trend in dealing with me. They send the 5000.00 threat followed by more threats to levy. They ignore the return amount and don’t argue I don’t owe . They send letters from 4 separate offices a different one every time I answer to there frivolous nonsence. I have not been able to get them to send me my account transcript in a year that would show if they applied the penalty . They have have been honoring my demands from 2006 . They just ignore me and keep adding 5000.00 penalties. Now I’m going to have to go spend all day just to get recent copies of my account transcript .

    Joe black

    • Follow up no sooner did I mention the year long stall and 6 months from last request for my account transcripts needed to see where illegal levy monies went and yesterday a big stack of letters from IRS in my box . Every years account transcript from 05 to 2014. Marked as requested June 1st 2015 ! Ha. And the illegally levied amounts are shown on 2005 as PAYMENTS ! But non of the scary letter frivolous filing penalties are listed on account transcripts .

  40. If a Constitutional amendment were to authorize an income tax it would not change the fundamental fact that the govt. was created by Americans to protect rights. Taxation is theft, all taxation. Legalized theft is just as immoral as illegal. The Constitution has no authority, no jurisdiction over rights. The govt., any govt. is outside their jurisdiction, their charter from the people, when they declare right’s violations legal, e.g., eminent domain, taxation, a money money monopoly (Federal Reserve).

  41. I read in the Newsletter that on September 18th, Bloomberg Criminal Reporter posted an article on Doreen’s case. I signed up for a free trial to that publication and discovered that their search function is surprisingly lame. If anyone has the title of the post, I would be thankful to find out what it is.

  42. I found the article soon after I clicked the verification link that Bloomberg sent me. The full breadcrumb trail is Criminal Law Reporter: News Archive > 2016 > 09/14/2016 > Supreme Court > Cases Docketed > Cases Recently Filed > 16-259 Hendrickson v. United States and the name of the article is “16-259 Hendrickson v. United States”. I asked Bloomberg what they’d charge to place the article they wrote into the public domain.

  43. “Go Johnson, Go!” .???

    There is 100% “No Go” associated with voting for anyone other than Clinton or Trump. Neither of two alternatives has a Chinaman’s Chance in Hell” of winning the required number of electoral votes.

    One of the question I’m taking is having seen Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg say right in front of my eyes that she was going to wait for a Democrat president before retiring. That in addition to Trump saying he WILL direct his Secretary of the Treasury/DOJ/Attorney General to put HRC into a federal penitentiary for the USC stipulated periods.

  44. Remember the Colt 45 beer ad, anyone? The still, shallow water surrounding that man’s table in the midst with unknown distance to deeper waters is a beguiling reality of the “1984” pseudo u.S. government that poses a benign, calm sea but the falsified press that uses false reporting of the surly abuse and mayhem going on in the real sea is made to appear as that becalmed, endless shallow expanse.

    Another revelation of impending disaster is in that calm scene. The great solid land plunge into the depths of the abyss is not that far out on this false vision of endless expanse. This means that the smallest upheaval in that abyss, such as the frequent seismic earth mantel shifts in its depths almost instantly causes massive tsunami waves to wash a hundred feet deep over this shallow sea level shelf. Like the media quashed upcoming so-called “election” where untold mayhem is churning the blood and lives of hapless individuals who wrongly and naively assume that law and order,…

  45. I am very happy to learn that a possible class action lawsuit against the rogue government is in the works. I am a citizen who filed 4 years of CTC educated returns and pissed off the IRS to no end. My life is hanging by a thread with fear and intimidation and the incessant threat of levies & liens coming left and right into my mail box almost weekly. I had to write for relief to useless TAS, to Obama, McCain, Koshiken , Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and nothing but deafening silence from all of them. It is time for a class action lawsuit against the terrorizing American gov’t and the IRS. Thank you for taking my comment and please sign me up for the lawsuit now.

  46. I agree that the pledge of allegiance to the flag makes the flag an idol. In scripture, idols are made of wood, stone, and metal, but cloth works for that also. I like what you’ve proposed, but would suggest the following edit for the following line: “and that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive to any of these ends, it is the Right and Duty of the People to alter or abolish it…”
    My favorite pledge is the one written by singer/song writer Ray Boltz.
    I pledge allegiance to the Lamb
    With all my strength, With all I am
    I will seek to honor His commands
    I pledge allegiance to the Lamb

    That is where our allegiance really belongs.

  47. I, too, have not been a fan of the pledge I learned in grade school. When I found out that a socialist had written it just to stir up “patriotism” (often a meaningless word) in our hearts, to create a false loyalty to a false cause (a flag?), I have not been a fan of the current pledge. The fact that there are some misrepresentations in the current pledge, like “one nation” instead of many nations federated, leaves me cold.

    I do like the pledge as proposed by Peter Hendrichson. It does support the founding principles as given to us by the Declaration of Independence. I like the way that it is mostly a quote of the Declaration of Independence.

    Thank you for putting this together.

    Bill Brush

  48. I once had a radio host refuse the truth of the origin of the pledge.
    My kids stand as required, in school. My daughter was challenged once and opted out for religious reasons. My son has never been asked.

    As an Eagle Scout, I was happy to put my son in Cub Scouts. I read up on the philosophy of scouting and it certainly has a nationalistic origin and intent. Every meeting starts with a military style ceremony.(inside a church)
    So, I’ll be contacting the council headquarters to see if he is truly required to repeat it. He can’t fulfill the scout law, or oath, while openly lying.

  49. Pete, thank you for all the hard work that you have invested in preparing all this work (CtC) in order to alarm and wake up people about the truth of the income tax fraud and the actual law. I just filed my 1st educated return this year and am waiting on a response from the IRS. Hopefully it will go well with me seeing that it’s been some 13 or 14 years that the IRS have been bombarded with educated returns from Americans, so it’s nothing new to them. I will definitely post my victory on your site as soon as it comes. I know that their hands are tide, and that there’s only so much that they can “legally” do to try to discourage people into shrinking back to cowardom while the evidence mounts against them. I have been reaching out to others iin my community about (CtC). I have many people who are rightly skeptical about it. Everyone is waiting to see the “proof.” I do however, have 1 co-worker who has also read (CtC) and will be filing his educated return for the 1st time also.

  50. This is a comment on my article “On Criminal Complaints For Filing False IRs”

    Here is another bit of evidence that (at least some) judges are supposed to act on (at least some) crime reports:
    “Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some JUDGE or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.”

  51. This is a comment on my article “On Criminal Complaints For Filing False IRs”

    By the way, there mere failure to report a crime is not “misprision.” There must be an “affirmative act of concealment”
    “Petitioner discusses (Pet. 19-21) circuit decisions holding that Section 4 requires an “affirmative act of concealment.” The jury instructions in this case included that requirement. See 10/30/12- 11/2/12 Tr., D. Ct. Doc. 155, at 83 (Feb. 11, 2013) (“Mere failure to report a felony is not a crime. The Defendant must commit some affirmative act designed to conceal the fact that a federal felony has been committed. A material misrepresentation may constitute an affirmative step to conceal.”).”

  52. This is a comment on my article “On Criminal Complaints For Filing False IRs”

    “Active concealment, whether physical or verbal, is required for the elements [of misprision of a felony] to be established. See Christopher Mark Curenton, The Past, Present, and Future of 18 U.S.C. 4: An Exploration of the Federal Misprision of Felony Statute, 55 ALA. L. REV. 183, 185″86 (2003) (explaining the dichotomy between physical and verbal concealment, and noting the heightened standard for verbal concealment to include cases such as knowingly providing the police with completely false information); see also Roberts v. United States, 445 U.S. 552, 558 n.5 (1980) (requiring some affirmative act of concealment); United States v. Worcester, 190 F. Supp. 548, 565″66 (D. Mass. 1960) (summarizing federal court holdings as requiring active concealment rather than mere failure to disclose for the establishment of the crime of misprision of felony).”

  53. Interesting info on the W2 and 1099 forms. If these can only be competed and sign by government employees etc. what about a W4 form required by every employer that triggers the W2?

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