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Some Thoughts About The INF Treaty
Self-serving Deep State corruption endangers and impoverishes us all.

HERE WAS THE KEY VIRTUE of the Intermediate Nuclear Forces treaty (INF): It served as an artificial buffer zone, allowing the USSR to keep US nuclear missiles at a 3,000 mile arm's length without actually having to occupy or control enough surrounding territory-- in Europe, especially-- in order to do so directly.

That is, the US has natural buffers by way of two oceans, east and west, and compliant neighbors to the north and south. The USSR (and later, Russia) maintained the integrity of these buffers, having no beachheads closer than many thousands of miles from serious US targets.

The USSR (and now Russia) had, and has, no such natural buffers to the west and south, nor much to the east, and in fact, has been repeatedly invaded from the west by countries now allied with, or puppets to, the US. Further, the US had (and has) established military bases throughout Europe (and, at the time, Turkey) in which unlimited firepower could be placed under US command and control.

While permitted intermediate-range nuclear missiles, these near-Russian-abroad US weapons emplacements represented the threat of practically-zero-warning attacks on Russian targets, with Russia possessing no countervailing capacity. The only non-INF solution for achieving parity (and the stability and safety of the Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD) such parity provides) would be for Russia to push US emplacements back several thousand miles by occupying that much buffer territory in Europe.

The INF (which was purely and very deliberately a bi-lateral treaty between the USSR and the US, excluding all Western European participants and security concerns) prevented the US from having such missiles (which, in practical terms, meant preventing missile emplacements within the treaty-designated range). This provided for Russian security from the unbalancing threat and restored the stability and safety of MAD.

The alternative was the world at risk from a necessary hair-trigger Russian nuclear footing at all times, and/or Russian development of a corresponding encirclement of the US (which would have both nuclear powerhouses on a hair-trigger at all times).

So, the INF treaty was good and important, restoring the critical parity between nuclear superpowers on which the continued survival of the world depends.


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