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In the May 13, 2019 Lost Horizons Newsletter,
where real knowledge intersects with real Americans:

Which Storm Is It Going To Be For You? 1776's? Or 1984's?
Choose wisely and well, and may the FOURCE be with you.

EVER THE OPTIMIST, I'm going to take for granted that everyone reading these words has also read George Orwell's chilling, prescient dystopian novel, '1984'. And I'm going to take for granted that it scared the hell out of everyone.

As said, I hope '1984' scared you. But not by its darkness or pythonesque violence. Nor even because of its oh-so-effective picture-painting of oppression and the destruction of independent thought in service to the interests and ambitions of the elites who run the show things in Orwell's Oceania.

No, my hope is that '1984' scared hell out of you because you recognize how far modern America has already been dragged into a '1984' alternate universe.

Americans today are subjected to routinized lying and spinning and propaganda and consent-engineering throughout all our dominant institutions of authority. We suffer an endless hind-brain-directed drumbeat of state-worship churned-out by every commercial interest beholden to the state for the butter on its bread. Most importantly, we are under constant and heavy pressure to drink the state's Kool-Aid, embrace its self-serving fictions, and abandon reliance on-- or even belief in-- our own powers of observation and reason.

Like no others before us, today's Americans are being molded and whipped into mindless acquiescence to every state-serving "two + two = five" proposition. Winston Smith would feel right at home in modern America.



'American Gumption-Catharsis': A New Book On The CtC Phenomenon
Warrior Brian Wright is being the Storm!

BRIAN WRIGHT HAS JUST PUBLISHED A NEW BOOK to inform, awaken and encourage Americans to stand up and become part of the solution:



Site Update Alert
...concerning tweaks to the FRP posts on lh.

I DON'T MEAN FOR ANYONE to mistake this alert as suggesting that I post such a thing whenever I do an update or addition to a page on the site. I do not.

In fact, I do updates, tweaks and additions constantly, and pretty nearly never post anything to alert anyone to the changes. Doing such alerts would be way too burdensome.

Instead, I simply encourage everyone as a matter of routine to check the relevant pages for source material frequently when interested in a covered subject. Also, always "refresh" the page whenever doing so.



New Victories To Share, As The Liberating Truth Keeps On Keepin' On!
Four more testaments issued during the last few weeks, including two from the feds on amended returns.

Kevin & Nilka Angeles

KEVIN & NILKA SHARE THEIR LATEST VICTORY: a complete refund of everything withheld from them and given to Georgia against the possibility that they had done anything income-taxable during 2018:



Other Voices:

'Pompeo Lies, Cheats and Steals (But He's Still a Good Christian)' and 'Pence, A Christian? POMPEO?'

Two important commentaries with an equally important afterword.


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