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Kevin Knapp's Victory


'Cracking the Code-...' warrior Kevin Knapp has NOT secured a refund, but shares a notable victory with us of a different sort.  Kevin is not victimized by improper withholding of his property, but his earnings of more than $50,000 during 2004 WERE improperly reported as "income" on 'Form 1099-MISC' information returns by each of the two companies for which Kevin worked last year.  Accordingly Kevin, who knows the law, filed a return with documents rebutting the erroneous allegations that his earnings constituted "income", and were thus subject to tax.  His return indicated no "income" received, and no tax owed.


6 weeks or so after submitting his return, Kevin grew curious about whether it had been processed properly, and he wrote to the IRS, requesting a transcript of his current 'account' status.  He was promptly furnished with a courteous, signed reply, with his transcript enclosed.  'Account'  status?  $0.00 owed, either by Kevin or to him, just as expected; recorded amount of "income" received during 2004: $0.00.


Being a man of cautious and careful disposition, Kevin let another 6 weeks go by, and then wrote again, asking for another transcript of his 'account' status for 2004.  This past week, he received his second reply, this one from a different office, signed by a different IRS officer, and in a different format.  The status reported?  Just as before-- $0.00 and $0.00.  The documents can be seen below.








Just for good measure, Kevin filed 4852's as well-- as I said, he is a cautious fellow...




Here's the first reply that Kevin received:




And here's the follow up reply (this one was sent and signed by a D. Nelson, AM Operations Manager, Department 3):