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What Breaking The Iran Deal Is Really All About

In two words: Screwing Lebanon...

May 14, 2018: EVERYONE REMEMBERS 'Master-Blaster', right? This was the combination of the big, powerful and manipulable hulk ('Blaster') and the malevolent dwarf ('Master') who rode the brute's back and exploited his strength for the bullying and domination of others in the 1985 film 'Mad Max- Beyond Thunderdome'.

Well, the real world has a version of this same character. The United States, in the person of Donald Trump, is "Blaster" to Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu's "Master". (This is not a role unique to Trump, of course-- the same was certainly true of George W. Bush, and is and has been also true of many similarly compromised members of Congress.) Master says, "Jump"; Blaster asks, "On who, boss?"

THE CURRENT "MASTER PLAN" which is driving the United States' violation of the Iran Nuclear Agreement is two-fold. First there is the general Israeli program of achieving regional hegemony by destabilization and destruction of all competitors in the Middle East, preferably through the expenditure of American blood and treasure, rather than its own.

Second there is the particular Israeli desire to seize Lebanon's oil and gas fields (see here), and more importantly, its fresh-water resources-- an ambition dating back to 1919, and blocked now by Hezbollah, thanks to support by its ally Iran (see here and here).

In order to realize that long-standing ambition of seizing Southern Lebanese resources (under some sort of "self-defense" pretext, of course), Israel needs Iranian support for Hezbollah thwarted. The effort to accomplish this by cutting the Iranian supply-line to Lebanon through regime-change in Syria having failed, Iran must now be dealt with directly.

THESE ISRAELI AMBITIONS are not operating in a vacuum, of course. The military-industrial-congressional-progessivist complex has its own interest in a destabilized Middle East, meaning in particular Iran at this point (it being about all that's left to ruin there). The complex wants lots of taxes to be collected (for distribution to its members and clients and to maintain the nanny-state in good health), and as Thomas Paine trenchantly observed almost 250 years ago: "Taxes are not raised to carry on wars; wars are raised to carry on taxes."

Get a nice conflict going; generate a bloody shirt or two to wave in front of the marks, and tax collection is MUCH easier-- even abusive or near-fraudulent tax collection. It's interesting that intense "rally 'round the flag"-conditioning has been in especially high gear for the last fifteen years-- the same period during which the previously secure "ignorance tax" scheme has been crumbling in the face of CtC's revelations of the truth about the income tax.

PERHAPS THAT'S JUST COINCIDENCE, of course. After all, the 9/11 "new Pearl Harbor" bloody-shirt scheme-- which partakes of the same motivation, both for financing the military/industrial/congressional complex and for driving US foreign policy in certain preferred directions-- was planned and executed before CtC's appearance even in original digital draft form in late 2002 (and well before the first print edition of the complete book in August of 2003).

But here's something that is no coincidence: It is CtC-- and ONLY CtC-- that can stop Master-Blaster, especially in light of the forces supporting the two-headed beast's aggressions toward Iran.

Congress is not going to do it-- in fact, the next thing you are likely to see from Congress is the passage of a new 'Authorization for the Use of Military Force' (the Kaine/Corker plan) by which the "legislature" puts the final nail in the coffin of the separation of powers by giving the Executive a general warrant for starting wars wherever and whenever it wants to, with Congress left to uselessly debate whether each or any of them should be going on.

Under the new plan the "one guy" branch chooses to pull the trigger, all on his own. Then the rancorous and disunited committees of 435 and 100 get to try to muster agreement from 288 and 67 competing egos with competing interests in order to say no and call a halt to a process that has already begun generating a constituency on its behalf.

NO, THE ONLY THING THAT WILL STOP MASTER-BLASTER from more destruction, killing, and waste is Congress's boss, the People-- the last and most important tier of power-diffusion in America.

Only the People halting the revenue stream, as provided under the law, will get "Master" off "Blaster's" back, by shrinking "Blaster" back down to normal (Constitutional) size. At that point the United States will be able to carry out all its Constitutional duties while having nothing extra for Bibi or the military/industrial/congressional complex to exploit. See some discussion of that transformation here.

Bibi will have to work harder at getting along with his neighbors. But Israel will be in no danger of any kind, already having its own sizable nuclear arsenal, and even conventional military superiority over all others in the region (thanks in large part to technology stolen from the Americans over the decades and massive financial and military handouts from Americans during the same period).

Further, Israel is among the richest countries in the area. If Israeli consumers need more oil, gas and water than can be produced from Israel's existing territory, these goods can be peacefully and honorably purchased from Lebanese sellers-- or nuclear power and desalinization plants can be built.

At the same time, the American people will have restored the republic they inherited from the Founders. They will have rescued this great country from the path to utter ruin upon which its feet are now set by Master Bibi and all the other private interests which have swarmed upon it during the time it's been overfed and able to promiscuously hand out favors paid for with other people's money.

In the movie, "Master's" exploitation of "Blaster" ends in the death of the behemoth. Let's not let that happen in the real life version. Let's just shuck the dwarf and shrink the monster, and get back to living as free, prosperous Americans under a lean and limited government, as it's supposed to be.


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