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I'm Atlas, and I'm Shrugging!

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Atlas Shrugging

Ayn Rand was stuck with writing hopeful fiction. I have the privilege of writing hope-fulfilling fact.

IN 1957, OBJECTIVIST THEORIST and Russian immigrant Ayn Rand electrified the paleo-conservative (near-classic liberal) community in America with her final novel, 'Atlas Shrugged'. The title reflects the storyline, which, broadly put, concerns a courageous American of towering moral and intellectual integrity and prodigious productivity-- an Atlas upon whose shoulders the world rested, because only he and his kind can carry the burden-- who, upon recognizing that his output was feeding a parasitic and increasingly-dangerous state, shut off the tap.

It's a great story, and very uplifting (even though I do not count myself in the Objectivist camp). Rand is probably responsible, through this work and others (most notably 'The Fountainhead') for a good part of the energy that fueled the insurgency of Barry Goldwater in the early 1960s, the libertarian schism in the Republican party that followed, and the bending of mainstream Republicanism toward the fusion politics of folks like Ronald Reagan.

On balance, considering that the opposition to that Rand-friendly and very possibly Rand-influenced movement was the overtly second-wing-of-the-state-vulture "Nelson Rockefeller" Republican establishment, Rand would be owed a heartfelt "thank you" by those of us she left behind in 1982. It's a pity she probably never got any, having insisted to her followers that her departure amounted to vanishing like the flame of a blown-out candle.

(But if you think she was wrong on that score, go ahead and salute. She can't stop you...)

EVEN IF RAND GETS a thousand nods of thanks, though, that won't change what might have been a real frustration for her even as her philosophical views begat an eventually large and resolute community of adherents. I refer to the fact that as enthused as many became with the admirable and inspiring models of Hank Rearden and Jon Galt, these remained fictional characters, with no actual real-life examples for Rand or her followers to celebrate.

Well, guess what? I could introduce Rand, were she still among the living, to tens of thousands of Hank Reardens, Dagny Taggarts and John Galts.

You could, too. Because the CtC community IS Atlas Shrugging-- the real deal, happening in real time.

WHO, AFTER ALL, are the people acting to invoke and uphold the actual tax laws? They are the net-productive Americans, the portion of our national community who, when all factors are accounted-for, produce more than they consume. Their efforts result in a profit, so to speak.

When allowing themselves to be taxed on their gains, these net producers are thus also net tax payers. This is as distinct from their non-net-productive fellows, who, when all factors are accounted-for are therefore net tax recipients (or are living under bridges and still probably absorb more wealth than they create).

“There are two distinct classes of men in the nation, those who pay taxes and those who receive and live upon taxes.”

-Thomas Paine

In short, those of us who have learned how, when and why to say, "NO!" are the Atlas upon which the dangerous and dysfunctional rogue state now occupying Washington D.C. rests, and we are saying, "Get off my back."

MORE FINELY PUT, we, the CtC-educated productive class, are the host from which the tick that is the rogue state has been taking its blood meals, and, having reawakened to those facts after a long slumber under the influence of the beast's soporific weapons we are yanking the evil thing out of our flesh.

As such, we are actually better than Hank Rearden, Dagny Taggart and John Galt, even as they were portrayed in their heroic fictional roles.

Those heroes of Rand's novel, as properly-motivated as they were by their recognition of their rights and of the dysfunction of the hive-state they faced, ran away. Forgivable, perhaps, for they saw no recourse.

The CtC community, on the other hand, admittedly with the considerable advantage of having the support of the law, is standing in place, or, if in motion, just on its way to the engine room of the Titanic on which it finds itself, there to shut off the fuel supply by which the otherwise doomed ship is steaming at, "full speed ahead".

Damn, you people make me proud!

"I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. 'Tis the business of little minds to shrink; but he whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves his conduct, will pursue his principles unto death."

-Thomas Paine