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If you encrypt, my public key can be found here; my fingerprint is 4698AADE19CB6D17A8B8336D4A5660F6B319B96C

See this page for guidance on setting up PGP for yourself, if need be.

Please understand that I get A LOT of email. My reply time varies.

Before writing with tax-related questions, be sure to visit the Site Map to look for answers already posted. Don't miss the Notes For Educated Filers link and the FAQ link, among others.

To optimize response time, be clear and explicit with your subject line. "I have a question" is not good. "I have a question about __________________." is better.

Short, simple questions (i.e., "Where can I find information about _____?") are far more likely to get a quick, productive response than others.

IF YOU ARE WANTING GUIDANCE concerning some specific item you either sent or received, include a scan of each document involved-- not photos-- with the email. Again, PHOTOS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE. (Take your docs to Staples or OfficeDepot, etc. to have them scanned if you don't have a scanner.)

Scan to save as .pdfs, at 300dpi black-and-white for B&W originals and 300dpi color for color originals. Make sure that each .pdf contains all the pages comprising each document, and only contains pages from one document. Every document must show its date of creation.

Name the .pdfs simply but descriptively (i.e., "2016 return filed 4-12-17"; or "IRS 8-21-17 LTR12C concerning 2016").

Send scans of ALL documents related to the issue, which will always include all filings you made and everything you received in response (and then also everything exchanged on the same issue afterwards).

You can also snail-mail to:

 Pete Hendrickson,

 232 Oriole St.,

Commerce Twp., Michigan 48382

(...but if you choose this option, please provide your email address for the reply, and follow all the specifications above in terms of what to send and how to organize it, albeit in file or pocket folders-- no staples, please.)

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NOTE: "Social Media" (Twitter, Facebook, GAB) are for announcements only! I don't correspond through any of them. To correspond with me, use the email address given above.

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P. S. I CAN'T BE HERE FOR YOU IF YOU'RE NOT THERE FOR ME. Without your support, this site and my availability to answer questions and offer guidance cannot be maintained. Donations can be sent to Pete Hendrickson, 232 Oriole St., Commerce Twp., Michigan 48382.