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CYBERWRAITHTM-- the Game of Virtual Freedom

CYBERWRAITH- where a knack for the Hack can transform you from a shorn sheep into a Virtual Freedom Fighter!  All it takes is the right computer, the right software, and guts that don’t quit even when the Feds are no-knocking at your door.

You start out a typical, mild-mannered technodweeb, trolling the Web for the latest shareware and holding down a 9 to 5 in your spare time.  Then you catch yet another hit from the taxman and say, "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!"  You sell the car, hit the Computer Cave for that mini-mainframe in the window, and start prowling cyberspace for the password to Paradise.  You’re going to disappear from Virtual Reality.  You’re going to become a CYBERWRAITH!!

CYBERWRAITH offers the excitement of doing battle with Big Brother himself as the 2 – 4 players vie with each other to be the first to delete every government file maintained on them, (and thus eliminate the associated taxes, of course).  Players work the market in computer hardware and software striving to acquire the fastest, hottest machine with which to hack into the government’s systems; deal with lawless company behavior; and cope with ever-changing Federal alert conditions.  Every file deleted reduces a player’s tax burden, putting more money into their hands each turn with which to upgrade their equipment and carry on the battle even more effectively.

Buy now while you can still get a copy without being registered with the State!!

CYBERWRAITH- the Game of Virtual Freedom.

Ages 12 - Adult


(Available by special order only-- inquire at phendrickson 'at' losthorizons.com)

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