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INTERNATIONAL INSULT-- the Game of Bare-Fanged Diplomacy- turns you into a diplomat representing one of the Great Powers of pre-World War 1 gathered with your counterparts from other countries in a neutral spot for dinner. Being the haughty sorts that you are, the undercurrents of national pride and historic animosity soon have you exchanging insults at a furious pace, scorning and smearing your opponent's homelands, and rising in high dudgeon to declare war when your own great land is on the receiving end.

And so goes the game-- each player must systematically insult all of their opponents nations to advance up the playboard!!  Wars flare constantly, with the battles fast and furious.  When the dust settles, the victors seize spoils from the vanquished and the insulting resumes. Strategy is high, with each player holding a fistful of War and Insult cards, and Rude Waiters sparking new conflicts should peace threaten to descend. You've never played a game quite like this one-- the True Cause of War!!  Get a copy today and experience for yourself how the great convulsions of history really start.

INTERNATIONAL INSULT, 3 to 6 players, ages 12 to adult. 

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(Available by special order only-- inquire at phendrickson 'at' losthorizons.com)

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