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MURPHY JR.-- a Murphy's Magic Game for the Younger Set!!

You know what it’s all about. You've got your friends over for a night of gettin' together and gaming.  You break out Murphy’s Magic Island, or maybe the Magic Mansion, and right away you’re fighting off the rug rats. It’s only natural. They want a piece of the action. They see that geo-morphic gameboard and it’s, "Let me!!" " No, me!!" "I saw it first!!" etc.. So, you set ‘em in front of the TV and suffer that nagging guilt that maybe, just maybe, you really ought to be exploring three-dimensional multi-level matrix equations with the little darlings, or at least letting them play with you and your buds.

Well, you’re right. That’s just what you ought to be doing! But since there’s no way THAT’S going to happen, here is the perfect solution!! A MURPHY game just for them, MURPHY JR.!!

All the great features of the classic Murphy mazes and magic sized right for the younger set, ready to challenge the kids with hours of fun helping Junior find the lost toys scattered around his own little magical island! Just like in the adult versions, your kids create a unique playfield each game and race to be the first to find the toys. They stop in at Junior’s playhouses to get a little help when they find them, and ride the balloons to take shortcuts high over the island.

Your kids will love this game, and if it should happen that you get drafted for a round every now and then, you’ll like it just fine as well!!

(Available by special order only-- inquire at phendrickson 'at' losthorizons.com)

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