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Murphy’s Law Strikes Again!! The Magnificent MURPHY, purveyor of merriment and Magic on MURPHY’S MAGIC ISLAND now invites you to tour his MAGIC MANSION! Test your memory and your maze negotiating skills with this exciting and unique family game of puzzling paths and strategic spell-casting.

See if you’ll be the first to penetrate the Mansion’s mysteries and recover the Lost Runes, restoring little Murphy Jr. to his father’s anxious arms, and earning the eternal gratitude of the mighty wizard.

MURPHY’S MAGIC MANSION presents a unique new challenge to the adventuring gamester—you can’t see the fully geomorphic, three level board tiles on which you must move unless they’re being occupied by a player!! Enter a tile, and it flips up for your movement. Leave, and back down it goes! You’ve got to pay attention in this game! Of course, as in all the Murphy games, the alert player will find helpful magic hidden throughout the Mansion, so maybe it’s not as tough as it sounds. Maybe.

If you’re an ISLAND Adventurer, combine MURPHY’S MAGIC MANSION with MURPHY’S MAGIC ISLAND, (sold separately), for twice the fun and a truly GIANT good time on an enormous 8.9 square foot playboard! Expansion rules are included with the MANSION.

So, COME ON!! The party’s at MURPHY’S place, and YOU’RE INVITED!!

(Available by special order only-- inquire at phendrickson 'at' losthorizons.com)

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