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Current Events and Continuing Education for November 2 through November 15, 2015

“Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.”

-James Madison

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Confronting the liberation bottleneck

Two Simple Questions For Every Silent Journalist


Another great testimonial video by an actual grown-up-- educated, motivated, and committed to upholding the truth, liberty and the rule of law.

Real American Joe Black Testifies And Shares Victories


There is no shortage of unscrupulous efforts to exploit the gullible

Has Your Birth Certificate Been Bought And Sold?


Since the very beginning, Congress has been careful to distinguish the "income tax" as an indirect excise...

A Revealing Bit Of History From The Early days Of The Income Tax


Either use your rights, or lose your rights

I Stand With Doreen- Updated


Other Voices

Liberal and Progressive Vision


So, did you do it?

Declaration Day


Share, share, share, people

Got Twitter?


The most important question facing Americans today:

What Do The People Do About The Rogue State?


Guess what? There are only two possibilities:

You Either Stand Up For The Truth, Or You've Surrendered To The Lie


Spotlights on the past that help bring clarity to the present:

Illuminating Anniversaries for this week


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My interview by Lana Lotkeff for Radio 3Fourteen can be found here.


The Fourteenth Edition of CtC is Now Available!

Get The Short, Easy Intro To The Liberating Truth About The Tax


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Featured In This Update:

This Week's Featured Victory


An Important "Housekeeping" Note


WANTED! Your Articles!!


Regarding State Group Membership


The Educated American's Tax Filing Flow Chart


Why Are You Not Doing This?


Project Paradigm-Shift


Test Your "Income" Tax IQ!


A "Pragmatic" Perspective On The Tax And The Rule Of Law


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"There are two distinct classes of men...those who pay taxes and those who receive and live upon taxes."

- Thomas Paine

C'mon! CtC can't be right! You're crazy!

If CtC were actually right,

it would mean the government's been concealing and denying the truth for years on end,

and everybody knows THAT would never happen...

(Edward Snowden, come home! It was all just a bad dream; there really is No Such Agency!)



Do you know someone truly steeped in the Kool-Aid?


 I mean someone who finds it easier to believe that the far-better-educated, far-more-suspicious-of-government Americans of a hundred years ago were complete morons who granted authority to the state to take whatever it wished from themselves and their posterity than to imagine that they themselves simply misunderstand the true nature of the income tax? Even while knowing that their beliefs about the tax are derived entirely from the representations of those who profit from those beliefs (like tax bureaucrats and "tax professionals")?


Do you know someone like that? Shake them awake with the latest (fourteenth) edition of CtC!



I'm delighted when anyone wishes to share what I have posted here with others! Sharing this page is an important means of moving toward the restoration of the rule of law-- PLEASE DO IT!! But I'd appreciate your doing so by directing your friends here themselves, rather than by copying and emailing the material.



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You can't understand the present if you don't understand the past...

Illuminating anniversaries of this week:

November 9- In 1620, Pilgrims aboard the Mayflower have their first sight of the New World.  In 1688, William of Orange captures Exeter, a major step forward in the course of the 'Glorious Revolution'.   In 1872, a fire breaks out in Boston which goes on to consume 776 buildings over the next twelve hours. Unhindered by FEMA, the citizens quickly rebuild.  In 1906, Theodore Roosevelt takes the first official trip outside the USA of any sitting president (he travels to Panama to inspect progress on the Canal).  In 1918, the German Revolution forces the abdication of Kaiser Wilhelm II and declares a republic (ultimately, the Weimar Republic).  In 1938, 'Kristallnacht'-- a Nazi rampage against Germany's by-then-largely-disarmed Jewish population begins.  In 1965, Roger Allen LaPorte sets himself on fire in front of the United Nations building in protest of the Vietnam war.  In 1970, the U.S. Supreme Court refuses to hear a suit by Massachusetts against the U.S. Secretary of Defense over the drafting of citizens for service in an undeclared war (Vietnam).  In 1989, East Germany abandons efforts to prevent crossings into West Berlin.

Anniversaries of interest for each day of this week will be found throughout the newsletter below.


"It does not take a majority to prevail... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."

-Samuel Adams


Two Simple Questions For Every Silent "Alt-Media" Journalist

The silence of these folks is the liberation bottleneck. Maybe this'll help, if enough people ask...

HERE'S A SIMPLE QUESTION: The income tax is, and always has been, an excise tax on privilege. This is established beyond any controversy whatever by repeated Supreme Court rulings, the words of the related laws, and, over the last twelve years now, hundreds of thousands of acknowledgements by federal and state tax agencies.

You, like most folks, have been fooled into inadvertently agreeing that your economic activities are exercises of privilege, thereby allowing the tax to be applied to your earnings. Why is this so hard for you to admit?

HERE'S ANOTHER SIMPLE QUESTION: You and everyone else being fooled into agreeing that your economic activities are privileged and thereby allowing them to be taxed is what enables the flow of wealth that finances all the bad things done by the state of which you complain in every column. Why is this so hard for you to admit?

I GUESS THESE ACTUALLY LEAD TO A THIRD SIMPLE QUESTION: If you really feel that all these things of which you complain are so bad, why are you not helping more Americans understand the nature of the tax and the ill effects of it being misunderstood and misapplied?

Learn how and why you should ask every journalist in the so-called "alt-media" these questions here.

Are the presentations and resources offered on this site and in my other work of any value to you?

Tim Kendrick has posted a video on YouTube regarding donations. I didn't know what to do about it to begin with; I don't do what I do intending for anyone to feel obligated in any way.

But of course, no one IS obligated. I will continue to make my work freely-available here, and in my books for only the cost of a cheap paperback.

Thus, even though I post it here below, Tim's very thoughtful personal resolution and encouragement to others is just an invitation for consideration by those who may not be conscious of the fact that I can't do what I do without support. No one is to feel any pressure from it; if it moves anyone to act let it be solely because it seems right.

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True American Joe Black Testifies And Shares Victories For Liberty And The Rule Of Law

...as every American should...

EDUCATED AMERICAN GROWN-UP JOE BLACK has stood up and acted to enforce the law upon its domestic enemies-- or, at least, upon agencies of the state whose operators seem to happily exploit ignorance and mis-apply the law at every chance for their personal benefit. Get inspired and encouraged by Joe's video sharing his spirit, his testimony and the acknowledgements he has secured:

Find more testimonial videos here, and please, people, share these around as widely as you can. To learn what, how and why to share your own testimony (with or without mere practical victories to go along with the far more important spiritual victories that are the real heart of CtC), click here.


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Has Your Birth Certificate Been Sold? Well...


OVER THE YEARS, I HAVE FOUND MYSELF OBLIGED to produce debunkings of various bits of nonsense resident within the activist community. The need has been especially acute in regard to the so-called "tax honesty community", in which errant notions seem to have no difficulty finding a home, and from which I have therefore always held the CtC community to be separate.

I have never done any of these debunkings with any enthusiasm-- indeed, I always do them reluctantly. I take no pleasure in pointing out the flaws in anyone else's sincerely-presented work or conclusions, or sincerely-held beliefs; further the debunkings are inevitably met with acrimony.

Every errant notion has its defenders-- people who have either pride or expectations invested in them. Some are even defended by what seems to be policy, being false notions deliberately injected into the community as distractions and "defended" by a professional cadre of provocateurs.

Unfortunately, though, the nonsense does have ill effects. At a minimum, these errant notions slow the progress toward the truth of those who fall prey to them. Worse, in some cases these mistaken or misleading ideas steer people into doing themselves great harm. Consequently, debunking errors that acquire traction is sometimes necessary as a matter of social responsibility.

TODAY I FIND MYSELF FEELING OBLIGED to address a wildly-errant notion long-resident in the fringier parts of the tax-honesty community, and which could be said to be the binding idea informing a community all of its own. I will take a stab at labeling this notion as the UCC/Redemption/Worldwide-Ancient-Conspiracy (URW) argument.

As best can be told by years of periodic exposure to this general theory of reality, its basic ideas include, among much else, that every government is a corporation in the same sense that McDonalds is a corporation. Without explaining how things managed to stumble along prior, the theory posits that the United States itself became a corporation in 1871.

Further, this URW notion asserts that corporations can only interact with other corporations, and therefore all Americans are, by legal legerdemain, assumed to be corporations in all dealings with, or impositions by, the state. Another assertion swimming in these waters is that the US went bankrupt in 1933 and was rescued from this dilemma by the British, through a depraved agreement under which American governments committed  every subsequent newborn's future wealth production to Britain (or sometimes the Queen of England personally), secured by transfer of ownership of the "corporate baby's" birth certificate, in exchange for the bail-out.

There is much more to this URW absurdity; thousands of pages of complex gibberish have been written fleshing out the whole thing. And I expect to hear from its adherents about how I am misrepresenting, or failing to properly clarify the couple of portions I have described here.

Frankly, the whole package appears designed to discourage debunking by reliance on its sheer bulk and confusion as a defense. Talking about this at all generates a headache in any rational person, and though I have addressed it a bit in the past, mostly I have just thrown up my hands and moved on to more productive uses of my time.

But in just the last week, I have had two people I like and respect bring this subject up with me. Each has been approached by folks who have drunk this Kool-Aid and seek to entice my friends into the utter waste of time and energy involved in skimming even the periphery of this dark cloud of craziness.

Thus, while I will by no means offer a comprehensive analysis of the URW universe, I will address the couple of tenets I described above. This will suffice, for all it takes to show any sensible person that an offered meal is not wholesome is to point out one or two bits of dog-poo on the plate, or, to put it a bit more decorously, "garbage in, garbage out."

(In any event, the couple of things I'm going to cover will have to suffice, because even mentioning this craziness on these pages is embarrassing, and I'll spend no more pixels on it than the bare minimum necessary...)

SADLY, LIKE FAR TOO MANY FOLKS victimized by government "schooling" during their formative years (see the great video I came across this week on that subject posted below this article), those taken in by the URW scam have no knowledge of history. This weakness is exploited by the scam's purveyors.

For instance, as mentioned earlier, part of the URW storyline has the United States going "bankrupt" in 1933 and making a deal to pull its fat out of the fire with Great Britain. Under the terms of the (of course, somehow completely secret) deal Britain (or the Queen of England alone!) gained an ownership interest in the wealth production or tax liabilities of all future Americans (accomplished or memorialized by her purchase of their birth certificates, you see...).

However, the inconvenient fact is that Great Britain was in far worse financial shape than the United States in 1933, and had been since WWI. In fact, the supposed manifestation of the US "bankruptcy" was the abandonment of the gold standard, but this had happened in Great Britain two years earlier.

Just a few years after this alleged US bankruptcy and rescue by the Brits Great Britain was at our door, hat-in-hand, begging for aid, which we afforded it through FDR's "Lend-Lease" program. By the end of WWII, Britain was an economic basket case. The idea that Britain was in a position to rescue or buy-out the United States in the 1930s (or anytime) is ridiculous.

Further, the whole "bankruptcy" assertion is itself a product of naiveté. Called upon as "evidence" for this assertion are certain speeches in Congress made during this period.

Unrecognized or unacknowledged in regard to these citations is that these speeches were simply political rhetoric. These speeches were made in many cases by senators and representatives beholden to the affluent interests who held the vast majority of federal debt which was now to be re-paid in mere fiat currency rather than hard money. The speeches cast events and/or policies in a light, and with expressions, calculated to excite perspectives and opinions desired by those interests.

The policies railed against were dastardly, it can be argued, and unconstitutional, as well. But they were not a "bankruptcy". And that's a shame. An actual bankruptcy would have had the feds repudiate the debt outright, and that would probably have been a very good thing for both the short-term and long-term health of the USA (just as it would today).

HERE'S ANOTHER BIT OF DOG POO spoiling this dinner. As part of the "corporate governments can only deal with corporations" nonsense (and struggling to rationalize just how government DO manage to deal with all us flesh-and-blood people), there is a simply wrong doctrine flogged by this same crew about "Social security Trusts".

But there ARE no "Social security trusts", and no Social security number (or any other kind of number) is required for the tax to apply. See this, and read all the way to the end.

I'LL FINISH WITH ONE LAST CATEGORY of poo-- bogus authority citations. Someone purveying the URW crankery sent me the following (from, in this case, Minnesota's judicial rules, though the same basic material can be found in many places) as "evidence" supporting its assertions about the legal character and uses of birth certificates:

Rule 220. Birth Certificates

The Registrar of Titles is authorized to receive for registration of memorials upon any outstanding certificate of title an official birth certificate pertaining to a registered owner named in said certificate of title showing the date of birth of said registered owner, providing there is attached to said birth certificate an affidavit of an affiant who states that he/she is familiar with the facts recited, stating that the party named in said birth certificate is the same party as one of the owners named in said certificate of title; and that thereafter the Registrar of Titles shall treat said registered owner as having attained the age of the majority at a date 18 years after the date of birth shown by said certificate.

Bereft of context, this language would be provocative to anyone who hadn't already rejected the "birth certificate" proposition just based on its sheer lunacy alone. This is why this text is sent around by URW-promoters without acknowledgement of the fact that this rule appears as one of the miscellaneous provisions of the state's judicial rules for registration of land titles, some aspects of which require that a purported owner-disposer be an adult.

In short, what is being presented as "evidence" is only evidence that the whole kit-and-kaboodle is a scam. But that's not the best item in the 'false authority" category. Here's the beaut, that will be found littering the internet on websites and blogs operated by adherents to this craziness, and presented as the knockout punch in support of the URW theory:

"Inasmuch as every government is an artificial person, an abstraction, and a creature of the mind only, a government can interface only with other artificial persons.  The imaginary, having neither actuality nor substance, is foreclosed from creating and attaining parity with the tangible.  The legal manifestation of this is that no government, as well as any law, agency, aspect, court, etc. can concern itself with anything other than corporate, artificial person and the contract between them."

Penhallow v. Doane's Administrators (3 U.S. 54: 1 L.Ed. 56; 3 Dall. 54)

Pretty telling, yes? Well it might be if a word of it actually appeared in the ruling, but of course none do.

Please everyone, remember, friends don't let friends waste time and energy on nonsense. Be a good friend and denounce this craziness whenever it is encountered.

P.S. Anyone exhibiting any indication of adherence to this nonsense-- such as adding UCC section references to forms or other paperwork; sticking a colon, or "of the family" into their name; making references to "the strawman"; showing a fear of zipcodes; and so forth-- should consider himself or herself to be the kid in the middle-school hallway with the "Kick me" sign on their back where any bureaucrat without respect for the law is concerned.

Most of those exhibitions are legally harmless-- that is, most of them (though not all) do not invalidate a return, or generate any other infirmity. Mostly such exhibitions amount to mere eccentricities, from a legal standpoint.

But such exhibitions DO suggest, rightly or wrongly, a credulousness and lack of understanding or confidence that unscrupulous government officials can be expected to see as signs of a soft target. Thus, such exhibitions, if seen by the wrong person, are likely to draw harassment, resistance and other bad behavior even in regard to otherwise flawless, completely correct educated filings.

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Illuminating anniversaries of this week:

November 10- In 1871, Stanley finds Livingstone near Lake Tanganyika.  In 1928, Knute Rockne asks the Notre Dame squad to "Win one for the Gipper!".  They do.  In 1940, Walt Disney begins serving as an FBI informant against "subversives" in Hollywood, according to at least one biographer-- the family disputes this, but he does go on to testify against some associates before the House Unamerican Activities Committee.  In 1969, 'Sesame Street' debuts.


Scholar Greg Sutton Shares Some Insights Gleaned From The Early Days Of The Tax

GREG SUTTON ASKED HIMSELF a simple question and followed the path to a nice piece of historical evidence of Congressional intent regarding the nature of the income tax, and a good explanation of some of the confusion on the subject amongst the ill-educated.

Why Was The 1861 Income Tax Repealed?

by Gregory Sutton

Back in 2007, when the seek-and-you-shall-find universe came through with a book about the true nature of the income tax, I was introduced to some rather revealing language in the preface to the 1939 Internal Revenue Code:

“The internal revenue title, which comprises all of the Code except the preliminary sections relating to its enactment, is intended to contain all the United States statutes of a general and permanent nature relating exclusively to internal revenue, in force on January 2, 1939; also such of the temporary statutes of that description as relate to taxes the occasion of which may arise after the enactment of the Code. These statutes are codified without substantive change and with only such change of form as is required by arrangement and consolidation. The title contains no provision, except for effective date, not derived from a law approved prior to January 3, 1939... The whole body of internal revenue law in effect on January 2, 1939, therefore, has its ultimate origin in 164 separate enactments of Congress. The earliest of these was approved July 1, 1862; the latest, June 16, 1938....”

When I looked up the 1862 statutes, to see what the presumed original law had to say, I noticed that section 89 repealed an income tax that had, unbeknownst to me, been enacted a year earlier in 1861:

Sec. 89. And be it further enacted, That for the purpose of modifying and reenacting, as hereinafter provided, so much of an act, entitled “An act to provide increased revenue from imports to pay interest on the public debt, and for other purposes,” approved fifth of August, eighteen hundred and sixty-one, as relates to income tax; that is to say, sections forty-nine, fifty, (except so much thereof as relates to the selection and appointment of depositaries,) and fifty-one, be, and the same are hereby, repealed.

I wondered what was so offensive with the 1861 Income Tax statutes that they would be denied recognition by the code writer’s, despite the rules of in para materia for statutes of the same subject matter. It wasn’t until I recently found a copy of G. S. Boutwell’s, Marnual of Direct and Excise Tax System in the United States, 1863, on Google Books that I figured it out.

Let’s go to the 1861 statutes that Boutwell provides in his manual (click the hyperlink above) and see that what was so objectionable to the code writers is plainly visible. We see on the first page the header DIRECT TAX and then the beginning section, Section 8, of that direct tax. Scroll down page by page, noting that on each page the header reminds us that the subject is a direct tax. Stop at the bottom of page 19 and find Section 49. This section, along with Sections 50 and 51 following, imposes an unapportioned income tax within the context of statutes imposing a direct tax. Of course, under the Constitution all direct taxes must be apportioned, just as Section 8 at the very beginning clearly shows.

So, you and the code writers’ might have asked, what were these guys smoking? Sticking an income tax, clearly lacking apportionment, in with a direct tax which is clearly apportioned. You can imagine the confusion that such an arrangement of statutes must have created. In the introduction of Boutwell’s manual he mentions that he was answering hundreds of letters a day from confused citizens when these statutes first appeared. I would have written him too!

This had to be fixed, and to solve this egregious violation of clarity and notice the law was “modified” by removing it from statutory association with the apportioned direct tax. The 1861 income tax was repealed and re-enacted in its proper association with its brethren, the myriad of other unapportioned excise taxes and duties imposed by the 1862 revenue act.

From this discussion it is easy to see why the internal revenue code writer’s would want to exclude the 1861 income tax as one of the original enactments upon which the code is but a restatement: they didn’t want the ambiguity and confusion surrounding the 1861 income tax to in any way color the Congressional intention from 1862 forward that the income tax was in the nature of an excise and was enforced as such.

For those who are curious as to why the 1861 Congress would make such an egregious mistake in the highly regarded and honored rules of clarity and notice in writing tax legislation, we must venture off to the Motherland and study her tax system, because her system is the system of internal and external revenue that the Founder’s adopted when the words “duties”, “imposts”, and “excises” (in whatever particular order) were inserted into the taxing clauses of the Constitution. The British, during the period known as the Enlightenment and specifically the Glorious Revolution of 1688, switched to primarily indirect taxes as the means for government to pay its bills and service the debt. Britain became the laboratory for the Classical Liberal wing of public finance to perfect its indirect taxation science.

Not just America, but the rest of the Classical Liberal world looked to Britain as the trendsetter in taxation. The record of congressional proceedings is replete with references to “what the British were doing” when it comes to the topic of taxation. But when it comes to a tax that garnered world-wide attention nothing comes close to Pitt’s Property and Income Tax of 1799 and its follow-up, Addington’s Property and Income Tax of 1803.

This was the first time that the British had resorted to direct taxes for revenue since, at least, 1688, to fund the defense against the Napoleonic hordes. So naturally, all the public finance eye’s were on the British to see how it all turned out. Addington’s version was especially commended for its relative ease of collection, due to the use of stoppage-at-source for the property tax portions of the legislation and for the collection results that had exceeded expectations.

What Pitt and Addington had done in both tax bills was to incorporate an excise tax that the British had used since the 1720’s in with the direct property tax portions of the legislation. This excise or duty was originally known as the Office Duty, but first Pitt and then Addington changed the name to the more obtuse and general term: Income Tax. As time went on, the entire legislation, both the property and income tax portions together, took on the shortened moniker of just Income Tax. That, and the excise portions of the comprehensive taxation scheme, by their association with the direct tax portions, became to be erroneously but conveniently described as direct taxes also.

By the time of the Civil War, when an American legislator talked about an income tax he was more than likely referring to the British version, which had for sixty years been a staple of the British internal revenue system. (But the clarity of his understanding, considering the above natural tendencies towards abbreviation and convenience affecting the British tax (taxes, actually), is uncertain.)  So when Congress was forced out of necessity to resort to internal revenue to fund the it’s-not-going-quite-as-earlier-predicted Civil War prosecution, it would be no surprise if the British Property and Income Tax was the immediate choice to solve the fiscal woes of the treasury, just as it had repeatedly done for the British, especially as wartime measures.

And lo and behold, the 1861 apportioned direct tax, with its odd rider of an unapportioned income tax within its statutory structure, is a rather obvious attempt by Congress to best adapt the British Property and Income Tax to the method-of-collection restrictions imposed by the Constitution. Of course, as the previous discussion reveals, Congress failed to properly disassociate the excise portion, or Income Tax, from the Direct Tax portion, leading to ambiguity and confusion as to the true nature of the 1861 Income Tax portion of the tax. But that was taken care of a year later with the 1862 Income Duty.*

* Though the re-enacted tax was originally labeled a "duty"-- perhaps to emphasize its distinction as indirect which was being emphasized by the repeal of the 1861 version and its re-enactment in 1862-- a provisions was inserted in the Revenue Act of 1866 to ensure that a different kind of confusion be avoided:

 "And wherever the word "duty" is used in this act, or the acts to which this is an amendment, it shall be construed to mean "tax," whenever such construction shall be necessary in order to effect the purpose of said acts."

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PRO TIP: By the physics of the law, an indirect tax is necessarily a privilege tax. Here's why:

The distinction between a direct tax and an indirect tax is incidence. A direct tax arises by the direct imposition of the taxer, without any election of the taxed (other than that of authorizing the taxing power in the first place).

An indirect tax arises by the taxed choosing to to do something by which the taxer's claim is then created. The choice that is a valid object of an indirect tax can't be anything done as an exercise of an untaxable right. Nor can it be any activity of necessity. A tax on anything done by necessity would arise not by actual election of the taxed but simply because the tax had been imposed by the taxer. Such a tax, whatever it may be called, would be in actual substance a direct tax, even if one that arose only intermittently. Think of a tax on eating, for example, or working, or engaging in trade with others (all of which are things done by right as well as by necessity, but you get the point).

What is left as the valid object of an indirect tax is the exercise of privilege-- something done not by right, and therefore done by the permission of the taxer (who, due to being possessed of an ownership right in the thing being permitted, is entitled to claim of portion of the proceeds when the thing is profitably used).rong>

"[Although the Legislature may declare as privileges and tax as such for State revenue purposes those pursuits and occupations that are not matters of common right], the Legislature has no power to declare as a privilege and tax for revenue purposes occupations that are of common right."

Sims v. Ahrens, 167 Ark. 557, 271 SW 720 594, 595 (Ark. 1925)


The 'Watching the Watchmen Amendment'

If you're not talking this one up everywhere and helping generate a buzz, you don't really want liberty and the rule of law...


PRO TIP: The argument that a concept explicitly given a statutory definition for purposes of this or that chapter or "title" has the same meaning as the common word the legislature has borrowed for its label-- which meaning plainly didn't suit the legislature's purposes, hence its replacement-- is a preposterous reading of the law.

“It is axiomatic that the statutory definition of the term excludes unstated meanings of that term.” 

Meese v. Keene, 481 U.S. 465 (1987);

“[W]e are not at liberty to put our gloss on the definition that Congress provided by looking to the generally accepted meaning of the defined term.”

Tenn. Prot. & Advocacy Inc. v. Wells, 371 F.3d 342 (6th Cir. 2004).


Illuminating anniversaries of this week:

November 11-  In 1620, the Mayflower Compact is signed.  In 1864, Union General Wm. T. Sherman orders Atlanta burned to the ground.  In 1889, Washington becomes the 42nd sovereign American state and is admitted to the union as such.  In 1918, World War I ("The War to End All Wars") ends.  In 1926, U.S. Route 66 is established.



Another Batch Of Victories For America's True Heroes

States only obey the law when people stand up to enforce it

ROGER M. IS AN EDUCATED, ACTIVATED and dedicated American hero, standing on his feet to restore the republic and enforce the rule of law. Roger knows that liberty can't exist where the state is unconstrained by the law.

Having learned the law controlling the taxing authority of his servant governments-- even the parts of the law which the state would rather he not know-- and having discovered that his activities and the earnings therefrom are not actually subject to the income tax, Roger invoked the whole law and recovered everything withheld from his earnings and turned over to New York in connection with that tax during 2014:



JOSEPH H. HAS ALSO LEARNED and applied the law. By way of this filing, Joseph has established that his economic activities were not of the excisable variety, and has reclaimed everything withheld from him and given to the United States during 2014 in connection with the tax-- Social security and Medicare extractions included:


Enjoy Joe's newly-posted video about this victory and his other efforts on behalf of the Founders' plan for limiting government at http://youtu.be/fgiCrQPQy-g.


BRUCE AND NILA DAVIS have reached back a few years and corrected erroneous allegations (and admissions) about the taxable character of their earnings in 2011 by way of an amended return, having since learned the truth about the tax and its limits. The United States has flatly and unambiguously acknowledged the accuracy of their conclusions:



AND PAUL B. HAS ALSO RISEN to his all-American grown-up feet and acted to enforce the law. This has special meaning for Paul-- as a military oath-taker, Paul is duty bound even more explicitly and deliberately than most to protect the rule of law from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Paul knows that when Americans enable a state's ambition to be free of the law's constraints, either by falling asleep at the wheel or by letting themselves be intimidated into inaction, the Constitutional design for liberty and the rule of law is in even greater danger than if the country were invaded by external aggressors. Paul isn't having it, not on his watch.

By way of this filing Paul has enforced-- and thereby hugely strengthened-- the law. Paul applied the tax to his 2012 earnings where it is proper, and prevented it from being applied where it is not proper, resulting in this recovery two weeks ago of the majority of what was withheld from him that year and given to the United States in connection with the tax, Social security and Medicare extractions included:


DON'T YOU WISH EVERY AMERICAN was as responsible and upstanding as Roger, Joseph, Bruce, Nila and Paul? Think about what that would do for our once free and prosperous country, and re-dedicate yourself to spreading this file to everyone you can.

Join me in celebrating and honoring these heroes of the republic (and all their fellows)-- real American men and women who know what it means and know what it takes to be free people enjoying the benefits of a legitimate rule of law.

JOIN ME IN ALSO CELEBRATING American hero Paul Eberle for stepping up to the camera and declaring his resolution to act on behalf of the Founders' plan for the preservation of our liberty against the anticipated corruption of the state. See Paul's inspiring testimony here. Other testimonials can be seen here.

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In light of the actual evidence, those who doubt or deny the accuracy and correctness of CtC just because government officials make weaselly representations against it are like the 16th-century Europeans who were mystified by Copernicus getting all those astronomical predictions right even though the church had said he was wrong.



I Stand With Doreen

A New Story In The Tribune On Doreen's Case

ARE YOU JUST LEARNING ABOUT the crime against your rights and the rule of law by means of a heinous crime by which Doreen Hendrickson is being victimized? Get up to speed with this and this, and this film:

Free Speech On Trial: IRS v. Hendrickson

(Find and share this on YouTube at http://youtu.be/IagZzFIIymw)

The longer but much more comprehensive and question-answering backstory (the "why" history leading up to this unprecedented assault on the First Amendment and principles of due process) can be found here.

There's a good article on Doreen's ordeal here.


DOREEN'S ADDRESS: Doreen Hendrickson 48564-039, FPC Alderson A-4, P.O. Box A, Alderson, WV 24910. She would love to hear your encouragement, uplift, appreciation and solidarity, and she can even be sent paperback books, as long as the envelope in which they are packaged has clearly written at the top: Paperback Book Enclosed.

Anyone wanting to send Doreen a few dollars for her commissary account (with which she can get better food, soft drinks, clothes and other amenities) can do so by mailing a money order made payable to Doreen Hendrickson 48564039. Mail to:

Federal Bureau of Prisons,

Doreen Hendrickson


Post Office Box 474701

Des Moines, Iowa 50947-0001

DO YOU NOTICE THAT MESSAGE ON THE T-SHIRT being worn by the lovely model of the 'I Stand with Doreen' care-bracelet? It reads, THINK. It's not illegal yet!

But you know what? The charge against Doreen is an effort by the state to make it so.

Doreen was charged, remember, with criminally-refusing to cede control of her expressions to the state. Now, I'll grant you that technically her thoughts would remain her own, but if the state can dictate what everyone says, then pretty soon that atmosphere of controlled expressions will result in first influencing, and then ultimately controlling what everyone thinks.

If the State gets away with establishing the precedent that every written expression-- even just those on testimonial instruments-- can be required to echo the state's preferred view of things, the fate of free thinking and liberty is obvious (and it's not good).

Think about it, while you still can.

Click here for more on Doreen's ordeal and its assault on the rule of law.

"A free people claim their rights as derived from the laws of nature, and not as the gift of their chief magistrate"

-Thomas Jefferson

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Illuminating anniversaries of this week:

November 12- In 1912, the frozen bodies of the Scott expedition are found on the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica.  In 1981, the space shuttle Columbia becomes the first spacecraft to be launched twice.  In 1990, Tim Berners-Lee publishes the design of what becomes the World Wide Web.  In 2006, South Ossetia holds its second referendum to validate its 1991 declaration of independence from Georgia (the first one in 1992 having gone unrecognized by the international community).  95% of ethnic South Ossetians participated (66.2% of the population), and the vote was 99% in favor of independence.  The vote was monitored by observers from Germany, Austria, Poland, Sweden and several other countries.  Nonetheless, most Western governments refuse to recognize this second affirmation of the will of the people either, in part because the government of Georgia refuses to do so...


NEW! Orders of twelve or more books now come with a free DVD containing six informative and inspiring videos-- 112 minutes in all. Click here for the details.

Do you have a victory to share?  Click here to learn how to do so.

If you're working on one, and just getting stonewalled or speed-bumped, you can still be recognized! Go here to learn what to do.

Learn The Liberating Truth About The Tax


Did you miss the 'Set Your Church Free' commentaries?

Set Your Church Free

Ignorance of the true nature of the "income" tax has gagged, gutted and seduced-into-disgrace America's ministerial community. This must change.

You're a passenger on a riverboat that relies on regular contributions of fuel from the passengers to keep moving forward. You see an unsurvivable waterfall ahead, and note a soon-to-be-irresistible current growing stronger each day. What does common sense suggest?  


Copy and post this one around, people!




Media Evasion Of CtC Must End, Now

Time, unfortunately, is on the side of the well-funded disinformation specialists


Illuminating anniversaries of this week:

November 13- In 1916, Australian Prime Minister Billy Hughes is expelled from his party (and post) over his support for conscription.  In 1927, the Holland Tunnel opens for traffic between New Jersey and New York.  In 2002, Iraq agrees to the terms of UN Security Council Resolution 1441 concerning inspections for alleged "weapons of mass destruction", while maintaining that it is already in compliance with previous disarmament demands.  No such weapons were found by the inspection teams, but Iraq's alleged continued possession of these WMDs was nonetheless used as a pretext for the March 2003 invasion by the United States.  The WMDs have still not turned up...

Are You Having Trouble Spreading The Word?

SKEPTICISM (SOMETIMES INVOKED BY FEAR) IS TO BE EXPECTED when you're trying to explain to someone that everything they've been encouraged their whole lives to believe about something as entrenched and significant as the income tax is basically nonsense. So here's a way to help cut through the resistance:

Ask your listener how he or she would react if you were to show an announcement from the Commissioner of Internal Revenue admitting that the tax doesn't apply to the earnings of most Americans and is misapplied most of the time because people don't understand how it works? Or how about if you showed a ruling from the Supreme Court saying the same?>

Now you just have to explain that you're going to show exactly those things-- but because the state really doesn't want people to know this, these things haven't been said quite as forthrightly as we would all wish. It's going to take a bit more work to take these admissions in than is sufficient for just reading a press release. But it'll be worth the effort...


The Liberating Truth About The 16th Amendment

IF YOU'RE NOT SPREADING THIS LINK with every bit of energy you can, to school libraries, homeschool families and community groups, your neighbors, your family members, your pastors and co-congregationalists, journalists, lawyers, CPAs, members of congress, tax-agency workers, Wikipedia, Anonymous, WikiLeaks, the Tax Foundation, everyone in the "tax honesty" movement, the 9/11 truth movement, other activist movements and everyone else, you have only yourself to blame for your troubles with the tax, and a whole lot else of which you might complain. It's on you.

WRITE A NICE, FRIENDLY AND BRIEF introductory note explaining what will be seen at the link-- cryptic is bad; excited is good-- and then send this WMI (weapon of mass instruction) far and wide.

"I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it."

-Thomas Jefferson


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A teacher asked her 6th grade class how many of them were fans of Big Government.
 Not really knowing what a Big Government fan is, but wanting to be liked by the
 teacher, all the kids raised their hands except for TJ.
 The teacher asked TJ why he has decided to be different...again.
 TJ said, "Because I'm not a fan of Big Government."
 The teacher asked, "Why aren't you a fan of Big Government?"
 TJ said, "Because I'm a libertarian."
 The teacher asked him why he's a libertarian.  TJ answered, "Well, my Dad's a libertarian and my Mom's a libertarian, so I'm a libertarian."
 Annoyed by this answer, the teacher asked, "If your dad were a moron and your mom were an idiot, what would that make you?"
 With a big smile, TJ replied, "That would make me a fan of Big Government."


Real Americans don't accommodate fog, lies and a sliding scale of adherence to the rule of law. Real American men and women stand up for the truth and the law, come what may, knowing that it is only by setting the bar at the top and enforcing it, come what may, that liberties are secured.


"Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as freedom should not be highly rated."

-Thomas Paine




ONLY ONE THING WILL WIN YOU YOUR LIBERTY: Spreading the truth. Accordingly, I've assembled outreach resources into a new, dedicated page. Find it here, and please, USE THESE TOOLS!! I can't do this all by myself. 

"In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

-George Orwell


Test Your "Income" Tax IQ!

CtC Warrior SanDiegoScott has put together a great little 20-question quiz to test your knowledge of the law regarding the United States "income" tax.  Test yourself, test your friends and family!  Test your accountant and tax attorney, and help them learn the liberating truth!!


Click here to take the test


Click here for more Tax IQ tests

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“Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.”

-James Madison


How About You?


Are You Governing Yourself?

Get The Knowledge, Reclaim Your Power, And Stand With The Founders




Liberal and Progressive Vision

by Walter Williams

Here's my question to you: If an evil person is guaranteed that he can inflict physical pain upon others and guaranteed to never suffer pain himself, what happens to his willingness to inflict pain?

You say, "What do you mean, Williams?" OK, I will make my question more concrete. Suppose a young punk knows that he can knock out an innocent person and never suffer physical pain himself, such as being knocked out; what happens to his willingness to play the knockout game? Suppose a rapist knows he can brutally rape a woman and never have to suffer physical pain himself; what happens to his willingness to rape?

Suppose we guarantee school students that they can assault a teacher and never suffer similar pain themselves; what do you think happens to assaults on teachers? Finally, suppose we guarantee prison inmates that they can toss urine and feces cocktails on prison guards, a practice called gassing, and suffer no physical pain; what happens to their willingness to gas guards?

You can answer those questions. Let's look at other effects of the liberal vision.

After every tragic shooting, liberals and progressives call for more gun laws. They exploit American ignorance as to why the Framers gave us Second Amendment protections.


Click here to read the rest of this article


An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.


Aren't you REALLY, REALLY glad YOU'VE had the fortitude and clarity of vision to do the only thing that will actually strike the root and prevent the problem in the first place by taking control of how much of YOUR WEALTH facilitates government misbehavior?


Now ask yourself this: Have you really done all that you can to urge everyone you know to also stand up and act in the only way that will really bring about change in your lifetime? 


Even as ardent a statist as Abraham Lincoln, in announcing his willingness to burn the Southern states to the ground in order to keep them paying the tariff for the benefit of Northern interests in his first inaugural address on March 4, 1861, paid at least lip service to the Founders design of leaving control over the fuel available to feed the fires Washington wants to light in the hands of the individual citizenry when he said, "Doing this I deem to be only a simple duty on my part; and I shall perform it, unless my rightful masters, the American people, shall withhold the requisite means..."

Held over great reading recommendations:

Disinformation-How it works

by Brandon Smith


'The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude'

by Étienne de la Boétie


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Illuminating anniversaries of this week:

November 14- In 1910, Eugene Ely performs the first aircraft take-off form the deck of a ship.  In 1969, Apollo 12, the second manned mission to the Moon, lifts off.  In 1971, Mariner 9 becomes the first spacecraft to orbit another planet (Mars).  In 1972, the Dow Jones Industrial Average close above 1,000 for the first time.  In 2001, the United States proxy "Afghan Northern Alliance" takes Kabul, having driven the Taliban from the capital on the pretext that it was harboring Osama Bin Laden, when, in fact, the Taliban had offered to turn Bin Laden over to the United States upon presentation of at least some evidence of his involvement in the events of 9/11.  To this day, the events of 9/11 are not listed by the FBI on its Bin Laden "Wanted" poster, with the explanation reported to be a "lack of hard evidence" of his involvement in those events.  In 2002, the United States House of Representatives votes down a proposal to create an independent commission to investigate the events of 9/11.


Are You Ready For More Power?



"Peter Hendrickson has done it again! 'Upholding The Law' does for individual liberties what 'Cracking the Code' did for tax law compliance: exposes the reader to the unalienable truth!"

-Jesse Herron, Bill Of Rights Press, Fort Collins, Colorado

Click here for more information

And don't miss:

Was Grandpa Really a Moron

picks up where 'Cracking the Code- The Fascinating Truth About The Income Tax' leaves off.

Click here for more information


There is little more important to the long-term health of America than how our children are educated..



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Some Observations Regarding Educated And Accurate Filing


CtC-Educated Lawyers: It's Way Past Time For You All To Queue Up!


[Y]ou really need to familiarize yourself with Pete Hendrickson's absolutely magnificent work at his website and in his book(s).  He has, brilliantly and lucidly, "cracked the code" regarding the federal income EXCISE tax(es)."

-Mark C. Phillips, JD


"...I find your work fascinatingly simple to understand."

-Jerry Arnowitz, JD


"Your book is a masterpiece!"

-Michael Carver, JD


"Received your book yesterday.  Started reading at 11 PM, finished at 4 AM."  "I have 16 feet (literally 16' 4.5") of documents supporting just about everything in your book." "Your book should be required reading for every lawyer before being admitted to any Bar."  "I hope you sell a million of them." 

-John O'Neil Green, JD


“Thanks again for your efforts, Pete. They mean an awful lot to a lot of people.” “…as an attorney, I am humbled by your knowledge and ability in navigating the law.  THANK YOU for your hard work and sacrifice.”

-Eric Smithers, JD


"I am an attorney and want to give a testimonial to your book, which I find to be compelling. I am exercising these rights for myself and my adult children. I'm even considering making this my new avenue of law practice."

-Nancy "Ana" Garner, JD


Learn what these colleagues already know, then step forward and become part of a coordinated, mutually-supportive squadron focused on developing strategy and deploying the law in courtrooms across the country.  There's a lot of suing that needs doing right now.


Are you ready for a challenge that'll put some real meaning behind all the effort you went through to get your credentials?  Send me an email. 


Have You Taken A Military, Law Enforcement or Public Office Oath To Uphold And Defend The Constitution?


Renew Your Promise


  IGNORANCE TAX: An unnecessary exaction suffered out of ignorance as to its lawful objects and the means of its application by someone too lazy, frightened or misled to learn how it really works and to what it really applies.  See "Income Tax", "Social Security Tax", "Medicare Tax" and "Federal Unemployment Tax".


"It is not the function of our Government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the Government from falling into error."

-United States Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson







'Don't Tread On Me' Polo Shirts Say It All!



Click Here To Get Yours Now!




More Than Two Thirds Of The Several States That Collect "Income" Taxes Have Now Acknowledged The Truth About The Law As Revealed In CtC, And Have Issued Complete Refunds Accordingly!  See The Following Chart...




(How our forefathers responded to arrogant "Rule of Law defiers"...)





“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, and third, it is accepted as self-evident.”

-Arthur Schopenhauer


Get your FREE* CtC bumper sticker and help spread the word!

Just send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to Lost Horizons, Bumper Sticker Offer, 232 Oriole Rd., Commerce Twp., MI 48382 (*If you want to throw a few bucks into the envelope to help with costs, that'd be nice, but it's entirely optional...)



The Willingness Of Some People To Trade Liberty For Convenience Is Without Limit

Some Observations About Current Political Efforts To Evade The Truth, Such As The "Fair Tax" Scheme


Regarding "Tax Reform"


"Taxes are not raised to carry on wars, wars are raised to carry on taxes."

-Thomas Paine


Where To Find Things On This Site


Law Professor James Duane Says: "Don't Talk To The Police.  Period."


Honest Cops Agree




Films That Belong In Every Home Library




Ever Wonder How Much An Unrestrained FedState Would Like To Tap You For?





Warrior David Larson shares this beautiful little farce, wryly observing that, "Depositors have "..not lost one penny.." - OK we could agree on that simple statement  ..how about the purchasing power of that same penny 'not lost'?"


Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics






Illuminating anniversaries of this week:

November 15- In 1777, the Continental Congress approves the Articles of Confederation.  In 1920, the first assembly of the League of Nations takes place in Geneva, Switzerland.  In 1939, the cornerstone of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. is laid.  In 1971, Intel releases the first commercial single-chip CPU. 


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Last Word


"If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains set lightly upon you; and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen."

-Samuel Adams, Architect of the First American Revolution


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About The Author


Pete Hendrickson is possibly the most effective lawyer in history, even while never having set foot in a law school, nor ever being a card-carrying member of "the bar". He is the first American in history to secure a complete refund of Social Security and Medicare ‘contributions’ withheld from his earnings (along with all other property taken for federal taxes); further, since 2003 students of his legal analyses and arguments in ‘Cracking the Code- The Fascinating Truth About Taxation In America’’ (CtC), and its sequel, 'Was Grandpa Really a Moron?' have been routinely retaining and recovering billions of dollars which otherwise-- wrongly, but as a matter of course-- would have gone to federal or state government treasuries. This despite concerted efforts by government to suppress his work, and in some cases vigorously oppose the claims by his students.


Hendrickson is also a widely-read essayist on matters of politics, public policy and law; many of these works are collected in his second book, ‘Upholding the Law And Other Observations’.  He is a member of Mensa; an award-winning artist; and has paid his dues as a youth soccer coach.  He is a long-time political activist as well, and has served as co-chair and platform convention delegate of Michigan’s largest county Libertarian Party organization; as a consultant to the National Right to Work Foundation and Citizens for a Sound Economy; as a member of the Heartland Institute; and as a member of the International Society for Individual Liberty.  He is a frequent radio-show guest on stations across the country.


Hendrickson's business career has included nearly a decade-and-a-half at the leading edge of the renewable-energy industry, both as Director of Purchasing and Materials Management and member of the R&D board at Starpak Energy Systems, the mid-west's then-largest solar heating and energy-recovery-and re-utilization company; and as founder and president of AFJ Inc., a high-efficiency lighting design, manufacture and installation firm.


Beginning in the mid-1990s and continuing for the twelve years before his present full-time focus on the restoration of the rule of law in America, Hendrickson directed purchasing activities for the $84 million-a-year multi-family-housing division of the Farmington Hills, Michigan branch of Edward Rose and Sons, with responsibility for 18,000+ apartments, direct supervision of 35 technicians and agents, and incidental authority over several hundred divisional workers.  He also ran the division's 10 cable television earth-station and distribution systems in four states, and designed and administered the company's website.


On rather the other end of the spectrum, amidst these more mundane pursuits Hendrickson co-founded and was the primary creative force behind a small board- and card-game company that enjoyed a modest success for several years.


Hendrickson makes his home in southeast Michigan, with his wife and two children.  He is currently working on his next book.


© All written and graphic material on this page and website are copyrighted by Peter E. Hendrickson, unless otherwise attributed