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Current Events and Continuing Education for February 15 through February 28, 2015

“Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.”

-James Madison

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Put up or shut up

An Open Letter To All Who Curse The Darkness


Held over, 'cause seriously,

Media Evasion Of CtC Must End, Now


Other Voices

The Cowardly and Despicable American Presstitutes


A musical treat; TVs that may be too smart for your own good; a pet peeve; a few words about measles; and more...

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The most important question facing Americans today:

What Do The People Do About The Rogue State?


Guess what? There are only two possibilities:

You Either Stand Up For The Truth, Or You've Surrendered To The Lie


Spotlights on the past that help bring clarity to the present:

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"There are two distinct classes of men...those who pay taxes and those who receive and live upon taxes."

- Thomas Paine


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 I mean someone who finds it easier to believe that the far-better-educated, far-more-suspicious-of-government Americans of a hundred years ago were complete morons who granted authority to the state to take whatever it wished from themselves and their posterity than to imagine that they themselves simply misunderstand the true nature of the income tax? Even while knowing that their beliefs about the tax are derived entirely from the representations of those who profit from those beliefs (like tax bureaucrats and "tax professionals")?


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You can't understand the present if you don't understand the past...

Illuminating anniversaries of this week:

February 22- In 1732, George Washington is born.  In 1819, Spain sells Florida to the United States for $5 million.  In 1856, the Republican Party opens its first national convention.  In 1879, the first Woolworth's 5-and-Dime opens.  In 1943, captured members of the Nazi resistance movement in Germany-- the White Rose-- are executed after a show-trial in Hitler's "People's Court".   In 1997, a team of Scottish scientists announce the successful cloning of an adult sheep.

Anniversaries of interest for each day of this week will be found throughout the newsletter below.


"It does not take a majority to prevail... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."

-Samuel Adams


An Open Letter To All Who Curse The Darkness

Regarding a massive government acknowledgement of the truth; a massive government effort to evade; and a massively corrupt judicial precedent about to take root.

This article is long, my friends, but it is important, and rich with links to previously unseen documentation. Please read it all, and share it around, too.

I THINK WE CAN WE ALL AGREE that where the establishment of corrupt and evil state practices is concerned, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It is a whole lot easier to stop a dangerous precedent from being created than to dislodge one once in place.

In light of that wisdom, it seems plain that when an evil precedent-creation-in-progress is exposed, it is the duty of every responsible American to raise the hue and cry until the threat to our liberties and the rule of law is abandoned. This is especially true when the evil is being committed not just by a lone villain but by a team in both the executive and the judiciary, and is clearly meant to "normalize" the corruption being practiced.

Right now, just such an evil precedent-creation is in progress. And it's a doozy, spelling the death of due process in federal courts.

HERE'S THE BACKGROUND: Eight years ago, initial government efforts to suppress a book revealing long-obscured and institutionally-evaded facts about the income had collapsed. Faced with a steadily-increasing number of Americans demanding (and receiving) complete refunds of amounts taken from them as "income taxes" through exploitation of their prior ignorance, the tax division of the USDOJ and a panicky IRS tried again by way of a contrived "lawsuit" against the author of the revelatory book.

The suit (which ended up before one of the judges involved in the failed prior efforts) alleged that refunds made to the author and his wife of all that had been withheld from them in 2002 and 2003 were just big mistakes. The suit falsely claimed that the government had made the refunds because it was unaware that the couple had had earnings during those years, and now that it realized the truth, it wanted the money back.

In fact, the government had received both W-2 and 1099 forms from those who had paid the couple for their work and was well aware at the time the refunds were issued that considerable amounts had been paid to them. The attorney responsible for the "lawsuit" was forced to eventually admit this when questioned under oath years later (and, of course, the refunds themselves put the lie to this absurd pretense, consisting, as they did, of tens of thousands of dollars that had been withheld from the couple).

Further, prior to making these refunds the IRS had fussed with each of the couple's claims for months on end before finally issuing them. And, of course, the claims involved were those of the author of that book which the IRS was vigorously trying to have enjoined during the very same period in which each of these refunds was eventually issued.

That initial and ultimately abandoned suppression effort-- which was predicated on characterizing what was revealed in the book as false-- began in August of 2003, and the couple's first refund wasn't issued until November of that year. Their second refund was issued in September of 2004, at the very time the initial bogus assaults on the book were well underway in courts in both Michigan and California.

Plainly, the claim by this tax division DOJ attorney that these long-fussed-over refunds of every penny withheld, including Social security and Medicare taxes, were just mistakes that "slipped through the cracks" was false. Add in the fact that they were made to the author of a book that explains how and why exactly such refunds are proper and compulsory whom the same DOJ tax division-- at the IRS's insistence-- was simultaneously suing in multiple courts in hope of having the book suppressed, and the "mistakes" assertion was ludicrously, almost comically mendacious.

HOWEVER, HONESTY HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS "LAWSUIT". The object of this corrupt exercise was suppression of the revelatory book by other means, the initial injunctive efforts having failed.

The new game plan was to fabricate the appearance that a court had considered the arguments of the book and found them wanting, so that word could go out to that effect. While the book would still be available, Americans who might otherwise read it and learn the truth about the tax-- the very truth that had compelled the issuance of the refunds being lied about in the lawsuit-- wouldn't bother.

But there was a problem. The falsehood about the refunds being just "mistakes" served as a pretext for bringing a complaint under the "erroneous refund" statute (however corruptly), but the government still had no grounds for alleging that the couple owed any taxes for the years involved.

Not to worry though. Where there are no scruples, there is always a way, so...

The government asked the court to order the couple to declare-- under oath-- that they repudiated their previous freely-made testimony to the contrary and now believed themselves to have done taxable things and to be in debt to the government. If made, such declarations would establish the otherwise non-existent tax debts.

(Tellingly, government officials could also make these declarations over a sworn signature and establish, prima facie, the alleged tax debts on which this bogus suit was predicated, but none has ever been willing to do so. Equally telling, even now, more than ten years since each of these refunds were issued, and despite all the intense government attention discussed above and below, there has still never been a tax assessed on these folks for those years, as is shown in the Treasury Department Certificates of Assessment and IRS transcripts seen here.)

Of course, even corrupt judges need pretexts for their actions, especially wildly improper actions like what was being asked for in this case. So the government and the court undertook a series of further falsehoods.

STEP ONE: The government alleged that the book this whole shabby corruption was trying to keep Americans from reading-- Cracking the Code- The Fascinating Truth About Taxation In America (CtC)-- argues that only federal, state and local government workers are subject to the income tax. This is a patently frivolous notion which CtC very plainly not only does not argue, but decisively debunks.

Indeed, though very few Americans filing in harmony with the revelations of the book are government workers of any description, many-- including the author-- have occasion to report the receipt of "income" of various kinds and in various amounts most or all years. Clearly, these private-sector CtC-educated Americans acknowledge themselves capable of being subject to the tax, and would-- and do-- find themselves liable should their "income" exceed the exemption amount.

Nonetheless, and despite being clearly put on notice to the contrary, the judge played her part. She "found" this false ascription of a nonsensical argument to CtC to be true as part of a formal judicial ruling, even though she never actually read the book.

Based on this "false and frivolous argument in CtC" fraud, the court also "found" that the couple's original, freely-made testimony regarding the taxable character of their earnings for the years in question-- which was declaredly in harmony with the book-- was false (meaning "they don't really believe what they say they do about their earnings").

STEP TWO: The government introduced as an exhibit a purported IRS "Examination Report" bearing numbers which would suggest, if taken at face value, a specialist's conclusion that the couple actually had earned "income" subject to tax and owed accordingly. In actuality, the report was bogus, as was admitted by the examiner herself in an associated--but separate-- declaration:

(Think about this for a moment. Despite all the pretenses of "error" and "false and frivolous arguments" and their intense interest in this case, the IRS and DOJ couldn't gin up a formal conclusion that this couple owed any tax on their earnings for these years, and instead were compelled to resort to this fraudulent pretense! It's hard to imagine a more definitive acknowledgement of the accuracy and unassailability of the book all this is meant to discourage Americans from reading.)

STEP THREE: The judge issues a ruling (actually written in its entirety by the DOJ attorney) but bearing the judge's signature. In this ruling the judge "finds" in the book she never read the absurd argument the government needs to be "found" there in order to make this all work, and "finds" that the couple had "income" and is liable for taxes which the IRS itself left-handedly admits they are not by failing to produce a real "examination report" saying otherwise and deploying a fake one instead, and which it will not assess even now, twelve and thirteen years after the periods in question and eight years since this "ruling".

More, this ruling adopts the government's requested "remedy" for its problems in this case, and orders the couple to declare they believe that they owe the government the taxes the IRS will not declare to be owed but which were "found" by the judge. This is the critical element of the whole scheme, because if done, such declarations give the whole corrupt project legitimacy, and take everyone who has participated off the hook for their crimes.

The judge also grants another request of the government. She issues an order prohibiting the couple from ever filing a return in the future "based on the false and frivolous claim in 'Cracking the Code' that only federal, state and local government workers are subject to the tax" which was "found" there by the judge who never read the book.

The purpose of this second order is a bit harder to fathom, but it is likely meant to equip the DOJ and IRS (and their cadre of supporters in the tax-preparation and litigation industries) with PR material for the discouragement of potential readers of CtC. In fact, in her DOJ-written "ruling" the judge actually refers to an alleged government interest in discouraging inconvenient testimony by other Americans as a rationalization for the order-- what legitimate court rulings describe as "chilling speech". (In a happy irony, this effort has back-fired as tens of thousands of CtC readers file returns based on what really IS in the book and receive billions in complete refunds, dramatically emphasizing that these judicial "findings" that the book makes these or any other "false and frivolous" claims about the law are simply corrupt frauds meant to mislead the American public.)

In any event, what matters for purpose of this discussion is that, like the order commanding the couple to declare they believe their 2002 and 2003 earnings to be taxable and thereby enable the government to claim ownership of their property, this second order dictating what they are NOT to say also violates the First and Fifth Amendment in the same degree. It just does it in reverse.

By the way, all of this happened without so much as a single hearing. At no point did the couple get a chance to actually confront anyone or challenge anything the judge was "finding" to be true. Their demand for a jury trial in the case was ignored (and never even acknowledged).

And all of these corruptions, frauds and illegitimating improprieties notwithstanding, the "ruling" in this case has been being touted by the government and its troll-associates as its evidence that "the courts have ruled against CtC". Properly understood, of course, this "ruling" is actually evidence that the government hasn't a shred of legitimate challenge to CtC, and has, in fact, entirely surrendered to its revelations. The only reason for all this lying is a lack of honest argument.

SO FAST-FORWARD TO 2013. All hope of discouraging the reading of CtC and its inconvenient, individual-liberating and state-restraining truth have been dashed. More and more Americans are reclaiming collected but never-actually-owed taxes, and are increasingly pissed at having to go through the hassles of doing so. Scholarship on the truth about the tax continues to advance.

Being the psychos that they are, the corrupt elements of the state responsible for all this fraud lash out. The wife of the couple at whom the bogus, rights-violating lawsuit was aimed is indicted on a charge of criminal contempt of court for resisting the orders made back in 2007 and exercising her rights of speech, conscience and due process.

The new case ends up in the courtroom of a colleague of the earlier judge, and another one of those who presided over the original efforts against CtC... Two trials ensue.

Desperately anxious to hedge the pretense of legitimacy of the lawsuit and its outcome with the pretense of a jury verdict on its behalf, the government and judge put in the fix. A team of specialist gunslingers from the DOJ Tax division are flown in from Washington to do battle with this untrained, inexperienced and non-legally-oriented housewife and homeschooling mom, who defends herself.

By order of the judge, the validity of the lawsuit is not open for challenge. The jury is instructed that the unlawfulness or unconstitutionality of the orders involved is not a defense to the allegation that resisting them is a criminal offense.

The indictment and the instructions to the jury carefully misstate one of the orders from the lawsuit ruling. The actual order on this subject prohibits the filing of a return based on the alleged claim of CtC that only federal, state and local government workers are subject to the tax, but of course, the book doesn't say this.

 Knowing that it would be pretty difficult to get anywhere with an accusation of having violated an order prohibiting a completely fictional transgression, the indictment and the instruction to the jury misstate this order as prohibiting the filing of a "false" return-- something believed easier to put into the minds of jurors who are all victims of lifelong disinformation about the nature of the income tax. Even with this false ploy in place no chances are taken. The jury is also instructed that it need not unanimously agree that the defendant actually did either of the two possible acts of offense alleged in the indictment.

But all of this failed. Even with the lawless "unanimity" relief and all the other cheats afforded to the prosecutors, the jury deadlocks.

Eight-and-a-half months later, the government tries again. All the previous cheats remained in place, and this time the housewife was prevented from making her opening statement, was constantly hectored from the bench, and many of her exhibits were disallowed.

The reading to the jury of court rulings on speech rights and void judgments was thwarted, and in the end of trial, sensing another loss, the prosecutors engaged in a deliberate fraud, introducing previously unseen documents which were falsely declared to be proof that the initial failed efforts to suppress CtC way back in 2004 and 2005 discussed (and thoroughly documented) at the beginning of this commentary (and in which the trial judge was involved) were no such thing, but were instead really just a routine audit of the defendant's husband.

The falsely-represented documents, which themselves betrayed the falseness of what the prosecutors said about them but which the defendant was given no chance to examine at the time, were kept from the jury.

After trial, the fraud was proven, and then admitted by the prosecutors. Nonetheless, the judge has refused to overturn the falsely-secured guilty verdict returned by the jury this time. (A Motion to Vacate detailing the fraud can be seen here, with relevant exhibits here, here, here and here; and a Motion for Reconsideration detailing the misconstructions of the denial of that first motion-- with exhibits attached-- can be seen here.)

 SO, HERE COMES THE DARKNESS. On the 9th of April this viciously assaulted housewife and mother is due to be sentenced for her "crime" of resisting orders issued in a completely fraudulent judicial proceeding of eight years ago after suffering through two completely fraudulent criminal trials.

By this completion of the assault on one righteous and upright American woman, the assault on all our Constitutionally-guaranteed rights of speech, conscience and due process will also be completed. The evil precedent that a court can order someone to make dictated and false testimony favorable to a government case against her, and punish her for refusing, will be established.

Just as pernicious as the violation of speech and due process rights involved here is the pretense argued by the government throughout these trials-- which is that the juries should assume that what this woman was told to declare herself to believe really IS her belief, despite her sworn protestations to the contrary, because she had been told to say these things by government officials, and who could plausibly disbelieve what government officials said?

If this precedent is successfully planted in April, every American will have suffered, right then, a profound wound to what remains of the rule of law today. This one will be a bleeder, and impossible to undo without pounds of difficult cure.

Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas famously said, "As nightfall does not come at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there's a twilight where everything remains seemingly unchanged, and it is in such twilight that we must be aware of change in the air, however slight, lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness." Right now, in this case and the entire sequence of frauds that lie behind it, the chill and stink of corruption are in the air. We ignore them at our peril.

Raise a hue and cry.

Demand the honest attention of the media and everyone else. Blog and post and tweet to inform all you can of the liberating, state-restraining truth about the tax being revealingly evaded by the government and its courts. Be in Detroit on April 9 to show support for the rule of law and opposition to corruption.

Don't just curse the darkness that is falling, but fan your own flame and become a bright point of light against it.

NOTE: To all those clinging to denial of CtC's accuracy about the tax for whatever reason-- be it your own theories about the law; reflexive skepticism about anything contrary to your long-held beliefs, or whatever-- you must account for the facts and government behavior documented in the discussion above. Remember, an honest but mistaken man, upon being confronted with the truth, either ceases to be mistaken, or ceases to be honest.

NOTE II: What is presented above deals with only a portion of the continuous government efforts to suppress CtC over all of the years since its publication in 2003. A more comprehensive discussion of these efforts can be found here.

NOTE III: Are you a legal professional, or otherwise able to write a 'Friend of the Court' brief for filing, if possible, in Doreen's case? Contact me.

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Learn The Liberating Truth About The Tax


Did you miss the 'Set Your Church Free' commentaries?

Set Your Church Free

Ignorance of the true nature of the "income" tax has gagged, gutted and seduced-into-disgrace America's ministerial community. This must change.


Copy and post this one around, people!


Media Evasion Of CtC Must End, Now

Time, unfortunately, is on the side of the well-funded disinformation specialists

OVER THE YEARS, I HAVE DEMONSTRATED FAR BEYOND RATIONAL DOUBT OR HONEST DISPUTE that for the last 75 years the income tax has been systematically mis-administered so as to capture far more revenue and from far more earners than it should and would were its actual statutory limits more broadly understood. I have further shown that this is not because of some quirk in the law being exploited by the IRS but solely because of the ignorance of the Americans to whom it ends up being misapplied.

People's ignorance is certainly being exploited by the IRS, of course. But as written, and as interpreted by the courts and the tax agency itself, the law is perfectly clear and entirely on the side of most Americans. Even while corrupt elements in the government have engaged in strenuous efforts to create a facade of opposition to what CtC reveals and thus shore up the ignorance regime, and even while some folks are unfortunately targeted for annoying and sometimes protracted resistance to their claims before they are honored, nearly every person who simply learns how to stop the tax from being misapplied in his or her own case and acts accordingly has been enjoying proper acknowledgement and capitulation to the truth by federal and state tax agencies since 2003.

At the same time, I've also plainly shown that the collapse of the rule of law and metastasizing of the rogue State now threatening the well-being of every American (and possibly the entire world) coincides with, and results directly and exclusively from, the onset of the mis-application of the income tax in the early 1940s.

In short, I've shown the nature of the problem about which every non-state-coopted pundit steadily warns, and the nature of the solution to that problem. What's more, I introduce, highlight, and celebrate the tens of thousands of other American men and women who have also learned these facts and are leading the way down the only path to that solution.

NEARLY EVERY WEEK FOR NINE YEARS, I have shared my posts about all these things with all of you. For the last three years, I have copied those folks in the (purportedly) non-state-coopted media whose email addresses I believe I have.

At the same time, week after week the well-financed and much more influential enemies of the state-restraining, liberty-enhancing truth have steadily injected more and more noise into the ether in an attempt to drown out my signal. This means that the window of opportunity in which the liberating truth has a realistic chance to do its good work-- which it can only do by becoming widely known-- is finite and narrowing.

And yet every week the acknowledgements and desperately-needed signal-amplification offered by the purportedly-non-coopted media amount to... nada. Zero, zilch, radio silence.

This won't do. It also makes no sense-- unless my emails to these folks simply aren't getting through.

There are several reasons why my emails may not be making it. Some are as mundane as the possibility that they are being spam-filtered away from these folks' inboxes. It is known to me that, for instance, anyone on a pacbell, swbell or optonline server won't receive my emails-- these servers systematically (and apparently automatically, for reasons known only to their programmers) reject my emails as spam. There may be others that do the same without doing bounce-backs to me to let me know.

Then there are darker possibilities. As was posted here a few months ago in a letter from an educated American who works for the City of Los Angeles, while no other websites that might be described as "outside the box" are known to be so treated, access to losthorizons.com is blocked on the city's internet-capable computers. Wikipedia won't allow links to documents posted on losthorizons.com. Recent additions to the ongoing treasure-trove of revelations from the heroic Edward Snowden have awakened us all to the possibility of other knobblings of the same sort on a grander scale. It's also possible that some of these folks may simply have closed their own minds.

IN RESPONSE TO THIS PROBLEM, I am going to ask for everyone's help. Following is a short list of publicly-available alt-media-pundit email addresses which I have accumulated.

Because my emails do not seem to be making it through to these folks, I'd be grateful if you were to see if yours do. Compose your own thoughtful, courteous but plain-spoken entreaties and admonishments to these folks making clear to them that patriotic, activist and educated Americans are wondering why they are not contributing their voices on the side of the angels in this critically-important contest between State-serving myths and corruption and the liberating truth. Forward my emails to them, as well.

EXPECT RESISTANCE FROM THESE FOLKS! All of them are likely to think they already know all about the income tax, and will have opinions based on either some theories of their own or from the "tax honesty" community. Or they will be standard victims of "ignorance tax" mythologies.

These folks are also likely to imagine that they're just being told about another version of Irwin Schiff. Some will even reflexively resort to the troll sites and other noise generators maintained by the IRS and DOJ on the internet and fall prey to the fallacious notion that since I have been attacked by the government what I say must somehow be wrong, despite all the unambiguous evidence to the contrary. (This is as crazy as concluding that because John Kirkiaou and Chelsea Manning are in prison, and the government is salivating over the prospect of getting its prosecutorial hands on Edward Snowden and Julian Assange and Kangarooing them in as well, all the state crimes these folks revealed must not really have happened. But believe it or not, people can be that thoroughly conditioned to worship the State.)

 None of these folks will know a tenth of what you know about the tax. None of them will know a hundredth of what you know about CtC, its history, and the ferocious campaign to keep people like them from knowing the truth about it.

For one reason or another, I am unable to deal with this problem myself; your help will be greatly appreciated and may do much good. The email addresses are all offered with disabling formatting to protect against abuse from spiders, so to use them, please replace the "at" with @. By the by, if you have any other addresses of the same sort, please share them with me for addition to this list. (For instance, I have long sought an address for Paul Craig Roberts, whose work I esteem, and who seems to me a very likely ally in this fight, but who I am unable to contact, even through his website "contact form".)

Glenn Greenwald- glenn.greenwald"at"theintercept.org

Lew Rockwell- lew"at"lewrockwell.com

Tom Woods- woods"at"mises.org

Thomas DiLorenzo- TDilo"at"aol.com

Jacob Hornberger- jhornberger"at"fff.org

Will Grigg- wngrigg"at"msn.com

Chuck Baldwin- chuck"at"chuckbaldwinlive.com

John Whitehead- johnw"at"rutherford.org

William Anderson- anderwl"at"prodigy.net

Justin Raimondo- justin"at"antiwar.com

Karen Kwiatkowski- ksusiek"at"shentel.net

Paul Rosenberg- p.rosenberg"at"cryptohippie.com

Tom Englehardt- tomdispatch"at"yahoo.com

Laura Poitras- laura.poitras@theintercept.com

John Stossel- john.stossel@foxnews.com

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Are You Having Trouble Spreading The Word?

SKEPTICISM (SOMETIMES INVOKED BY FEAR) IS TO BE EXPECTED when you're trying to explain to someone that everything they've been encouraged their whole lives to believe about something as entrenched and significant as the income tax is basically nonsense. So here's a way to help cut through the resistance:

Ask your listener how he or she would react if you were to show an announcement from the Commissioner of Internal Revenue admitting that the tax doesn't apply to the earnings of most Americans and is misapplied most of the time because people don't understand how it works? Or how about if you showed a ruling from the Supreme Court saying the same?

Now you just have to explain that you're going to show exactly those things-- but because the state really doesn't want people to know this, these things haven't been said quite as forthrightly as we would all wish. It's going to take a bit more work to take these admissions in than is sufficient for just reading a press release. But it'll be worth the effort...


A New Book On The Truth About The Tax

TOM BOTTARO, ChFC, HAS JUST PUBLISHED 'SECRETS of the Income Tax Code- What the IRS doesn't want you to know!' Tom's book is a nice, accessible drill-down on several key aspects of the tax. Find it here.

Find many other printables and sharables suited to every different occasion and purpose here.



The Liberating Truth About The 16th Amendment

IF YOU'RE NOT SPREADING THIS LINK with every bit of energy you can, to school libraries, homeschool families and community groups, your neighbors, your family members, your pastors and co-congregationalists, journalists, lawyers, CPAs, members of congress, tax-agency workers, Wikipedia, Anonymous, WikiLeaks, the Tax Foundation, everyone in the "tax honesty" movement, the 9/11 truth movement, other activist movements and everyone else, you have only yourself to blame for your troubles with the tax, and a whole lot else of which you might complain. It's on you.

WRITE A NICE, FRIENDLY AND BRIEF introductory note explaining what will be seen at the link-- cryptic is bad; excited is good-- and then send this WMI (weapon of mass instruction) far and wide.

"I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it."

-Thomas Jefferson


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A teacher asked her 6th grade class how many of them were fans of Big Government.
 Not really knowing what a Big Government fan is, but wanting to be liked by the
 teacher, all the kids raised their hands except for TJ.
 The teacher asked TJ why he has decided to be different...again.
 TJ said, "Because I'm not a fan of Big Government."
 The teacher asked, "Why aren't you a fan of Big Government?"
 TJ said, "Because I'm a libertarian."
 The teacher asked him why he's a libertarian.  TJ answered, "Well, my Dad's a libertarian and my Mom's a libertarian, so I'm a libertarian."
 Annoyed by this answer, the teacher asked, "If your dad were a moron and your mom were an idiot, what would that make you?"
 With a big smile, TJ replied, "That would make me a fan of Big Government."


Illuminating anniversaries of this week:

February 23- In 1836, the Battle of the Alamo begins.  In 1903, the puppet-government installed by the U.S. Marines in Cuba agrees to lease Guantanamo Bay to the United States "in perpetuity".  In 1904, the United States buys the Panama Canal Zone for $10 million.  In 1954, mass inoculations of children with the Salk Polio vaccine begin.  In 1955, SEATO meets for the first time.


Real Americans don't accommodate fog, lies and a sliding scale of adherence to the rule of law. Real American men and women stand up for the truth and the law, come what may, knowing that it is only by setting the bar at the top and enforcing it, come what may, that liberties are secured.


"Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as freedom should not be highly rated."

-Thomas Paine




ONLY ONE THING WILL WIN YOU YOUR LIBERTY: Spreading the truth. Accordingly, I've assembled outreach resources into a new, dedicated page. Find it here, and please, USE THESE TOOLS!! I can't do this all by myself. 

"In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

-George Orwell

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Test Your "Income" Tax IQ!

CtC Warrior SanDiegoScott has put together a great little 20-question quiz to test your knowledge of the law regarding the United States "income" tax.  Test yourself, test your friends and family!  Test your accountant and tax attorney, and help them learn the liberating truth!!


Click here to take the test


Click here for more Tax IQ tests


“Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.”

-James Madison


How About You?


Are You Governing Yourself?


Get The Knowledge, Reclaim Your Power, And Stand With The Founders




The Cowardly and Despicable American Presstitutes

by Paul Craig Roberts

There is a brouhaha underway about an American journalist who told a story about being in a helicopter in a war zone. The helicopter was hit and had to land. Which war zone and when I don’t know. The US has created so many war zones that it is difficult to keep up with them all, and as you will see, I am not interested in the story for its own sake.

It turns out that the journalist has remembered incorrectly. He was in a helicopter in a war zone, but it wasn’t hit and didn’t have to land. The journalist has been accused of lying in order to make himself seem to be “a more seasoned war correspondent than he is.”

The journalist’s presstitute colleagues are all over him with accusations. He has even had to apologize to the troops. Which troops and why is unclear. The American requirement that everyone apologize for every word reminds me of the old Soviet practice, real or alleged by anti-communists, that required Soviet citizens to self-criticize.

National Public Radio (2-5-15) thought this story of the American journalist was so important that the program played a recording of the journalist telling his story. It sounded like a good story to me. The audience enjoyed it and was laughing. The journalist telling the story did not claim any heroism on his part or any failure on the part of the helicopter crew. It is normal for helicopters to take hits in war zones.


Click here to read the rest of this article

Now consider:

Aren't you REALLY, REALLY glad YOU'VE had the fortitude and clarity of vision to do the only thing that will actually make a difference by taking control of how much of YOUR WEALTH facilitates government misbehavior?


Now ask yourself this: Have I really done all that I can to urge everyone I know to also stand up and act in the only way that will really bring about change in my lifetime? 


Even as ardent a statist as Abraham Lincoln, in announcing his willingness to burn the Southern states to the ground in order to keep them paying the tariff for the benefit of Northern interests in his first inaugural address on March 4, 1861, paid at least lip service to the Founders design of leaving control over the fuel available to feed the fires Washington wants to light in the hands of the individual citizenry when he said, "Doing this I deem to be only a simple duty on my part; and I shall perform it, unless my rightful masters, the American people, shall withhold the requisite means..."

Held over great reading recommendations:

Disinformation-How it works

by Brandon Smith


'The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude'

by Étienne de la Boétie


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Illuminating anniversaries of this week:

February 24- In 1803, the United States Supreme Court issues its decision in Marbury v. Madison, asserting its power of "judicial review".  In 1839, William Otis receives a patent for the steam shovel.  In 1863, the western half of New Mexico Territory is carved off to become Arizona Territory.  In 1893, the American University is chartered by Congress.  In 1920, the German Worker's Party adds "National Socialist" to its name, thus becoming the "Nazi Party".  In 1970, National Public Radio is founded.  In 1989, a United Airlines flight from Hawaii to New Zealand suffers a fuselage breach over the Pacific.  9 passengers are sucked out of the plane.  In 2008, Fidel Castor retires after fifty years as dictator of Cuba.  During most of that period a United States embargo succeeded in contributing mightily to the impoverishment of the Cuban people, while also preventing the uplifting subversion that exposure to the prosperity of a free society would have engendered, and all without doing anything whatever to unseat the despotic Castro regime...


Are You Ready For More Power?



"Peter Hendrickson has done it again!  'Upholding The Law' does for individual liberties what 'Cracking the Code' did for tax law compliance: exposes the reader to the unalienable truth!"

-Jesse Herron, Bill Of Rights Press, Fort Collins, Colorado

Click here for more information

And don't miss:

'Was Grandpa Really a Moron?'

picks up where 'Cracking the Code- The Fascinating Truth About The Income Tax' leaves off.


In this new volume, you'll learn about:


  • The in-depth, real story behind the Sixteenth Amendment;

  • A simple little model of just how the "income" tax works;

  • Cognitive stumbling blocks exploited by tax agencies against liberation-seeking Americans;

  • The disturbing relationship between the "income" tax and the Federal Reserve;

  • Why tax reform ideas like the "Fair Tax" are not only unnecessary, but completely counter-productive and even dangerous;

  • Why the "income" tax is what it is, and has to be;

  • The truth about common myths and misunderstandings within the "tax honesty" movement;

  • How to think clearly about the tax, the law in general, and the voracious state;


  • A sordid little passport application scam revealed;

  • How to know if you're in denial about the current crisis in America;

  • Whether the Constitution is going to save you, or is it the other way around?

  • The truth about paper "money; government schools; the Second Amendment...

...and much, much more!

Click here for more information


There is little more important to the long-term health of America than how our children are educated..




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Page Two

This And That

A musical treat; TVs that may be too smart for your own good; a pet peeve; a few words about measles; and more...

CtC WARRIOR 'MEDIAMIKE" and his "wake up" band 'Terranomaly' have put some nice liberty-loving and open-your-eyes sentiments to music. Listen to their tune 'New American Anthem' here.


BEEN SUCKED IN TO BUYING A "SMART" TV? Here's what one major manufacturer has buried deep inside its "privacy policy":

"Please be aware that if your spoken words include personal or other sensitive information, that information will be among the data captured and transmitted to a third party."

 Read more here.


I KNOW THIS REALLY BELONGS IN A 'PET PEEVES' COLUMN, but I have to complain that lately every day seems fraught with the peril of encountering another misuse of the word "fraught" as though it were a noun. An example would be, "The day was fraught."

It's an adjective, people. There's no such condition as simply "being fraught"...


THAT 100 OR SO CASES OF MEASLES is made into a 24/7 news topic is pretty bizarre to me. When I was a kid, measles routinely appeared among our huge baby-boomer population, just as it had for every generation prior. It was no big deal.

While there are extremely rare cases in which complications do occur and the illness proves to be far more serious, such cases ARE exceedingly rare. In my childhood, when measles was far more common and I knew a lot of kids who contracted it (including two of my siblings) I never saw any adult, including the doctors, EVER react to a measles diagnosis with alarm or anxiety. Measles was no fun, but it was also simply no big deal.

On the other hand, the idea that you or I or anyone should be considered duty-bound to put someone else's idea of what is best concerning the disposition of our bodies, behaviors and choices ahead of our own IS a big deal-- and a great evil. Collectivism is the most dangerous disease on Planet Earth. Even pre-vaccine, only a few hundred deaths per year could be attributed to measles in the US, with the number in precipitous decline:

 Collectivism, on the other hand, killed hundreds of millions in the places where it took hold (the Soviet Union, Communist China, Cambodia, Nazi Germany, and so on). It is the far greater danger.

Those who are themselves unvaccinated for some reason but afraid of contracting the disease anyway can wear surgical masks and gloves whenever out in public. That's all that's needed to deal with what little real issue there is here, and the only solution compatible with liberty and good sense. As Thomas Jefferson dryly put it, "I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than those attending too small a degree of it."


IS IT TOO MUCH TO HOPE THAT BRIAN WILLIAMS has convinced "mainstream America" that it simply can't trust what it is told by "mainstream media"? (Probably...)


MY SON TJ FOUND THIS LITTLE GEM on the 'net the other day:



SAY, HAVE YOU EVER GIVEN ANY THOUGHT to what will happen when 30 million other Americans-- or even just 3 million-- learn what you know about the "income" tax and begin following your example of acting to protect your own interests and uphold the law?

The political class thinks about it-- a lot.

You should, too, and add vigorous outreach to your activism.

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Got Twitter?

THERE'S THIS THING CALLED "TWITTER"... What an off-putting name! I'm a man of what I fear is quickly becoming "the old school", and I have great difficulty imagining myself "tweeting"...

But as most of you probably know far better than I do, Twitter is an amazing way to communicate with a huge number of people-- at least, if one's "tweets" get attention and are shared by others. As of July of 2014, there were more than 645 million Twitter participants. Out of respect for this reality, I opened a Twitter account some time ago, and actually "tweeted" newsletter post announcements for a little while last year.

Anyway, I am a million miles from being knowledgeable about how this media tool can best be used. But from within the limits of my understanding, it seems to me that right now would be a good time to try to make use of it, and that if everyone who has an account (or who can take a few moments to open one) goes to my account and clicks the "follow" button, and then begins posting the following tweets (and "re-tweeting" mine and everyone else's posts and replies), something important might be accomplished.

Each of the following tweets are within posting lengths and ready to simply copy and paste into a "new tweet" field:

Are you letting folks who live on taxes tell you what the tax laws say? Read 'em for yourself! http://losthorizons.com/Documents/The16th.htm #TheTruthAboutTheTax

Relying on tax-beneficiaries to tell you what the tax laws really say? Are you crazy?   http://losthorizons.com/Documents/The16th.htm #TheTruthAboutTheTax

Awake? Then you know some in govt. will lie about anything when they see a gain in doing so. http://losthorizons.com/Documents/The16th.htm #TheTruthAboutTheTax

You've been lied to for years about what actually qualifies as "income" in US tax law. http://losthorizons.com/Documents/The16th.htm #TheTruthAboutTheTax

A long-running scheme conceals the real meaning of "income" under US tax laws. http://losthorizons.com/Documents/The16th.htm #TheTruthAboutTheTax

See mind-blowing evidence of the true nature of the income tax at http://losthorizons.com/BulletinBoard.htm #TheTruthAboutTheTax

Learn what the income tax really is and how it really works before you file this year. http://losthorizons.com/Documents/The16th.htm #TheTruthAboutTheTax

Getting free of the income tax is as easy as falling off a bicycle.  http://losthorizons.com/comment/archives/BobsBicycles.pdf #TheTruthAboutTheTax

Understanding the truth about the income tax brings freedom, prosperity and security. http://losthorizons.com/Documents/CtCLife.htm #TheTruthAboutTheTax

See mind-blowing evidence of the true nature of the income tax at http://losthorizons.com/EveryWhichWayButLoose.htm #TheTruthAboutTheTax

Why does the govt. try to keep you from reading 'Cracking the Code-...'?  http://losthorizons.com/Documents/CtCSuppression.htm #TheTruthAboutTheTax

Why do trolls try to keep you from reading 'Cracking the Code-...'? http://losthorizons.com/Documents/RegardingTrolleries.htm #TheTruthAboutTheTax

Test your knowledge of the income tax. http://www.losthorizons.com/Documents/TheQuizPage.htm #TheTruthAboutTheTax

Learn the liberating truth about the income tax. http://losthorizons.com/Documents/The16th.htm #TheTruthAboutTheTax

Learn the liberating truth about the income tax. http://losthorizons.com/SiteMap.htm #TheTruthAboutTheTax

Learn the liberating truth about the income tax. http://losthorizons.com/index.html #TheTruthAboutTheTax

Explore judicial evasions used to prop up income-tax myths over the years at http://losthorizons.com/WeedWhackers.htm #TheTruthAboutTheTax

See what lawyers have to say about 'Cracking the Code-...' at http://losthorizons.com/Cracking_the_Code.htm#ReaderComments  #TheTruthAboutTheTax

See what readers have to say about 'Cracking the Code-...' at http://losthorizons.com/Cracking_the_Code.htm#ReaderComments #TheTruthAboutTheTax

The truth about the income tax is critically important! http://www.losthorizons.com/comment/archives/WhyItMatters.pdf TheTruthAboutTheTax

Do you think your Grandpa was a complete moron? http://losthorizons.com/comment/WasGrandpaReallyaMoron.pdf #TheTruthAboutTheTax

American doesn't need tax reform, we just need law-abiding tax administration. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRCxUf_jI_w #TheTruthAboutTheTax

Nine out of ten lawyers agree the income tax doesn't apply to most earnings. See http://losthorizons.com/Documents/SelectedCuts.htm #TheTruthAboutTheTax

TODAY'S income tax began in 1862, and has remained unchanged ever since. See http://losthorizons.com/Documents/The16th.htm #TheTruthAboutTheTax

Learn all that most folks need to know about the income tax in eight easy pages at http://losthorizons.com/comment/archives/BobsBicycles.pdf #TheTruthAboutTheTax

There are 3 Constitutional terms the state doesn't want you to understand. One is "excise". See http://www.losthorizons.com/MythBusters/Excise.pdf #TheTruthAboutTheTax

There are three terms the state doesn't want you to understand. One is "capitation". See http://www.losthorizons.com/MythBusters/Capitation.pdf #TheTruthAboutTheTax

There are three terms the state doesn't want you to understand. One is "income". See http://www.losthorizons.com/MythBusters/Income.pdf #TheTruthAboutTheTax

National railroads and the 16th Amendment-- the connection is fascinating! See http://losthorizons.com/Documents/Snippet.htm #TheTruthAboutTheTax

Why would the govt. and its courts lie about the contents of a book? http://losthorizons.com/Documents/CtCSuppression.htm#Civil #TheTruthAboutTheTax

Learn some things beneficiaries of the SNAFU status quo would rather you didn't know at http://losthorizons.com/Documents/PlainFactsAboutTheTax.pdf #TheTruthAboutTheTax

Learn how the income tax and the Federal Reserve are related. See http://www.losthorizons.com/MythBusters/TaxAndFed.pdf #TheTruthAboutTheTax

Why does the govt. order a researcher to repudiate his findings? http://losthorizons.com/Documents/CtCSuppression.htm#Civil #TheTruthAboutTheTax

Learn the liberating truth about Obamacare and the tax-penalty-threat at http://losthorizons.com/Documents/TheRealHealthcareCrisis.htm#Obamacare #TheTruthAboutTheTax

In Eisner v. Macomber the S. Ct. says Congress can't change the tax meaning of "income". Why? http://losthorizons.com/Documents/The16th.htm #TheTruthAboutTheTax

Want to know what the Fourth Amendment really says? See http://www.losthorizons.com/Documents/TheFourth.htm

Today's income tax began in 1862. See the proof, and why it matters, at http://losthorizons.com/Documents/The16th.htm #TheTruthAboutTheTax

Is your church subordinated to the state? It shouldn't be! http://losthorizons.com/Documents/SetYourChurchFree.htm #TheTruthAboutTheTax

Send any or all of these prepared tweets, or make your own. Just pick a link from the Site Map and add the hashtag #TheTruthAboutTheTax and some text that you think will intrigue. You can even use https://hootsuite.com/ or to schedule tweets to be sent automatically at various times of day.

If you add a hashtag from another existing tweet-thread, your tweets will go to everyone following that thread, too. Those folks will then not only see your tweets, but also be able to engage with the #TheTruthAboutTheTax thread themselves.

For instance, there is a hashtag "#Tax" currently in use. If you add that tag to a tweet from the list above (or one of your own of a similar sort), you can get your tweet in front of everyone in the other thread as well as the #TheTruthAboutTheTax thread. Such a tweet would look like this, for example:

Nine out of ten lawyers agree the income tax doesn't apply to most earnings. See http://losthorizons.com/Documents/SelectedCuts.htm #TheTruthAboutTheTax #Tax

You can see what hashtags are "trending" (that is, getting LOTS of views) on the left side of your twitter account page. If any appear at any point which seem a reasonable fit (they change from time to time), use those as the add-ons to maximize the impact. (Keep in mind that if you add a hashtag, you may need to shorten the message in order to keep within the 140-character limit. The same issue may arise when you re-tweet, if the system adds a reference to the original tweeter such as "@losthorizons1".)

You can also target tweets to specific recipients by prefacing them with "@" and that person's account name. For instance, to ensure that Glenn Greenwald receives a tweet, even though he's not following me, I can preface a tweet with @ggreenwald, as in:

@ggreenwald Why would the govt. threaten a researcher with prison if he does not repudiate his findings? http://losthorizons.com/Newsletter.htm#PageOne

Here are some more possibly useful Twitter contacts:

Andrew Napolitano: @Judgenap

John Stossel: @FBNStossel

Alex Jones: @RealAlexJones

Lew Rockwell: @lewrockwell

Paul Craig Roberts: @PCraigRoberts

Bruce Fein: @BruceFeinEsq

Dr. Chuck Baldwin: @drchuckbaldwin

Pat Buchanan: @PatrickBuchanan

Be prepared to dialogue with respondents, answer questions, reassure skeptics and correct trolls, but remember that everyone can step in to help with these tasks, so they won't fall on you, personally, any more than you want.

Should be fun, and with any luck, this will do a lot of good for a lot of folks in a very short period of time.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

-Margaret Mead

P.S. After first inviting everyone to participate in the important outreach/education project laid out above, I received a disturbingly large number of expressions very hostile to (or paranoid about) social media in general. I want to take a few moments for some comments on this subject.

I am aware of the widespread disinclination toward social media. Indeed, I share that disinclination, both as to its use as a public billboard for all manner of what I regard as more properly private details of one's life, and as to its hazard as a handy and easily abused repository of personal information. It is the latter concern that motivates those explaining why they have deliberately not participated in my "twitter project", many of whom have heard for years that, in fact, "facebook", for instance, is, in part at least, an NSA creation.

I can't speak to the origin of "facebook" with any authority. But I can apply a little logic and say that having a facebook page is only a breach of personal information security to the degree that the page is used as a billboard for things better kept private.

As you surely are all aware, there is a LostHorizons facebook page. I created it a few years ago, and with rare exceptions, the only thing ever posted to it are weekly newsletter update announcements. Those announcements are received by (at the moment) 899 people who otherwise might never be aware of them, since many of those who live in that [facebook] world simply don't use email anymore at all.

Because I only post what I do, I need have no concerns about security. Nothing is there to be data-mined against my wishes, and it is not a log of my comings and goings and daily activities and events, as is true of those who treat a facebook page as an online diary to which everyone has a key.

Twitter doesn't even have the potential for the hazards of facebook. Twitter is oriented to notational text posts and nothing else (more CAN be posted, within strict limits, but the interface doesn't invite them). Twitter accounts can be anonymous-- go to the library (or download and install the Tor browser) and open a gmail account, then use it to open a twitter account with a fake name, if you like.

But even if anonymity were not possible, the remedy for any security concern is simply to not post anything in an undisciplined fashion. And even if anonymity were not possible, and some kind of inchoate security hazard were inevitable, there is still good reason to use these media for certain purposes.

Twitter, at least, has great power as an outreach tool. As noted above, there are (as of July of 2014) 645,750,000 users of Twitter. Read that number again: more than 645 million!

To inflexibly avoid the use of a tool like Twitter for fear of being noticed is to put a gag in your own mouth, and ensure that the liberating, law-supporting, state-restraining truth that you are able to share will never benefit from the weight of your testimony and support in the powerful way that it could and should. You can't score goals if you don't take shots, and you can't take shots if you don't take the field.

I HAVE A TERRIBLE CONCERN that many in this community aren't boldly taking the field and boldly taking their shots. Doing so amounts to nothing more complicated than diligently and unapologeticly spreading of the webpages and other files linked from http://losthorizons.com/SiteMap.htm, but many may not be doing this due to fears of being noticed. Being noticed may be a legitimate expectation, but so what?

Of course the lawless state, the bane of which is sunlight and the truth, will do everything it can to discourage you from shedding that sunlight and spreading that truth. But just as "of course", you must do it!

Further, to not do that spreading through social media when possible is to lose the amazing benefit of the "six degrees of separation" reality.

I hear from everyone (and especially those who say they will not use the social media) about efforts to spread the word to anyone that can be button-holed, and everyone within a circle of acquaintances. These efforts are great, important and very much should go on.

But those one can buttonhole, and those within one's circle-- even within one's circle of email correspondents-- make up a very limited, non-organically-expanding target. While someone to whom you email might choose to pass your email along, they might not, too.

The genius of the social media is that your messages can be found by others without you or anyone else having to do anything, and more, as you develop a body of contacts, their contacts come with them, to a greater or lesser degree. Six degrees of such contact inter-linkings and you're speaking to pretty nearly EVERYONE.

Further still, by NOT using social media for these education and illumination efforts is to leave a huge number of young Americans-- many of whom would leap at the chance to do something meaningful just for the glory and the adventure of it if they knew it was there to be done-- languishing in the darkness and burning up their real hero energy playing fake heroes in video games because too few light-bearers go where these young people keep their ears and eyes.

BOTTOM LINE: Please don't stay off the soapbox! As I said in my controversial email the other day, you have one of the most sought-after prizes of modern American history to offer. Shout it loud and proud, and damn the torpedoes.

"It does not take a majority to prevail... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."

-Samuel Adams

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Are You Ready For "Not Unless You've Read This...


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Illuminating anniversaries of this week:

February 25- In 1836, Samuel Colt receives a patent for his six-gun.  In 1862, the fiat currency known as "greenbacks" are first issued by the United States.  In 1870, Hiram Rhodes Revels becomes the first black member of the United States Congress.  In 1901, J. P. Morgan incorporates U. S. Steel.  In 1919, Oregon institutes the first gasoline tax.  In 1932, Adolph Hitler obtains German citizenship by naturalization, allowing him to seek public office.  In 1933, the first custom-designed United States aircraft carrier (the USS Ranger) is launched.

Some Observations Regarding Educated And Accurate Filing




What Do The People Do About The Rogue State??

The most important question facing Americans today

THE ANSWER IS SIMPLE: The People impose restraint on the rogue state by choosing-- one by one-- to cease voluntarily turning control over their resources to the state, and choosing instead to retain control over those resources. This is done by refusing-- one by one-- to engage in "income tax" excisable activities (and refusing to blindly or fearfully allow their activities to be treated or taken as excisable activities upon which the tax arises, when they really are not).

The refusal of individual Americans to voluntarily engage in excisable activities forces the state to resort to highly-politically-accountable, highly-politically-vulnerable alternatives revenue sources. These include options like direct, apportioned taxes (which will not be tolerated by the people or approved by Congress at $multi-trillion annual volumes), and/or increased revenue tariffs (which can raise amounts adequate for legitimate state needs, but are very self-regulating, since consumers naturally choose domestic product alternatives when higher tariffs raise the prices of imports beyond a certain point).

This solution is precisely the one intended and provided for by the Founders-- who didn't impose the taxation rules in the US Constitution just so they could admire their handwriting. They put those rules in place in direct anticipation of state behavior of the sort with which we are now plagued.

 As even so odious a character as Hamilton pointed out in Federalist #21:

“Imposts, excises, and, in general, all duties upon articles of consumption, may be compared to a fluid, which will, in time, find its level with the means of paying them. The amount to be contributed by each citizen will in a degree be at his own option, and can be regulated by an attention to his resources. ...If duties are too high, they lessen the consumption; the collection is eluded; and the product to the treasury is not so great as when they are confined within proper and moderate bounds. This forms a complete barrier against any material oppression of the citizens by taxes of this class, and is itself a natural limitation of the power of imposing them.”

What we've got today is simply the direct (and perfectly predictable) consequences of NOT adhering to the Founders' plan. As Frederick Douglass trenchantly observed,

“Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them."

We've got plenty of injustice and wrong these days. But our fix to the problem was bought for us with blood a few hundred years ago.

All we have to do is stop playing along with the rogue state's false (and rather embarrassingly crude) paradigm  concerning who owns what, and what powers to tax have really been granted. As soon as enough of us quit endorsing that nonsense, it's all good

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A brief look at 100 years of Fiscal Folly; and a nice confirmation of CtC scholarship using four-generation-old data from the IRS itself.


CtC-Educated Lawyers: It's Way Past Time For You All To Queue Up!


[Y]ou really need to familiarize yourself with Pete Hendrickson's absolutely magnificent work at his website and in his book(s).  He has, brilliantly and lucidly, "cracked the code" regarding the federal income EXCISE tax(es)."

-Mark C. Phillips, JD


"...I find your work fascinatingly simple to understand."

-Jerry Arnowitz, JD


"Your book is a masterpiece!"

-Michael Carver, JD


"Received your book yesterday.  Started reading at 11 PM, finished at 4 AM."  "I have 16 feet (literally 16' 4.5") of documents supporting just about everything in your book." "Your book should be required reading for every lawyer before being admitted to any Bar."  "I hope you sell a million of them." 

-John O'Neil Green, JD


“Thanks again for your efforts, Pete. They mean an awful lot to a lot of people.” “…as an attorney, I am humbled by your knowledge and ability in navigating the law.  THANK YOU for your hard work and sacrifice.”

-Eric Smithers, JD


"I am an attorney and want to give a testimonial to your book, which I find to be compelling. I am exercising these rights for myself and my adult children. I'm even considering making this my new avenue of law practice."

Nancy "Ana" Garner, JD


Learn what these colleagues already know, then step forward and become part of a coordinated, mutually-supportive squadron focused on developing strategy and deploying the law in courtrooms across the country.  There's a lot of suing that needs doing right now.


Are you ready for a challenge that'll put some real meaning behind all the effort you went through to get your credentials?  Send me an email. 


Have You Taken A Military, Law Enforcement or Public Office Oath To Uphold And Defend The Constitution?


Renew Your Promise


Illuminating anniversaries of this week:

February 26- In 1797, the Bank of England issues its first irredeemable banknotes after war expenses had depleted England's gold reserves.  Redemption of its notes in real money resumed 24 years or so later.  In 1863, Lincoln signs the National Banking Act into law, establishing a series of national banks in competition with private and state banks (1,644 of them by the end of 1866).  This was the first step in a process by which non-federal currency was driven out of circulation, and which culminated eventually in the establishment of the Federal Reserve system.  In 1993, a truck-bomb explodes in the underground garage of the North Tower of the World Trade Center.


  IGNORANCE TAX: An unnecessary exaction suffered out of ignorance as to its lawful objects and the means of its application by someone too lazy, frightened or misled to learn how it really works and to what it really applies.  See "Income Tax", "Social Security Tax", "Medicare Tax" and "Federal Unemployment Tax".


An Introduction To The Liberating Truth In Ten Easy Segments

Tom Bottaro, ChFC, CtCW, author of 'Secrets of the Income Tax Code- A Guide for Businessmen', has shared another fine outreach effort. Tom has been writing and sending a series of short wake-up and educational essays to friends and family, one by one, for some time. When Tom told me about this, I asked him to compile the pieces and let me post them for everyone to enjoy and share with their own people. Tom, good guy and warrior for the truth that he is, was perfectly agreeable.

Here is the compilation in printable .pdf format. I hope everyone will indeed share it widely. 


"It is not the function of our Government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the Government from falling into error."/p>

-United States Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson





CtC Warrior David Sides says, "Bumper stickers?  Nice, but NOT BIG ENOUGH!"


(By the way, Dave's got it precisely right-- If you want your power to be secure, your neighbors have to be empowered with the same knowledge that you've acquired.  Click here for ideas about spreading the truth-- which include normal bumper stickers available for free, by the way....)




Photographed on 1-70 in Missouri




At a rally outside the Alamo




CtC Warrior Brian H. in Alaska has a great INDOOR approach to spreading the transformational truth. Here's Brian's desk at his workplace:



You notice the big glass container to the right of the CtC in the first pic above? Tasty freebies for Brian's co-workers-- candy and brain-candy all in one:



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More Than Two Thirds Of The Several States That Collect "Income" Taxes Have Now Acknowledged The Truth About The Law As Revealed In CtC, And Have Issued Complete Refunds Accordingly!  See The Following Chart...



Illuminating anniversaries of this week:

February 27- In 1801, the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1801 places the district under the exclusive jurisdiction of Congress (within Constitutional constraints).  In 1844, the Dominican Republic declares independence from Haiti.  In 1900, the British Labour Party is founded.  In 1933, Nazi false-flag operators ignite fires in the German Reichstag (Parliament), using the "crisis" as a pretext for expanding government power.  In 1945, Lebanon declares independence from France.  In 1951, the 22nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution-- limiting the president to two terms, in disgusted reaction to the socialist excesses fastened upon the people during FDR's twelve-year reign-- is ratified.  In 1973, the American Indian Movement occupies Wounded Knee, South Dakota.


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(How our forefathers responded to arrogant "Rule of Law defiers"...)





“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, and third, it is accepted as self-evident.”

-Arthur Schopenhauer


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If You're Not Standing Up, Then You're Standing Down

...and "standing down" means "going down"...


MY FRIENDS, IT IS MY SINCERE BELIEF that this community of activists has been encouraged, inspired, enlightened and expanded over the years by the steady posting here of your ongoing victories on behalf of the rule of law. Certainly, it has been my pride and my joy to help you share with the world your honorable testament to the liberating truth about the tax, widespread knowledge of which is so critical to the well-being of ourselves, our children, and our beloved America.


However, unless YOU send those victories I can't post them. Unless YOU stand up, your courage and commitment can't inspire anyone.


YOU WILL RECALL THAT FOR THE LAST YEAR OR SO I've been telling you that we are in a transformational moment. Look around at what is going on today and recognize the truth of what I say.


More than half the American population views government as a threat. As mainstream a publication as Forbes magazine is posting articles about massive DHS ammunition and armored vehicle purchases. Denunciations of the NSA violations are features in every major MSM organ.


Even before Edward Snowden's documentation of particular crimes being committed against the American people the LA Times, NY Times, Washington Times and other mainstream organs were editorializing about Leviathan having grown too big, and gotten dangerously out-of-hand (see stories at each of the preceding links). In the Spring Rand Paul's filibuster denouncing the lawlessness of Mordor-on-the-Potomac prompted a major buzz across the country, and in July Justin Amash shocked Washington by very nearly defunding a huge portion of the illegal surveillance state's crimes.


Concurrently, this CtC community has been winning legal victories and refunds which are ever-more significant and telling. Consider, for instance, the victories which have qualified for the EWWBL collection. Every one of these is an especially illuminating acknowledgement of the truth about the tax, and now include a very significant two-time victory in a federal district court.


Things are happening!


HHOW IT ALL SHAKES OUT is still up for grabs, though. This is not the time for either complacency or paralysis, because both of those don't amount to "doing nothing"-- instead they amount to "standing down". And standing down means conceding the fight, letting all these eleventh-hour sparks of light burn out unnurtured and the moment be a transformation for the worse.


This is not the time for standing down. This is the time for a FULL-COURT PRESS./p>


This is the time for educated American grown-ups to stand up tall and firm, pulling others to their feet by their very gravity. This is the time for leading the way.


STAND UP! SEND THOSE VICTORIES-- the new ones, and those of the last few years as well. Click here to learn how. Even if you don't have checks to scan, send your testimonials. Learn how to do that here.




The Willingness Of Some People To Trade Liberty For Convenience Is Without Limit

Some Observations About Current Political Efforts To Evade The Truth, Such As The "Fair Tax" Scheme


Regarding "Tax Reform"


"Taxes are not raised to carry on wars, wars are raised to carry on taxes."

-Thomas Paine


Where To Find Things On This Site


Law Professor James Duane Says: "Don't Talk To The Police.  Period."


Honest Cops Agree




Films That Belong In Every Home Library




Ever Wonder How Much An Unrestrained FedState Would Like To Tap You For?





Warrior David Larson shares this beautiful little farce, wryly observing that, "Depositors have "..not lost one penny.." - OK we could agree on that simple statement  ..how about the purchasing power of that same penny 'not lost'?"


Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics






Illuminating anniversaries of this week:

February 28- In 1784, John Wesley charters the Methodist Church.  In 1827, the B&O Railroad is incorporated.  In 1922, Egypt gains its independence from Britain.  In 1935, nylon is invented.  In 1985, the Provisional IRA attacks the Royal Ulster Constabulary station at Newry with mortars.  In 1986, the Prime Minister of Sweden is assassinated in Stockholm.  In 1993, the BATF attempts to execute a bogus "firearms violation" warrant by way of a massive, no-knock raid on the home of the Branch Davidian religious sect in Waco, Texas, as a publicity stunt.  In 1998, the unmanned Global Hawk aircraft makes its first flight.  In 2013, Pope Benedict XVI becomes the first holding his office to resign in nearly six centuries.


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Last Word


"If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains set lightly upon you; and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen."

-Samuel Adams, Architect of the First American Revolution


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About The Author


Pete Hendrickson is possibly the most effective lawyer in history, even while never having set foot in a law school, nor ever being a card-carrying member of "the bar". He is the first American in history to secure a complete refund of Social Security and Medicare ‘contributions’ withheld from his earnings (along with all other property taken for federal taxes); further, since 2003 students of his legal analyses and arguments in ‘Cracking the Code- The Fascinating Truth About Taxation In America’ (CtC), and its sequel, 'Was Grandpa Really a Moron?' have been routinely retaining and recovering billions of dollars which otherwise-- wrongly, but as a matter of course-- would have gone to federal or state government treasuries. This despite concerted efforts by government to suppress his work, and in some cases vigorously oppose the claims by his students.


Hendrickson is also a widely-read essayist on matters of politics, public policy and law; many of these works are collected in his second book, ‘Upholding the Law And Other Observations’.  He is a member of Mensa; an award-winning artist; and has paid his dues as a youth soccer coach.  He is a long-time political activist as well, and has served as co-chair and platform convention delegate of Michigan’s largest county Libertarian Party organization; as a consultant to the National Right to Work Foundation and Citizens for a Sound Economy; as a member of the Heartland Institute; and as a member of the International Society for Individual Liberty.  He is a frequent radio-show guest on stations across the country.


Hendrickson's business career has included nearly a decade-and-a-half at the leading edge of the renewable-energy industry, both as Director of Purchasing and Materials Management and member of the R&D board at Starpak Energy Systems, the mid-west's then-largest solar heating and energy-recovery-and re-utilization company; and as founder and president of AFJ Inc., a high-efficiency lighting design, manufacture and installation firm.


Beginning in the mid-1990s and continuing for the twelve years before his present full-time focus on the restoration of the rule of law in America, Hendrickson directed purchasing activities for the $84 million-a-year multi-family-housing division of the Farmington Hills, Michigan branch of Edward Rose and Sons, with responsibility for 18,000+ apartments, direct supervision of 35 technicians and agents, and incidental authority over several hundred divisional workers.  He also ran the division's 10 cable television earth-station and distribution systems in four states, and designed and administered the company's website.


On rather the other end of the spectrum, amidst these more mundane pursuits Hendrickson co-founded and was the primary creative force behind a small board- and card-game company that enjoyed a modest success for several years.


 Hendrickson makes his home in southeast Michigan, with his wife and two children.  He is currently working on his next book.


© All written and graphic material on this page and website are copyrighted by Peter E. Hendrickson, unless otherwise attributed