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Current Events and Continuing Education for May 29 through June 11, 2017

“Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.”

-James Madison


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A weapon of mass instruction is in hand...

THIS FILE Is All That Needs Attention Now


Even someone at the IRS has joined the ranks...

This Week's Victories By This Week's Heroes


Bringing a little common-sense to bear:

Sorting Out Seth Rich


Time for some push-back...

Have You Been Harassed By "Frivolous" Threats?


Have you heard a discouraging word?

The Truth About Trolleries


Since you can't rely on the state to abide by the law...

The Fourth Amendment Enforcement Locker


Other Voices

'Mr. and Mrs. Fearmonger'


Setting 'em straight:

Questions For The Silent So-Called "Alt-Media"


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The most important question facing Americans today:

What Do The People Do About The Rogue State?


Guess what? There are only two possibilities:

You Either Stand Up For The Truth, Or You've Surrendered To The Lie


Spotlights on the past that help bring clarity to the present:

Illuminating Anniversaries for this week


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My interview by Lana Lotkeff for Radio 3Fourteen can be found here.


The Fifteenth Upgraded Edition of CtC is Now Available!

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Featured In This Update:

The Tax-Fueled Mechanics Of Political Money-Laundering


A New W-9 Response Instrument


Regarding Daft And Despicable Deniers


Regarding State Group Membership


Project Paradigm-Shift


Test Your "Income" Tax IQ!


A "Pragmatic" Perspective On The Tax And The Rule Of Law


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"There are two distinct classes of men...those who pay taxes and those who receive and live upon taxes."

- Thomas Paine

C'mon! CtC can't be right! You're crazy!

If CtC were actually right,

it would mean the government's been concealing and denying the truth for years on end,

and everybody knows THAT would never happen...

(Edward Snowden, come home! It was all just a bad dream; there really is No Such Agency!)



Do you know someone truly steeped in the Kool-Aid?


 I mean someone who finds it easier to believe that the far-better-educated, far-more-suspicious-of-government Americans of a hundred years ago were complete morons who granted authority to the state to take whatever it wished from themselves and their posterity than to imagine that they themselves simply misunderstand the true nature of the income tax? Even while knowing that their beliefs about the tax are derived entirely from the representations of those who profit from those beliefs (like tax bureaucrats and "tax professionals")?


Do you know someone like that? Shake them awake with the latest (fifteenth) edition of CtC!



I'm delighted when anyone wishes to share what I have posted here with others! Sharing this page is an important means of moving toward the restoration of the rule of law-- PLEASE DO IT!! But I'd appreciate your doing so by directing your friends here themselves, rather than by copying and emailing the material.



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You can't understand the present if you don't understand the past...

Illuminating anniversaries of this week:

June 5- In 1723, Adam Smith, chief economist to the Founders and Framers and definer of the Constitutional term 'capitation' is born.  In 1917, conscription begins in the United States.  In 1933, Congress, at the urging of the FDR administration, declared its intention to default on its existing contractual obligations to redeem its debts in sound and lawful money.  In 1968, presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy is shot in Los Angeles during a campaign speech.  In 1977, the first practical personal computer, the Apple II, goes on sale.  Its CPU ran at 1 MHz, and it was loaded with 4KB of RAM.  In 1981, the CDC issues a report on five cases of what later will be recognized as the first cases of AIDS in Los Angeles.  In 1998, a seven-week strike by the UAW at five General Motors plants begins.


Anniversaries of interest for each day of this week will be found throughout the newsletter below.


"It does not take a majority to prevail... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."

-Samuel Adams


Fear nothing but God

This means always do what's right, fearlessly

Tell the truth, always, and never suffer a lie to live.

“When truth is replaced by silence, the silence is a lie.”

-Yevgeny Yevtushenko


THIS FILE Remains The Proper Focus Of Our Attention

This is a serious weapon of mass instruction, and getting it out there is job one.

WAKING PEOPLE UP to two key realities of the income tax* is all that this community has ever needed to do in order to restore the rule of law in that area. Nothing more than notice is required-- upon simply being shown reasonably clear iterations of the relevant facts each person can then make the rest of the cognitive journey on his or her own (albeit each at his or her own personal percolation pace).

This file, first introduced last week, will accomplish that end. It will do so without needing any complicated presentations of law; without having to overcome skepticism about how or why victories happen; and without vulnerability to the effects of the deferential disease under which coppertop-types reflexively imagine that done by government must therefore be honest and virtuous and right.

This file shows two simple things-- beyond misunderstanding and beyond dispute:

1. What the Supreme Court actually says about the income tax, and

2. That after waiting several decades for the rulings (still the law of the land, but now quite old) to fade from common memory, lower federal courts and the IRS began outright lying about those rulings in order to pretend that authority exists for applying the tax as though it is not an excise tax.

Let's be clear-- these are not lies about the meaning of the Supreme Court rulings. These are actual statements putting words in the high court's mouth that it not only never said, but which the unanimous Supreme Court actually and expressly says are not true.

There is no level of falseness more complete than what has been done here. Nor is there any which is more plainly done, in simple black-and-white easily within the reach of any eighth-grade school kid.

What's more, the deception revealed in this file automatically and inescapably reveals that the tax-regime for which the falsifications of the Supreme Court rulings are done is NOT authorized. The deception reveals that the "all that comes in" tax as experienced by most Americans all their lives is, in fact, prohibited (and always has been).

THE DOCUMENT IN THE FILE goes on to show the limitations on the tax that the deception strives to evade. It also offers a bit on the corrupt cover-up resorted-to by the deceivers since the lie was first laid bare 14 years ago.

But those latter portions are very nearly superfluous. The nature and particulars of the deception-- and their inescapable implications-- suffice by themselves to throw open the curtain and let the morning sunlight pour in to awaken anyone who gives them even a brief contemplation.


There shouldn't be a single lawyer, judge, CPA, journalist or acquaintance known to anyone seeing these words who doesn't get presented with this file and asked (or made) to comment on it.

The consciousness-raising potential of this file is enormous. Get it out there, please.

The litigation-utility potential of this file is also enormous. Anyone facing any effort to resist or discourage filings which properly treat the tax as an excise should use this material to crush the opposition's false pretenses.


*For those wanting a bit more of a summary of "the two realities" for purposes of introducing this file when sending it around, here is a nutshell presentation:

ONE OF THE TWO REALITIES of the income tax is that as actually written in the law, as authorized Constitutionally and as faithfully administered from 1862 until the early 1940s, the tax is of very limited application. As it actually exists in law, the income tax is able to touch only those folks who have freely chosen to engage in specialized profitable conduct to which the tax can attach (like national bankers, military contractors, public officials and CIA and NSA personnel, for example).

In fact, the actual income tax is hugely favorable to the interests of the vast majority of productive Americans and to general good governance as well. Indeed, the ACTUAL income tax is SO benign and beneficial to most Americans that back when everyone knew its true nature a Constitutional amendment was adopted just to allow it to resume operation after a fat-cat railroad-investor plaintiff had convinced the Supreme Court to shield his stock dividends from the tax under a quirky legal rationale in 1895.

THE OTHER REALITY ABOUT THE TAX to which this community needs to alert its fellow Americans is that since the early 1940s an increasingly corrupt money-and-power hungry state has perpetrated a subterfuge involving publicly-pronounced falsifications about the tax provisions in the US Constitution and the exploitation of tax-code complexity. By virtue of this scam the tax is imposed upon earnings to which it doesn't really apply by tricking the unwary into allowing those untaxable earnings to be treated as though they are from specialized taxable conduct.

And btw,

Get the upcoming Tenth Annual Declaration Day Party on your calendar! It'll be Sunday, July 2, here in beautiful Commerce Twp., Michigan! Click here for RSVP info. See you then!!

And btw too, with Declaration Day coming up for everyone whether with us or not, I'd like to remind you all of the new Pledge of Allegiance, and encourage its use wherever you are:

"I pledge allegiance to the principles of the United States of America,

holding that all men are created equal,

that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,

and that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

I hold further that it is to secure these rights that Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the consent of the governed,

and that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."

(Get this pledge as a .pdf here.)

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

– Martin Luther King Jr.

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Illuminating anniversaries of this week:

June 6- In 1889, fire destroys all of downtown Seattle.  The city is promptly rebuilt, entirely without supervision or assistance from FEMA.  In 1925, the Chrysler Corporation is founded.  In 1932, the first federal gasoline tax is imposed.  In 1933, the first drive-in theater opens, in Camden, New Jersey.  In 1933, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is established.  In 1966, civil rights activist James Meredith is shot.  In 1968, Robert Kennedy dies of the gunshot wound received the previous day.  In 2005, the United States Supreme Court issues the lawless and barbaric "Raich v. Gonzales" decision.


This Week's Victories By This Week's Heroes

A Warrior's fourth victory in 12 months; a debut victory; and a courteous IRS addition of overlooked SS and Medicare withholdings to a refund claim!

BRIAN WRIGHT, WHOSE MICHIGAN REFUND FOR 2016 graced this page two weeks ago (just as his Michigan and federal refunds for 2015 did a year ago), is now able to share his refund of everything withheld from him and given to the feds during 2016-- Social security, Medicare and all:

Here is the filing that produced Brian's latest victory for the rule of law. Here, too, is something else Brian asked me to post: Note To The Community.


BEN FROM CALIFORNIA joins Brian for accolades today, with his first victory-- a complete refund from his home state of everything withheld during 2016:

Here is the filing that secured Ben's victory for the law, and the California notice concerning his claim.


FINALLY, YOUNG WARRIOR DESIREE STUMO shares her first victory in enforcing the rule of law, and does so with the nice symbolic touch of a "Rogue One" T-shirt:


Not a lot of money being recaptured, but that's not the point. What matters is to whom that money really belongs, and whether the rule of law will prevail in America, or whether we'll only have whatever suits the state.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE to this small refund story than even just the critically-important matters of principle and power mentioned above. In Desiree's case a really notable and unusual respect for the law played out, and this time I'm not talking about Desiree's respect for the law.

You see, this young lady made a monetarily tiny, but practically very significant mistake on her filing. When entering the amount of federal tax withheld on line 64 of her 1040, Desiree neglected to add the amounts withheld for Social security and Medicare surtaxes to the amount withheld under the generic expression "federal income tax".

Desiree should have done so. ALL of these are federal income taxes, and if one didn't receive the "wages" on the alleged basis of which nominal federal income taxes get withheld, then one didn't receive the "wages" on the alleged basis of which the FICA taxes can properly be withheld.

It's a very forgivable mistake. Doing an educated filing for the first time can be a bit nerve-wracking, and just knowing that one has to be looking out for special terms on the forms, and that to a very great degree those forms are designed to mislead, can itself result in being misled.

NOW, NORMALLY A MISTAKE LIKE DESIREE'S is happily capitalized on by the IRS (literally). The agency just keeps what has not been reclaimed, despite surely being cognizant of the error, and that the FICA amounts are not owed. It is then rudely left to the claimant to go to the trouble of filing an amended return to get the rest of his or her money back.

But not this time. This time the IRS took a step up from the basement in which it usually conducts its affairs. Like an actual servant of the public, someone at the agency took it upon him or herself to correct Desiree's calculations by adding the withheld Social security and Medicare taxes to her claim and cutting her refund check for the whole amount.

Here is Desiree's filing. Look at the withheld amounts on the 4852s, the refund claim on page 2 of the 1040, and the amount refunded on the check proudly shown above by this fine young American grown-up.

I say "Hats Off!" to this unknown bureaucrat. He or she has proven that real Americans can be found even where one might least expect (or that people in the agency have been paying attention to what they, too, have had the opportunity to learn over the last 14 years).

AND, OF COURSE, HATS OFF to Brian, Ben and Desiree herself. Gotta love all of these heroic Americans!

Brian, Ben and Desiree have stepped up and acted to restrain the dangerous and corrupt state and uphold the rule of law, something desperately needed from everyone. Their victories join those of the tens of thousands of other awakened and activated Americans represented here, and are more critical steps toward the restoration of the Founders republic and the true rule of law.

Don't you wish your victories were proudly posted, too?

It's easy. Stand up on behalf of the law, and then share the evidence.

That's all there is to it!


"Be the change you want to see in the world."

-Mohandas Gandhi

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The U.S. Income Tax: An Excise On The Profitable Exploitation Of Federal Privilege

The U.S. Ignorance Tax: The Profitable Exploitation of Confusion About The Income Tax


Sorting Out Seth Rich

Common-sense versus the spin-doctors.

EVEN IF ALL THERE WAS to work with was the overly-strident scorn directed at the subject by the swamp creatures, the story of Seth Rich would merit at least passing attention. But there's more-- a good deal more.

I don't claim to have made an in-depth study of the matter, nor have I any inside knowledge. Nonetheless, when laid out for consideration all at the same time, just the things widely known about the matter paint a pretty compelling picture in the simple light of common sense. I'm going to do that "laying out" below, and we'll see if you end up agreeing with me.

FIRST, THOUGH, FOR THOSE COMPLETELY UNFAMILIAR, Seth Rich is the former DNC computer systems staffer gunned-down in Georgetown at 4 AM with a couple of shots in the back a short time after WikiLeaks was given the 44,000+ email dump that showed, among other things, that the DNC was shafting Bernie Sanders in favor of Hillary Clinton's campaign. These revelations quickly led to the resignation in disgrace of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, then chair of the DNC.

The acquisition and transfer of these emails has been risibly-- and without a shred of evidence-- ascribed to Vlad Putin and/or the Russians generally. This is part of the swamp-thing propaganda drumbeat meant to forestall any rapprochemént with Russia as threatened (or refreshingly promised) by Trump during his presidential campaign (the difference depending on whether you're an arms merchant, a bring-on-the-rapture world-burner or a Deep State imperialist psychopath, or you're a rational human being).

Against this agenda-serving "Russians did it" absurdity, Seth Rich has very plausibly (and by several witnesses) been identified as the actual source of the emails. He is said to have secured and delivered them, as a lone wolf, due to his disgust with the DNC and Clinton crowd's subversion of the democratic process.

If Rich really is the lone source of the emails, of course, the whole "Russians did it; beware the evil Rooskies!" thing evaporates.

WITH THAT FOR INTRODUCTION and background, here is a list in no particular order of facts associated with the Seth Rich story. I think all or even any handful of these facts strongly indicate possible substance to the "Seth is the whistle-blowing hero!" conclusion.

At the very least these facts should take the ghost-wind out of the sails of the raggedy "Russians did it" pirate ship (which has never been supported by a shred of actual evidence). With luck they will contribute to the sinking of that scurvy-ridden and scabrous thing, which is just a vehicle for the continued hi-jacking of United States policy to the service of a bloated and increasingly dangerous military-industrial hydra.

The Facts:

  • Bernie Sanders was getting screwed by Clinton and her corrupt cronies in the DNC.

  • Seth Rich worked at the DNC, in its electronic data department, probably giving him particularly easy access to email troves, both so as to learn what what in them, and to make copies.

  • Rich would have known about Sanders getting screwed, and if he was a decent guy, would have cared and would have wanted to expose the crime.

  • Rich was killed apparently just a short time after the emails were given to WikiLeaks (and WikiLeaks posted them just days after Rich's murder).

  • WikiLeaks immediately offered a reward for the apprehension of Rich's murderer(s)-- a completely inexplicable act unless Rich was their source. Otherwise he would be nothing at all to them.

  • It is said by the those who seek to deep-six speculation about his possibly being the whistle-blower on the DNC crimes that Rich was shot during a "botched robbery". But in addition to the fact that nothing was taken from him (despite him having around $2,000 in valuables on his person at the time), Rich was shot in the back (and twice). When an armed robbery ends in a shooting due to having gone sideways, the victim gets shot in the front (and usually only once).

  • Journalist, filmmaker and WikiLeaks member Gavin McFadyen (died October 2016) stated that Rich was the guy who exposed the DNC crimes and gave the evidence to WikiLeaks.

  • The FBI has never itself looked at the DNC email servers allegedly hacked by the Russians. Instead it has relied entirely on the unproven assertions of 'Crowdstrike', a private cybersecurity firm hired by a DNC with an obvious interest in downplaying the idea that one of its own staffers was so disgusted by its crimes as to expose them, and which is run by people with an obvious interest in promoting the idea that Hillary Clinton wasn't beaten fair and square but that instead the presidency was stolen from her by the evil Russians and their illegitimate puppet-president Donald Trump.

  • Regardless of what 'Crowdstrike' really did or didn't find in the DNC servers, it has recently been revealed (thanks to the ever-important WikiLeaks) that over the last few years the CIA specifically developed tools for leaving false-flag indicators of Russian hacking in email servers (in another time one might have wondered why the agency would want such things, but not now...).

  • The point above notwithstanding, there never HAS been any evidence of any kind brought to light that the Russians had anything to do with the DNC email/crimes exposure.

There are certainly many more salient facts that could be added to this list. As time goes on I may add more that aren't coming to mind just now, or that others may bring to my attention. Either way, it seems clear that there should be a great deal more official and journalistic attention paid to the Seth Rich story, and every noisemaker that attacks the subject as not worthy of such attention is a spin-doctor at work on behalf of an agenda in which truth is not paramount.

BTW, the "MSM" line on the Seth Rich story is a classic example of confidently-asserted bull-deuce. For instance, see this from the Wikipedia entry on the murder of Seth Rich:

The murder spawned several right-wing conspiracy theories about the crime, including the groundless claim that Rich had been involved with the leaked DNC emails in 2016, and purporting a connection between the incident and the fictional Pizzagate conspiracy theory.[5] These claims have been debunked by law enforcement[6][7][8] as well as by fact-checking websites like PolitiFact,[7] Snopes.com,[9] and FactCheck.org,[6] and run contrary to U.S. intelligence that concluded the leaked DNC emails were part of 2016 U.S. elections interference.[6][7][10] The fabrications were described as fake news and falsehoods by The New York Times,[11] The Washington Post,[12] Los Angeles Times.[13]

Note the various deceptions and strawman attacks littering this single paragraph. For instance, this propaganda describes speculation that Rich may have been involved with the DNC email leak as a "claim", in an effort to smear the speculators as asserting things not proven, and further, describes the "claim" as "groundless"-- itself an unproven assertion.

This piece asserts that Rich-leak speculators link their "claims" to the "Pizzagate" notion (a hyperventilated proposition that Hillary Clinton and others, such as Anthony Weiner, husband of Clinton's closest aide and recently-convicted child sex-criminal, have a secret child-molestation thing going which is connected to a DC pizza shop). Personally, I've never heard or seen any such linkage in any story by anyone speculating about Rich and the DNC e-mail leak. This is another classic smear-fallacy deployed against unwanted ideas by those who can't prove their own case.

The spin goes on to say: "These claims have been debunked by law enforcement, blah, blah blah...". None of that is true at all.

There's only one way speculation about Seth Rich's possible involvement in the DNC email leaks can be "debunked", and that is by proving that someone else did it, without his involvement. This has glaringly never been done by "law enforcement", the "intelligence community", Snopes, Politifact, FactCheck, the NYT, WaPo, the LAT or anyone else.

Indeed, the utter failure of any of these organs to have come up with a single bit of actual evidence connecting their preferred speculative responsible party to the DNC leaks is the dominant feature of the whole story. A year's worth of heavy investigation by all those intelligence and law enforcement agencies and "investigative journalists", even including at first denied but later confirmed wiretapping (meaning surveillance and communications-content scrutiny) of the Trump people these folks accuse of collusion with the Russians (plus, of course, routine wiretapping of the Russians themselves), has yielded zip.

All told, the false spin against the Seth Rich speculations like that parsed out above, and the complete lack of evidence in favor of the Deep State's preferred alternative, suggest that an agenda, rather than the facts, is guiding official navigation through the DNC leak issue.

P. S. Anyone who harbors doubts about the possibility of the Clinton (or Democratic Party) machine being ready, willing and able to murder someone in punishment and/or as a deterrent to others should read this and this.

P. P. S. Get some important backstory on the demented and irresponsible Russophobia/Russia-baiting infecting Washington in the Other Voices article in this edition.

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Recent Tweets

69 yrs of entangling US alliances in the Middle East; 69 yrs of Middle East strife. Maybe it's time to rethink...


Why does Jared Kushner have Clinton Deputy Attorney General and 9/11 Commission whitewasher Jamie Gorelick as his attorney?


Isn't anyone striving to poison relations btwn the US and Russia at least crazy, if not an outright enemy of the American people?


The only things accomplished by the drug war are enrichment of cartels and job security for bureaucrats. Who's pulling Session's strings?


Jefferson said that if faced with having to choose, he'd rather have newspapers (WikiLeaks) than government (CIA, et al). Me, too.


Word to Pompeo: the CIA is the Deep State's intelligence service. Wikileaks is the American people's intelligence service.


Sick of the incessant psychopathic war-mongering? The Founders gave us a solution: losthorizons.com/Documents/CtCLife.htm


Do you know the definition of "false flag"? Find it here.


The Biggest Snow-Job In World History: The Myth That 1913 America Adopted A Marxist Progressive Tax On "All That Comes In"

“Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.”

-James Madison


Illuminating anniversaries of this week:

June 7- In 1099, the first attempt by militant Christians to seize Jerusalem from its Muslim inhabitants begins.  In 1628, The Petition Of Right, formalizing principles of limited government such as habeas corpus, is enacted in Britain.  In 1776, Richard Henry Lee introduces a resolution to the second Continental Congress calling for a formal declaration of independence.  In 1975, Sony introduces Betamax video recording.  In 1981, Israel, itself in possession of nuclear weapons, and one of the few countries refusing to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation treaty, bombs Iraq's Osiraq nuclear reactor on the grounds that it might be usable in the making of nuclear weapons.



Thank goodness the sun is now shining...


PRO TIP: If I were the IRS and I wanted to discourage people from rebutting allegations that they had done things I can tax, and keep them from successfully reclaiming withheld or paid-in money, I would salt the "tax honesty" community with passionate-seeming "legal researchers" who would warn anyone whose ear they captured that filing a 1040 is a bad idea for one reason or another...


A Review of CtC by Derek Cushman

You can also find this film at https://vimeo.com/175424277.


Regarding Trolleries

(Deceitful efforts to discourage Americans from learning the truth about the "income tax")



FOR ALL THE YEARS SINCE 2003 when CtC was first published, the government has engaged in a concerted effort to frighten people away from its truths. This effort involves official government websites and press releases touting an occasional court ruling that appears to be at odds with some CtC-revelation (but without details sufficient to expose the real substance of the ruling)-- and sometimes even more mendacious behavior.

Click here for the rest of this article

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Are the presentations and resources offered on this site and in my other work of any value to you?

Tim Kendrick has posted a video on YouTube regarding donations. I didn't know what to do about it to begin with; I don't do what I do intending for anyone to feel obligated in any way.

But of course, no one IS obligated. I will continue to make my work freely-available here, and in my books for only the cost of a cheap paperback.

Thus, even though I post it here below, Tim's very thoughtful personal resolution and encouragement to others is just an invitation for consideration by those who may not be conscious of the fact that I can't do what I do without support. No one is to feel any pressure from it; if it moves anyone to act let it be solely because it seems right.




Why Does The Government Lie About 'Cracking the Code'?

THE ANSWER TO THAT QUESTION is the key to the restoration of the republic and the rule of law in America. See it below. (NOTE: It's very important that the entire 24 minutes be viewed.)

This video can also be found on YouTube at https://youtu.be/hgzzYl-eeUI.

Here are links to the two pages to which viewers are directed at the end of the film: The Crime of the Century and The Truth About The 16th Amendment.

The other two mentioned in the film are this one (the "bulletin board" stack of 1,200 or so posted refunds and other victories in knowledgably applying the law; and this one (the collection of resisted claims and the outcomes of those little battles).

PLEASE be a real activist about sending this link to every single person in your address book, and about sharing it through facebook, reddit, twitter, and any other distribution channel with which you are familiar. Send it to every journalist you can. It's time to really make something happen.

Accompany your emails and posts with with a strong admonishment to watch the film through, and that doing so will show the viewer an individual-empowering, state-restraining truth about the income tax which the government has been trying to keep hidden from view for 75 years and which that person really needs to know.

BY THE WAY, as is impossible to miss, I have neither the skills nor the tools to make even moderately good films. This is simply not my forte. Anyone able to do better is encouraged to talk to me about that.

As is ALSO impossible to miss, though-- even in my amateur production-- reader video testimonials have GREAT POWER. Send me yours.

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Illuminating anniversaries of this week:

June 8- In 1789, James Madison introduces a proposed Bill of Rights to the House of Representatives.  In 1861, Tennessee secedes from the union.  In 1949, George Orwell's '1984' is published.  In 1967, the USS Liberty, a plainly-marked Navy intelligence ship flying a U.S. flag deep in international waters, was strafed and torpedoed by Israeli warplanes and ships for more than an hour, killing 34 crewmembers and wounding 171.  Israel claims the attack was a case of mistaken identity, and Admiral John McCain Jr. (father of current U.S. Senator McCain) convened a 10-day investigation of the incident within a week of its occurrence, which endorsed this explanation and declared the matter closed.  However, internal White House documents indicate that the Johnson administration knew better.  Johnson himself ordered that no rescue ships were to be dispatched from the carrier group closest to the stricken ship during the attack.  The survivors have been demanding a new investigation for years without success.


How To Be A Leader In The CtC Community

It's simple:






All-in-all, just be the sort of person for others that you would go to yourself for trustworthy leadership.

Leadership is a challenge. But it's not complicated, and you can do it.



True American Joe Black Testifies And Shares Victories For Liberty And The Rule Of Law

...as every American should...

EDUCATED AMERICAN GROWN-UP JOE BLACK has stood up and acted to enforce the law upon its domestic enemies-- or, at least, upon agencies of the state whose operators seem to happily exploit ignorance and mis-apply the law at every chance for their personal benefit. Get inspired and encouraged by Joe's video sharing his spirit, his testimony and the acknowledgements he has secured:

Find more testimonial videos here, and please, people, share these around as widely as you can. To learn what, how and why to share your own testimony (with or without mere practical victories to go along with the far more important spiritual victories that are the real heart of CtC), click here/a>.

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Two Simple Questions For Every Silent "Alt-Media" Journalist

The silence of these folks is the liberation bottleneck. Maybe this'll help, if enough people ask...

HERE'S A SIMPLE QUESTION: The income tax is, and always has been, an excise tax on privilege. This is established beyond any controversy whatever by repeated Supreme Court rulings, the words of the related laws, and, since 2003, by hundreds of thousands of acknowledgements by federal and state tax agencies.

You, like most folks, have been fooled into inadvertently agreeing that your economic activities are exercises of privilege, thereby allowing the tax to be applied to your earnings. Why is this so hard for you to admit?

HERE'S ANOTHER SIMPLE QUESTION: You and everyone else being fooled into agreeing that your economic activities are privileged and thereby allowing them to be taxed is what enables the flow of wealth that finances all the bad things done by the state of which you complain in every column. Why is this so hard for you to admit?

I GUESS THESE ACTUALLY LEAD TO A THIRD SIMPLE QUESTION: If you really feel that all these things of which you complain are so bad, why are you not helping more Americans understand the true nature of the tax and the ill effects of it being misunderstood and misapplied?


PRO TIP: By the physics of the law, an indirect tax is necessarily a privilege tax. Here's why:

The distinction between a direct tax and an indirect tax is incidence. A direct tax arises by the direct imposition of the taxer, without any election of the taxed (other than that of authorizing the taxing power in the first place).

An indirect tax arises by the taxed choosing to do something by which the taxer's claim is then created. The choice that is a valid object of an indirect tax can't be anything done as an exercise of an untaxable right. Nor can it be any activity of necessity. A tax on anything done by necessity would arise not by actual election of the taxed but simply because the tax had been imposed by the taxer. Such a tax, whatever it may be called, would be in actual substance a direct tax, even if one that arose only intermittently. Think of a tax on eating, for example, or working, or engaging in trade with others (all of which are things done by right as well as by necessity, but you get the point).

What is left as the valid object of an indirect tax is the exercise of privilege-- something done not by right, and therefore done by the permission of the taxer (who, due to being possessed of an ownership right in the thing being permitted, is entitled to claim of portion of the proceeds when the thing is profitably used).

"[Although the Legislature may declare as privileges and tax as such for State revenue purposes those pursuits and occupations that are not matters of common right], the Legislature has no power to declare as a privilege and tax for revenue purposes occupations that are of common right."

Sims v. Ahrens, 167 Ark. 557, 271 SW 720 594, 595 (Ark. 1925)


The 'Watching the Watchmen Amendment'

If you're not talking this one up everywhere and helping generate a buzz, you don't really want liberty and the rule of law...


PRO TIP: The argument that a concept explicitly given a statutory definition for purposes of this or that chapter or "title" has the same meaning as the common word the legislature has borrowed for its label-- which meaning plainly didn't suit the legislature's purposes, hence its replacement-- is a preposterous reading of the law.

“It is axiomatic that the statutory definition of the term excludes unstated meanings of that term.” 

Meese v. Keene, 481 U.S. 465 (1987);

“[W]e are not at liberty to put our gloss on the definition that Congress provided by looking to the generally accepted meaning of the defined term.”

Tenn. Prot. & Advocacy Inc. v. Wells, 371 F.3d 342 (6th Cir. 2004).



In light of the actual evidence, those who doubt or deny the accuracy and correctness of CtC just because some government officials denounce it are like the 16th-century Europeans who were mystified by Copernicus getting all those astronomical predictions right even though the church had said he was wrong.

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If you're working on one, and just getting stonewalled or speed-bumped, you can still be recognized! Go here to learn what to do.

Learn The Liberating Truth About The Tax

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Did you miss the 'Set Your Church Free' commentaries?

Set Your Church Free

Ignorance of the true nature of the "income" tax has gagged, gutted and seduced-into-disgrace America's ministerial community. This must change.

YoYou're a passenger on a riverboat that relies on regular contributions of fuel from the passengers to keep moving forward. You see an unsurvivable waterfall ahead, and note a soon-to-be-irresistible current growing stronger each day. What does common sense suggest? suggest?  


Copy and post this one around, people!/p>




Media Evasion Of CtC Must End, Now

Time, unfortunately, is on the side of the well-funded disinformation specialists class


Illuminating anniversaries of this week:

June 9- In 68, Roman Emperor Nero prevails upon his secretary to slit his throat in order to spare him an impending Senate-imposed death by flogging for his various crimes in office.  In 1650, the Harvard Corporation-- the first corporation in America-- is formed.  In 1732, James Oglethorpe is granted a royal charter for an American colony called Georgia.  In 1856, 500 Mormon "Handcart Pioneers" set out walking from Iowa City, Iowa to Salt Lake City, Utah.  In 1915, William Jennings Bryan resigns as Woodrow Wilson's Secretary of State over the Wilson administration's underhanded behavior in regard to the sinking of the RMS Lusitania with Americans on board, which Wilson used overcome public resistance to an American entry into World War I.  (See 'If The State's Lips Are Moving, It's Lying' in 'Was Grandpa Really a Moron?' for more on this shameful affair.)


Are You Having Trouble Spreading The Word?

SKEPTICISM (SOMETIMES INVOKED BY FEAR) IS TO BE EXPECTED when you're trying to explain to someone that everything they've been encouraged their whole lives to believe about something as entrenched and significant as the income tax is basically nonsense. So here's a way to help cut through the resistance:

Ask your listener how he or she would react if you were to show an announcement from the Commissioner of Internal Revenue admitting that the tax doesn't apply to the earnings of most Americans and is misapplied most of the time because people don't understand how it works? Or how about if you showed a ruling from the Supreme Court saying the same?

Now you just have to explain that you're going to show exactly those things-- but because the state really doesn't want people to know this, these things haven't been said quite as forthrightly as we would all wish. It's going to take a bit more work to take these admissions in than is sufficient for just reading a press release. But it'll be worth the effort...


The Liberating Truth About The 16th Amendment

IFIF YOU'RE NOT SPREADING THIS LINK with every bit of energy you can, to school libraries, homeschool families and community groups, your neighbors, your family members, your pastors and co-congregationalists, journalists, lawyers, CPAs, members of congress, tax-agency workers, Wikipedia, Anonymous, WikiLeaks, the Tax Foundation, everyone in the "tax honesty" movement, the 9/11 truth movement, other activist movements and everyone else, you have only yourself to blame for your troubles with the tax, and a whole lot else of which you might complain. It's on you.

WRITE A NICE, FRIENDLY AND BRIEF introductory note explaining what will be seen at the link-- cryptic is bad; excited is good-- and then send this WMI (weapon of mass instruction) far and wide.

"I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it."

-Thomas Jefferson


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Real Americans don't accommodate fog, lies and a sliding scale of adherence to the rule of law. Real American men and women stand up for the truth and the law, come what may, knowing that it is only by setting the bar at the top and enforcing it, come what may, that liberties are secured.


"Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as freedom should not be highly rated."

-Thomas Paine




ONLY ONE THING WILL WIN YOU YOUR LIBERTY: Spreading the truth. Accordingly, I've assembled outreach resources into a new, dedicated page. Find it here, and please, USE THESE TOOLS!! I can't do this all by myself. 

"In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

-George Orwell


Test Your "Income" Tax IQ!

CtC Warrior SanDiegoScott has put together a great little 20-question quiz to test your knowledge of the law regarding the United States "income" tax.  Test yourself, test your friends and family!  Test your accountant and tax attorney, and help them learn the liberating truth!!

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“Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.”

-James Madison


How About You?


Are You Governing Yourself?

Get The Knowledge, Reclaim Your Power, And Stand With The Founders




Mr. and Mrs. Fearmonger

by Andrew Bacevich

The Cold World They Made: The Strategic Legacy of Roberta and Albert Wohlstetter by Ron Robin Harvard, 365 pages, $35

Today all but forgotten, Roberta and Albert Wohlstetter were once the First Couple of Armageddon. During the Cold War, with World War III seemingly just around the corner, they played a leading role in pioneering the largely fraudulent enterprise known as nuclear strategy. In their heyday, the Wohlstetters were the twin stars around which the universe of defense intellectuals revolved.

Given the influence they once wielded, their personal eccentricities, and the devoted disciples that Albert in particular attracted, the Wohlstetters will one day make fascinating subjects for a full-length dual biography. This is not that book. Instead, Ron Robin, president of the University of Haifa, offers a serviceable but preliminary rumination on his subjects and their legacy. The Cold World They Made conducts readers on a brief reconnaissance into a place called Cold War America, covering once-familiar terrain that with the passing of time appears alien and awaits rediscovery.

As to who the Wohlstetters themselves were and how their lives unfolded, Robin offers only a bare outline. Instead, he focuses on what made them tick: the “unchecked vanities” of people certain of their own superiority along with an aptitude for opportunism. Among members of the American intelligentsia, of course, these are not uncommon traits. In the particular case of Roberta and Albert, opportunism combined with fearmongering became a formula for lifelong success.

During the Cold War, fears and fearmongers abounded. The Wohlstetters fashioned their careers out of one particular fear: the prospect of a climactic Third World War. The likelihood of such a war, beginning with an all-out surprise attack by the Soviet Union, was far greater than the nation’s political or military leaders imagined, they argued. Averting this nuclear Pearl Harbor would entail ceaseless and intensive efforts on the part of the United States, they insisted. Most importantly, to have any chance of success, the high officials charged with undertaking those efforts must necessarily take their cues from people like themselves. To do otherwise was to risk the ultimate catastrophe.

Theirs was the perfect setup: Spend your days thinking the unthinkable at taxpayer expense on a pleasant campus overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Spend your nights sampling the delights of Southern California—warm breezes, fine wines, and a modernist home above Laurel Canyon, the entire package affirming your own self-importance.


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Aren't you REALLY, REALLY glad YOU'VE had the fortitude and clarity of vision to do the only thing that will restrain those in Mordor-on-the-Potomac from fastening more dysfunction upon us all by taking control of how much of YOUR WEALTH facilitates government misbehavior?


Now ask yourself this: Have I really done all that I can to urge everyone I know to also stand up and act in the only way that will really bring about change in my lifetime? 



Even as ardent a statist as Abraham Lincoln, in announcing his willingness to burn the Southern states to the ground in order to keep them paying the tariff for the benefit of Northern interests in his first inaugural address on March 4, 1861, paid at least lip service to the Founders design of leaving control over the fuel available to feed the fires Washington wants to light in the hands of the individual citizenry when he said, "Doing this I deem to be only a simple duty on my part; and I shall perform it, unless my rightful masters, the American people, shall withhold the requisite means..."

Held over great reading recommendations:

Disinformation-How it works

by Brandon Smith


The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude

by Étienne de la Boétie


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Illuminating anniversaries of this week:

June 10- In 1692, Bridget Bishop is hanged for witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts.  In 1793, the Jacobins gain control of revolutionary France's Committee of Public Safety, setting the stage for the Reign of Terror.  In 1805, the Barbary Pirates sign a treaty ending hostilities with the United States.  In 1898, U.S. Marines land on Cuba.  In 1999, NATO suspends a months-long campaign of air-strikes after Serbia agrees to withdraw from Kosovo.


Are You Ready For More Power?



"Peter Hendrickson has done it again! 'Upholding The Law' does for individual liberties what 'Cracking the Code' did for tax law compliance: exposes the reader to the unalienable truth!"

-Jesse Herron, Bill Of Rights Press, Fort Collins, Colorado

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And don't miss:

Was Grandpa Really a Moron

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IGNORANCE TAX: An unnecessary exaction suffered out of ignorance as to its lawful objects and the means of its application by someone too lazy, frightened or misled to learn how it really works and to what it really applies.  See "Income Tax", "Social Security Tax", "Medicare Tax" and "Federal Unemployment Tax".

"It is not the function of our Government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the Government from falling into error."

-United States Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson







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More Than Two Thirds Of The Several States That Collect "Income" Taxes Have Now Acknowledged The Truth About The Law As Revealed In CtC, And Have Issued Complete Refunds Accordingly!  See The Following Chart...





(How our forefathers responded to arrogant "Rule of Law defiers"...)





“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, and third, it is accepted as self-evident.”

-Arthur Schopenhauer


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The Willingness Of Some People To Trade Liberty For Convenience Is Without Limit

Some Observations About Current Political Efforts To Evade The Truth, Such As The "Fair Tax" Scheme


Regarding "Tax Reform"


"Taxes are not raised to carry on wars, wars are raised to carry on taxes."

-Thomas Paine


Where To Find Things On This Site


Law Professor James Duane Says: "Don't Talk To The Police.  Period."


Honest Cops Agree




Films That Belong In Every Home Library


Ever Wonder How Much An Unrestrained FedState Would Like To Tap You For?





Warrior David Larson shares this beautiful little farce, wryly observing that, "Depositors have "..not lost one penny.." - OK we could agree on that simple statement  ..how about the purchasing power of that same penny 'not lost'?"


Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics






Illuminating anniversaries of this week:

June 11- In 1345, the chief minister of the Byzantine Empire is lynched by detainees while inspecting a facility housing political prisoners.  In 1776, the Continental Congress appoints a committee to begin preparing a Declaration of Independence.  In 1805, fire destroys virtually all of Detroit, Michigan.  Unhindered by federal interference, the town is quickly rebuilt.  In 1963, Buddhist monk Thich Quang Duc immolates himself in a busy Saigon intersection to protest the lack of religious freedom in South Vietnam.  In 2001, Timothy McVeigh is executed for his role in the Oklahoma City Murrah Building bombing.  In 2002, New Yorker Antonio Meucci is recognized by the U.S. Congress as being the actual inventor of the telephone, years before Alexander Graham Bell's similar invention.


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-Samuel Adams, Architect of the First American Revolution


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