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The Seminar Schedule

Where to be, when, and how to reserve yourself a seat.


FRIENDS, THE NEXT SCHEDULED SEMINAR will be announced shortly. Meanwhile, I will be speaking at the 'Dog Days of Summer Jamboree' in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania on August 17. Click here for more information!!

It was an awesome experience! I found it very worthwhile. I felt it helped to solidify what I read in the CtC book. I also felt it was helpful seeing others in the room with the same understanding."

-Lola Hussey


"I was at the Dallas seminar and I thought it was great. Much inspiration from yourself and the attendees."

-Dan Shogren


"[Y]our last seminar in Dallas was excellent!  The word is being spread my friend - I am the storm!"

-Craig Scheider


"We thoroughly enjoyed the seminar and found the info extremely helpful."

-John and Phyllis Greer


"I would highly recommend and encourage everyone who has a distaste for paying the federal income tax to learn the truth about the tax by attending one or more of your seminars..."

-Forrest Voss


"Hi Pete, My wife Kris and I had a really enjoyable time at the Columbia seminar. You and Doreen are to be commended."

-Steve Stackelhouse

Keith Lee said it in a video: