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Assertion: CtC-educated Americans have been sued over their filings

FALSE (with a nuanced and revealing caveat).

THE TROLL COMMUNITY OFTEN POINTS to the “civil lawsuits” launched as part of the nationwide April 12, 2006 “scare-people-away-from-CtC” effort in order to declare that "courts have ruled against CtC" (and to substantiate its nonsense about the IRS coming back after CtC-educated refunds discussed here). Like the other troll assertions addressed elsewhere, this is another exercise in mendacity.

There WERE seven parties sued in this sudden PR campaign just before "tax-day" in 2006. But the real story of these suits makes clear that this campaign was a unique affair (never repeated since) that actually proved CtC right when all was said and done.

FIRST OF ALL, one of these "civil lawsuits" was the one launched against my wife Doreen and me, which is discussed here-- a must read which will make unmistakably clear that the feds are unable to muster valid grounds for suing CtC-educated filers.

But the nuances of the other six lawsuits announced at the same time-- perhaps to provide some kind of cover for the seventh against a charge of being the blatant speech-and due-process assault on the author of CtC that is really was-- make the same point in other unique ways.

These other "lawsuits" each targeted CtC-educated filers carefully selected for their locations around the country so as to provide a pretext for a nation-wide press release on the matter. Sadly, three of these targets surrendered to the government harassment and declared that they had perjured themselves on their original filings. But none of these cases constituted a win in court for the proposition that the filings involved were wrong in any way or that the government was inherently entitled to a tax from these folks contrary to their educated filings.

Instead, each of these cases showed only that corrupt behavior by the government can successfully intimidate some folks into recanting their own sworn testimony. Although the DOJ and IRS touts these cases as "victories", the reality is that the government gratefully accepted new filings from these folks and then quickly slunk away without a backward glance.

There were no charges or other proceedings in connection with the repudiated original filings. In fact, the "righteous and victorious" feds formally agreed to take a hike in exchange for the coerced filings.

In another case, the refund secured by the original filing was handed back as the government’s price for having the suit dismissed, but, very significantly, the targets of the bogus lawsuit (a married couple) refused to file an amended return. The DOJ issued a self-congratulatory press release claiming “victory” in this case too, but later the IRS quietly credited the returned money in full as a positive balance on the related “account”...

As the husband in this targeted couple explained when sending me a scan on July 1, 2007 of the notice he and his wife had received: "Thought you might be interested in this little development.  Received a letter from the IRS this week stating that I had an overpayment for 2003 (the total amount).  That's not so unusual as you know but, what is interesting is, this is the year they initially returned, then sued for and now are returning again."  See the re-refund notice here.

THE OTHER TWO TARGETED FILERS didn't stand down, and fought their cases into the appellate courts. Both met with corrupt judicial behavior all the way, including denial of jury trials, and both ended up ruled against, but in neither case with any holding by any court along the way which contradicted CtC's revelations.

These latter affairs were exercises in corrupt judicial craft. The courts involved carefully misunderstood what the educated filers said, and then issued rulings in the light of those careful misunderstandings (such as pretending that when the targets agreed they had earned money they were agreeing that the money earned was tax-relevant "income"). Pointedly, no court involved ever ruled or even suggested that all earnings are inherently tax-relevant, which would have been the most obvious thing in the world to say in such cases, were it true.

NOT ONE SUCH "LAWSUIT" has since been filed against any other of the hundreds of CtC-educated filers whose upstanding victories on behalf of the rule of law are posted on losthorizons.com each and every week, or the tens of thousands more who have enjoyed such victories without having been so generous of spirit as to share them. 

Further, at least three of the six "cover" victims of this 2006 "lawsuit" theatrical have gone on to secure subsequent complete refunds even after having been singled out for this "special attention".

Get the real message: The trolls are lying, and no one gets sued.

UNDERSTAND, AND I MEAN REALLY UNDERSTAND, that the CtC-educated community is the stake poised over the chest of the vampire, and the vampire knows it.

A whole lot of energy and effort are being expended to try to blunt that stake, and dissipate the force behind it back into the "way things are" fog. We all need to be piling on the weight, but the vampire and its friends are doing what they can to take the weight off and keep the monster safe.

Don't be fooled. Read the book, again if need be. You'll finish without any doubt that you just learned the complete truth about the "income" tax, as at least several tens of thousands so far-- maybe hundreds of thousands-- have before you.

At that point, you'll no longer be prey to idiot, liberty-eroding arguments like those of the trolls, which basically say that one should be steered in one's behavior by what the "authorities" are happy with, and are willing to let you do without resistance-- just like your average North Korean.

"A free people claim their rights as derived from the laws of nature, and not as the gift of their chief magistrate"

-Thomas Jefferson

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