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Regarding the Request for Social Security Numbers on Passports

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"Your Papers, Please..."


A Pleasant Note:

WITHIN HOURS OF ORGINALLY POSTING the article above as a newsletter item on August 21, 2005, I received the following correspondence and attachment from CtC Warrior Gerald Brown, which he has generously allowed me to share with any who may be interested:


Regarding the USA Passport application issue, see my letter (attached) that I sent with my application in January 2004. After nearly a month, they responded with a supplemental request for three documents that were more than 5 years old. They issued the passport within a week of that submission.

Gerald Brown, Ed.D.

Author: Cooperative Federalism

Co-author: In Their Own Words


This weeks recommended reading: '1984'


P. S.

SINCE THE ORIGINAL POSTING of 'Your Papers, Please', many CtC Warriors have come forward to share stories of successfully upholding the law in the face of this scam. The means employed by these fine Americans ranged from simply leaving the SSN line blank, to the inclusion of a carefully reasoned explanation such as the one by Gerald Brown appended to the commentary-- and everything in between. One particularly interesting and instructive submission prompted by 'Your Papers, Please' can be here.


MOST RECENTLY, in April of 2017 CtC Warrior Brian Harriss took on the passport/SSN issue, which at that point had grown more thorny still. Various enactments subsequent to those discussed in the materials above were in place, all designed (or having the effect, at least) of making it appear even more difficult-- if not impossible-- to get a passport without furnishing a Social security number.

This new layering-on of obfuscation and misinformation is part of an ever-more vigorous government effort to use the passport application process as a bludgeon with which to compel surrender to allegations of outstanding tax liabilities on the part of Americans wishing to exercise their right to travel.

Having submitted a passport application for his son and having gotten this roadblock in response, Brian did his homework as only the CtC-trained can do-- an exercise from which everyone will benefit. Here is the letter (with most attachments) that Brian crafted detailing the product of his research, which he has shared with all liberty-loving Americans. On April 26, 2017, the passport for which Brian had applied with the support of this letter arrived without problem.