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 Post subject: The News, June 24, 2019
PostPosted: Mon Jun 24, 2019 11:30 am 

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The June 24, 2019 Lost Horizons Newsletter
...where real knowledge intersects with real Americans!


Middletown, Moonbeam!
The next CtC Seminar will be in New York's beautiful Hudson Valley, Saturday, August 3!
Get more info here, and get your RSVPs in EARLY, please!!

By the way, I want to emphasize the importance of RSVPing if you wish to attend an event!!!

And hey! The Twelfth Annual Declaration Day Party will be held on Saturday, July 6-- less than two weeks from now!!
Mark your calendars and get your RSVPs in!!


A Few Words On The Constitution... the hope of countering long-running government efforts to sow confusion about the instrument.

THE LAST THING THAT ANY AMERICAN PUNDIT should ever have to explain is what a Constitution is all about-- and especially any American federal or union state Constitution. However, the last several generations of parents have let themselves be fooled or distracted into putting their precious children into the hands of state indoctrination centers (known as "public schools").

As a consequence of that unfortunate negligence, the country is now overrun with people who are empowered with the franchise and yet deeply miseducated about the nature of our governmental structure. Here, then, are a few words meant to help remedy that problem.

FIRST PRINCIPLES: The People govern.

This principle is realized NOT by the People choosing from amongst themselves who will govern. Rather, self-government is realized by the People's foundational determination of what they will require and permit to be done by the governing structure they are about to establish.

In this primal process, the People enact the laws by which those whom they will later choose from among themselves to administer the powers they mean to delegate will be governed. All acts of those delegates must harmoniously conform to every element of these fundamental laws, and no power can be exercised by the delegates unless authorized by these fundamental laws.

The delegates, then, comprise a subordinate legislature which will make the specific and detailed rules by which the duties and responsibilities imposed by the Constitution are to be carried out. There will also be an executive department by which those rules will be put into effect; and a judicial office which will adjudicate disputes arising in connection with the foregoing activities.



I Just Can't Stop Sharing Victories!
Call me a junkie for American heroism!

I'VE BEEN POSTING A LOT OF VICTORIES LATELY, and each time I do I fully intend to give it a rest for awhile. But I just love celebrating heroes.

So, while I'll cool down the volume a bit this week, I am going to share a couple of nice two-fers (concurrent state and fed victories), each pair of which welcome a new warrior to the community, and one of which reflects a little misread of the law that remains very widespread in America, and merits a bit of comment.



Current Events
A very brief commentary on the ongoing effort by co-opted nutcases in Washington to provoke war on Iran.

I SAW A HEADLINE IN A RECENT EDITION of the Washington Post: 'How Trump may get manipulated into war with Iran'. Truly an expression of blindness to reality.

Donald Trump is not going to get "manipulated" into war with Iran. Israel wants the US to make war on Iran, and therefore Donald Trump wants the US to make war on Iran.

Any other conclusion requires a disregard of everything Trump has done in office in connection with the Middle East. It would also reflect a childish buy-in to soothing rhetoric even in the face of a long record of contradictory actions.

The simple fact is, Trump is perfectly willing to say whatever he thinks the marks want to hear while doing whatever suits his own purposes. And endless experience has shown that Bibi's purposes are Donald's purposes.



A Word From The United Bitches of America
At least these "ladies" are honest...


Other Voices

'The Thought Police Are Coming'
An important commentary with an equally important afterword.

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