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The August 26, 2019 Lost Horizons Newsletter Mid-Edition Update
...where real knowledge intersects with real Americans!


Dealing With "Frivolous" Threats
A handy list of tips, recommendations and references.

1. REBUT THE INITIAL ALLEGATION (i.e., the "LTR3167C), as discussed here or here (and read the drill-down on each of these here to get fully up-to-speed on the distinction).

NOTE: Always read such "LTRs" and other notices carefully to be sure you understand what each purports to be about. For instance, look for "CIVPEN"; look for "6702(a)" (to distinguish penalties allegedly arising from the filing of a return, which may otherwise be unclear); look for alleged submission dates; specifications of the filing year to which they relate; and so on.

2. IF THE INITIAL ALLEGATION is followed by any assertion that a penalty has been "assessed" or "charged (such as on CP504s or CP15s), secure "pushback" documents through FOIA request or personal visit to a local TAC as discussed here (and sue for First and Fifth Amendment violations as discussed below).

NOTE: Read these assertion notices through carefully-- they usually do not call for responses, but there are exceptions.

3. IF A NOTICE OF INTENT TO LEVY arrives which alerts you to your right to a Collections Due Process Hearing (CDPH), promptly request that hearing.

NOTE: Such a notice will often include a furnished Form 12153 with which to request the hearing. This presumption laden form need not be used. See page 9 of the IRS Collections Due Process Handbook you'll find on the CtC Companion CD for information on how to request the hearing without the form. Keep in mind that the hearing request is NOT the hearing, and is no place for arguments.

NOTE II: A "Collection Appeal Program" hearing (offers of which have lately been appearing on notices which are NOT "final notices of intent to levy") is NOT a Collection Due Process Hearing, and cannot be appealed. You want the real deal, which can.



Two Cognitive Tips
Knowing the "who" from the "what", and why; and keeping a clear head about official competence.

WHILE WE'RE IN A "things to keep in mind" mode, as generated by the preceding article, let me talk briefly about something that I just saw for the thousandth time: An expression, from an otherwise pretty solid CtC-educated guy, concerning "who is subject" to the tax.

This expression reflects either an overly-casual attitude toward the subtleties of the tax, or a dangerous misunderstanding.

Never forget that the tax is in no way ever an "on-whom" thing. It is an "on WHAT" thing.

This may seem like nit-picking. After all, it's easy to explain away the "who" expression with the argument that "who" means "the person who does _____", as in, "A guy who gets dividends from investments in federal corporations is a "who" subject to the tax".

But, not really. It is the federally-privileged investment activity that is subject to the tax (and even then, only if gainful). Or, if you like, it is the receipt of gains from the investments that is subject to the tax (but only if the investments involve the exercise of federal privilege). Being the guy engaged in the investments or receiving the gains only makes a "who" subject to the tax as an effect of the other, more primary operations of law.



Other Voices: 'Five Lies About Iran That We Have To Refute'

An important-- if annoyingly flawed-- series of observations by Mehdi Hasan as neo-con nutcases inch closer to another war of aggression in the Middle East, with an equally (or even more important) afterword by Yours Truly.



Shawn Laster Urges Everyone To Join The CtC Community
...and take up their civic responsibilities like real American grown-ups.

GOTTA LOVE THIS GOOD MAN-- a true patriot who is standing up from amongst his timid fellows to bear witness to a challenging but hugely-important truth. Shawn realizes that there is only ONE WAY to accomplish the restoration of the Republic. He realizes that without that restoration, America is doomed to collapse into total despotism and barbarism.

This grown-up American knows that the fatal collapse is already well underway, as indicated by:



Plus, Illuminating Anniversaries For This Week!

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