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The October 7, 2019 Lost Horizons Newsletter Mid-Edition Update
...where real knowledge intersects with real Americans!


Snowden Is The Man... But He's Wrong
Encryption is not a prescription to liberty and the rule of law-- or even just to privacy. But... this mistaken notion provides an important opportunity for spreading the REAL solution to the corrupt State.

I TAKE A BACKSEAT TO NO ONE in my admiration and appreciation of Edward Snowden. In fact, since early 2016 I've had a "Snowden for President" bumper sticker on my car (with thanks to the excellent Brian Wright, who had them printed up).

But as virtuous a hero as Ed Snowden certainly is, his notion that encryption is an answer to the Leviathan state-- much less, THE answer, whether for restoration of the rule of law, restraint of the state, or even just to ensure personal privacy in our communications-- is mistaken.

All that Leviathan need do to nullify this "solution" is to declare encryption illegal. Once a few of its courts have weaseled their way to allowing such criminalization, and a few folks have been prominently imprisoned for violating the new "law", 99.9% of Americans will drop encryption like a hot rock.



The Art Of The Squirrel
What post-republic, deep-state politics is really all about.

EVER SEE THE MOVIE 'UP'? It's pretty charming for a number of reasons, and I recommend it. But right now I want to bring back to your memory the portrayal of the good-hearted but easily-distracted canine star of the film, Dug.

A feature of Dug's character was that even while engaged in dealing with a really important issue, catching a glimpse of a squirrel, even just out of the corner of Dug's eye, would completely derail his brain. A typical dog weakness, and wonderfully-played by the writers.

Post-republic, deep-state political science is the Art of the Squirrel, as portrayed by Dug in 'Up'.

Here's how it works: You, the electorate (and more importantly, the power-holding but matrix-deluded citizenry) are Dug. The "squirrels" are any non-deep-state-threatening distraction that can be trotted out of the wings whenever it is necessary to keep you from getting (or staying) focused on real threats to your well-being, and/or real solutions to those threats.

Anytime you start looking closely at the roots of the problem, your attention gets yanked up to the branches above by the timely appearance of a noisy "squirrel". Where you might, if left undistracted, have gone on to wield an axe where it would really do some good, instead you are made to switch gears and shake your fist at the sideshow "squirrel".



Overcoming The Roadblocks Meant To Keep You From Getting A Live Human Being On The Line At The IRS
These bureaucrats are such pond-scum some times... Here is a handy map by CPA Amy Northard (who, by the way, is NOT CtC-educated, as far as I know, so please don't imagine she is a resource for anything but what follows).

How Do I Reach a Real Person at the IRS?

Before calling the IRS, take a deep breath with me.

Please remember that there are some wonderful people working at the IRS. They have families and souls, just like the rest of us. They pay taxes and have to follow the same laws that we do.

With that being said, here are the steps you need to take to reach a real person on the phone at the IRS.

1. Before you call, make sure you have all of the information that you need.
- Social Security cards and birth dates for those who were on the return you are calling about.
- An Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) letter if you don’t have a Social Security number (SSN)  - Filing status – Single, Head of Household, Married Filing Joint or Married Filing Separate
- Your prior-year tax return. We may need to verify your identity before answering certain questions
- A copy of the tax return you’re calling about
- Any letters or notices we sent you



Other Voices: 'Impeach All The Presidents'
An important exhortation by Maj. Danny Sjursen, with an equally important afterword by Yours Truly.


Plus, Illuminating Anniversaries For This Week!

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