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PostPosted: Fri Nov 22, 2019 6:53 am 

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Pete has implored us all to investigate every means of lighting brushfires in the minds of our fellows. Here is a partial contribution to that effort: Advertising Costs.

The links below cover the 'basics' of OOH advertising costs and strategies. There is no simple answer of what a bulletin board costs: it depends on where the board is located, mostly. But, one thing is clear: a full-sized canvas for such a board will cost ~$800 to produce. Artwork is roughly quoted at ~$500, but I believe we have that covered, thanks to Pete already producing board-ready JPG files. For Portland, OR a 4-week placement, for a full-sized "bulletin" on a static (non-electronic) board will be $1000-$4000. I travel the city all day, for my job. I have seen plenty of good spots, and sub-sized boards, which we can get for cheaper. Initial ballpark for an "ad buy" would be... $2500.00 for a premium location and a half-sized board. Full board in a so-so location would probably price the same. If we can get $10K together, we could canvas one major metro for a month, or hit multiple metros in select locations. ... ortland-or
^^^There are dozens of national and regional companies that do OOH advertising. We literally need only one thing that is not in evidence: the money to put in their hands. They will create the art (if needed), produce the banners, etc. and then put the ads in place and take them down. It's all-inclusive in the pricing. The actual canvas can be sold on the second-hand market to recoup some of the costs, but first, we need to display the thing(s) for their service life, which is a year or two, depending on materials used and environments where they are displayed.

Other options, which I don't have numbers for yet, include: bus and train placards and wraps ($$$), bus stop shelters, inside the buses and trains (cheap to run, expensive to get printed), airport screens, gyms and other private businesses, newspapers. I'm not certain of any online advertising vectors.

If someone wanted to "wrap" their car or truck, a full wrap runs ~$2000 for production of the wrap and graphics, and application to your vehicle.

I feel like I'm forgetting something, but it is late...

Obviously, I'm looking for 20-100 folks who want to chip in $50-$100 a piece to get this rolling. Consider it the best Christmas present you ever gave to your kids and grandkids!


PostPosted: Tue Jan 07, 2020 3:04 am 

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I have started a campaign in my state group that uses the digital signage company Blip (
I have found it very easy to use and you can copy the artwork similar to the Georgia Warriors group.
There are location all over the country and I am just using PayPal within my state group to accept donations.

My campaign plan is to push hard ($10/day) this month (January), then taper down in February, then ramp up in March up to "TAX DAY".
I'm not sure how many people can be rallied in the National Forum, so it may be better to start one in your own state group.

Just send out a message in your own state group like I did...

Well, we're in a new year and new decade now. I would like to try to mimic the outreach of the Georgia warriors group. If you are not familiar with their work, check here. I have done some cursory research into digital signage around the Denver area. Let's face it, I-25 and I-70 get the bulk of the traffic, but there are other areas as well.
I have contacted both and ... /colorado/ for pricing information etc. I know that Mile High has some digital locations which seem like a very low barrier to entry, just providing files to be uploaded to the billboard.
Who else wants to get on board with some cost sharing if I manage the project?

I had an email exchange with Pete several weeks back and we both seemed to agree that the type of people that challenge the IRS like we all have been doing, are not necessarily the greatest at being salesmen. There are some exceptions, it may be good sometime in the future to try to hook up with people who have an outgoing personality.

What are the benefits of doing this type of outreach?
You get to work with other people in the very same state as you that have the same mindset.
You don't have to talk with anyone directly (though you still should ;-)
You get to share the cost with a number of your fellow warriors to spread the same message.
You get to pay back Pete in one of the ways that he keeps asking for, and let's face it, we all owe Pete BIG TIME!
So, let's make out collective voices heard in Colorado and start bringing the message here!

I will try to get some logistical information set up this weekend, presuming I hear back from the billboard people. I was thinking just to use PayPal to aggregate funds, but if anyone has the same easy alternative I am open to suggestions. I will of course share all of the invoice and payment information to keep the charity honest.


PostPosted: Sun Sep 13, 2020 6:33 pm 

Joined: Fri Apr 03, 2009 11:36 am
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Thanks for the reply, and the strategic advice.

Last I checked, Idaho's entire Forum consisted of less than fifty souls. Maybe ten of them posted before the 'inertia' took over. Now there's silence...

I'm financially incommunicado right now, waiting on a sum to arrive from an unrelated lawsuit. Then, I can have some leverage towards outreach effort$.

I'm posting a new topic soon, with my current perspectives on the strategy problem we all face.

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