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The September 28, 2020 Lost Horizons Newsletter Mid-Edition Update
...where real knowledge intersects with real Americans!

HEY, People! Please don't just read what I post here (or anywhere), and nod your head sagely or approvingly and then move on to other things. I don't post in order to affirm your sense of things. I post in order to equip you with perspectives and arguments with which to educate others, and in the expectation that you will forward my posts to other people (or direct them to those posts). PLEASE do those things.

We won't win by YOU knowing what I present. We will win by LOTS OF OTHERS knowing what I present.

Shame The Devil telling the truth.

HERE'S A SIMPLE AND INDISPUTABLE TRUTH: 200,000 Americans HAVE NOT died of COVID-19 (C19)-- or even as a result of C19. Nowhere near that number can be said to have so died.

That number (or whatever the number to which the purported national C19 death toll has risen by the time you read these words) is the product of months of unsupported attributions of C19 as a cause of death-- the months in which far and away the larger portion of the current total being flogged by beneficiaries of panic was added up.

BEGINNING IN EARLY MARCH, the predicted plague-level disaster of C19 had failed utterly to materialize. Fewer than 100 American deaths could be attributed to the disease at that point despite many millions being exposed during the preceding three+ months of generally unhindered transmission by every international traveler arriving from anyplace already infected-- including Wuhan itself, as a matter of fact.

C19 has long incubation periods and unusual persistence on surfaces (or so we are told). Most infected persons remain completely oblivious to this remarkably harmless malady version of the flu. Thus, C19, the flourishing of which closely tracked that of this year's routine seasonal flu, will have reached every corner of the USA during those three months of December, 2019, and January, February and March of 2020.

Here's the dynamic: During that three-month+ period, fully a billion people flew on airplanes from everywhere to everywhere. Everyone who had contact with anyone who had had contact with anyone who had had contact with anyone from Wuhan, or with anyone from any of the places to which anyone who had had contact with anyone who had had contact with anyone who had had contact with anyone from anyplace to which anyone who had had contact with anyone who had had contact with anyone who had had contact with anyone from Wuhan had gone, was potentially exposed to C19.

Is this clear? HUGE numbers of disease vectors flooded America last winter. Even people living at all times in the remotest of rural areas were equally exposed, since mail is delivered pretty-much universally; goods are shipped in to all places; and even the most outpost-grade Qwik-Stop gets its groceries from and through other, much less out-of-the-way places and facilities.

The CDC estimates that 38,000,000 to 54,000,000 American cases (infections) of seasonal flu took place from October, 2019 to March 14, 2020. Discounting for the slight duration differential (C19 actually first arose in mid-November of 2019, but wasn't reported until early December), and in light of its longer transmissibility window, it can reasonably be estimated that C19 infected 36,000,000 to 51,000,000 Americans last winter, and had run its course in each such case.

But again, by March 4, fewer than 45 Americans had died from C19. See the CDC's own statement to this effect here.



On "Ideological Balance" And The Courts
It's a corruption-based interest.

IN THE WAKE OF TRUMP'S WELCOME CHOICE of Amy Coney Barrett for the Supreme Court, I saw a whiny bit of punditry declaiming the disturbance of the "ideological balance" on the high court. Where do these people come from?

There is no brief for an "ideological balance" in the judiciary. ALL judges and justices take an oath to support and defend (and thus uphold) the same Constitution. ALL judicial offices are duty-bound to rule in strict accordance with the words of the Constitution, as understood and intended by those who enacted and adopted them. Period.

There is no legitimate "conservative" jurisprudence or "liberal jurisprudence" (or "women's jurisprudence" or "gay jurisprudence" or "white jurisprudence" or "black jurisprudence", etc.). The only legitimate jurisprudence is FAITHFUL and HUMBLE  jurisprudence, untainted by the personal opinions and preferences of the jurist.



'The Planet's Not Angry, But The Pelosi/Newsom/Harris Climate Howlers Are Truly Dangerous'
A fine in-depth debunk of anthropomorphic climate change nonsense by David Stockman, and my very important afterword providing the solution to the threat that nonsense represents.



Illuminating Anniversaries For This Week!

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