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PostPosted: Mon Sep 21, 2020 3:25 pm 

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The September 21, 2020 Lost Horizons Newsletter
...where real knowledge-- and actual solutions-- intersect with real Americans!


HEY, People! Please don't just read what I post here (or anywhere), and nod your head sagely or approvingly and then move on to other things. I don't post in order to affirm your sense of things. I post in order to equip you with perspectives and arguments with which to educate others, and in the expectation that you will forward my posts to other people (or direct them to those posts). PLEASE do those things.

We won't win by YOU knowing what I present. We will win by LOTS OF OTHERS knowing what I present.


Resources For Navigating The Current Contrived Chaos
A few worthwhile offerings by folks whose eyes are still open on the "C19 is a monster" nonsense, the Julian Assange assault, and the Navalny "poisoning"; along with comments regarding a ruling last week on the Constitutionality of Pennsylvania's "lockdown", my day-dream TV show, and the proper replacement for Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

FOR MONTHS I'VE BEEN PRESENTING data and analysis debunking the "C19 is a monster" narrative using primarily American numbers. Kit Knightly of 'OffGuardian' has now posted a nice analysis to the same effect using this data from the UK's Office of National Statistics.

Knightly goes on to make the great point that since flu deaths continue to track at their average annual rate, it is clear that "social distancing", "stay at home", masks and other "lockdown" measures are accomplishing nothing. As he points out, the flu is a virus, too, and it's plainly not being hindered by all the obnoxious and ruinous despotic impositions.

See the whole article here, and then lose the mask, re-open your business to full capacity, and launch your lawsuits against everyone responsible for all the harm you've suffered from the hoax this year.


ALSO FROM ACROSS THE POND, David Cullen has cranked out a concise and compelling video presentation debunking the "C19 is a monster" nonsense using numbers from Ireland:



Let's Celebrate More Victories!!
A happy exercise by which we can all get pumped up with much-needed activism energy.

TAX AGENCY ACTIVITY IS STILL bogged-down with C19 lunacy, and most folks are still within only eight weeks of having filed returns. So refund issuance remains sparse, at this time.

But still, the wheels do continue to grind on, if more slowly than usual. Thus, a few folks do have recent victories to share, for the benefit of everyone's spirits. We'll start with...

David & Valerie Denning

DAVID AND VALERIE SHARE THEIR fifth victory on behalf of the rule of law, all secured within the last 15 months. This one, issued about four weeks ago, is for 2018, from the state of California, on an amended return and with interest added to the refund:



Not Letting This "Crisis" Go To Waste... important action item opportunity.

FRIENDS, THE SPORADIC BITS OF EASING of the despotic measures to which most of the country has been subjected this year should not be allowed to bleed off the head of steam you probably had been developing. The offenses happened, and they're far from over. Stay hot.

And while you are all warmed up, and while others, if they're smart, are just as hot, I'd like you to send an email (and Facebook post, or whatever) with the following content to everyone you can (with a request that they pass it along, in turn):

[Name], over the last several months you've watched as over-fed state power has been used to literally destroy classical Western civilization and impose a new despotic paradigm. No dissent or debate permitted-- no permission or agreement sought.

YOU KNOW where this will end up if the arrogant state power being used to make this happen isn't radically diminished in size, influence, resources and popular support, and exposed as an opportunistic exploiter of legal ignorance (an ignorance which it has been nurturing in the average mind for decades).

Those things having not yet happened, you should be quaking in your boots-- and you probably are.

Isn't it time-- and past time-- for you to begin helping to make those desperately-needed defensive changes take place? There is only one way these things can happen short of a who-knows-what we'll-end-up-with explosion of violence. I'm going to show it to you.

Read this little two-page document. Click on the links at the end.

When you're done with that reading, you'll know what to do next.



Trump Regime vs. The ICC: The Wrong Side Of "Sovereignty
Great writing and cogent observations by Thomas Knapp, with a very important afterword by Yours Truly.

DON'T MISS ANY OF THIS, friends. We are not in a time suited to surfing-- this is a time calling for serious intake, serious resolution and serious follow-through.

Read carefully, share widely, and stand tall.



And, of course, as always:
Illuminating Anniversaries For This Week!


"I confidently trust that the American people will prove themselves...too wise not to detect the false pride or the dangerous ambitions or the selfish schemes which so often hide themselves under that deceptive cry of mock patriotism: 'Our country, right or wrong!' They will not fail to recognize that our dignity, our free institutions and the peace and welfare of this and coming generations of Americans will be secure only as we cling to the watchword of true patriotism: 'Our country--when right to be kept right; when wrong to be put right.'"
-Senator Carl Schurz, October 17, 1899

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