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PostPosted: Thu Oct 08, 2020 3:49 pm 

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According to an easy mathematical analysis of the entire Forum, I can confidently say that... Forum participants are more interested in the idea and execution of 'going to court' than in any other topic that has been proffered for review. And by a large margin. 15K views of the thread which covers that topic. The next closest view-count is ~5K. What are we to make of this observation?

My conclusions:
1. Americans, and CtC educated Americans, still believe the courts can provide justice on this issue.

2. Without court victories for the CtC Plaintiffs, interest in the attempt to gain a public foothold in the collective American mind is a long shot. We're trying to overcome the 'curse of Irwin Schiff' with a theory: that is how the average intelligent mind will view our issue. We need a 'shield' against agency malfeasance, and we need a 'sword' with which to enlighten and to 'make courageous' our brothers and sisters (it's right there on the cover of Cracking The Code! Pete knows what he is doing!); a court victory would provide both.

3. Even though there is keen interest in the courts, and maybe even in prosecuting cases against state or federal agencies, the lack of victories to hold up, is killing the average participant's interest in the whole matter. Simply: we don't have a shield provided by victories in the court, and it doesn't take a genius to intuitively realize that bringing suit is hanging one's derrière over the edge. If Pete is right (that public interest is the only route to having the truth acknowledged by the courts) then we need a MASSIVE public outreach effort, and we need it now. If we fail to get the 'fire' lit and burning, then the most courageous of us (those who have already stepped into the courts) are going to be trounced and strung up, financially, for their efforts, while the community at large sits on their hands AS IF THE TRUTH WERE NOT ALREADY IN THEIR POSSESSION??

James Lambert, Chad Kimball, and a few others including myself, are on the tip of the spear, as far as the courts are concerned. Myself, I'm in Idaho, prosecuting an Appeal to the Supreme Court. I'm not sure where others reside, or their status, but I know Pete has held up the Georgia State group as a model for others to emulate. Perhaps other State groups are similarly effective. In any event, I sense a disconnect between the State groups and the National forum participants. That chasm needs to close. I would like to hear from State group participants, in response to this message. What are the various State groups doing? What is working and what isn't? Is there a way to bridge the gap between effective state groups and the ineffective National 'interest'? Sorry, it needs to be said, and addressed.

If I could ask each of you, no matter where or at what level, to reconnect with other participants that you know or communicate with (every email address you have), and urge everyone to re-engage this effort (urge them to read this post, at the least), then maybe we can gauge our potential effectiveness for public outreach, and for concerted efforts to support existing or future court battles (such as the class action proposal).

It is my opinion, hopefully shared by many, that we are at 'war' with the corrupted agencies within the bureaucracy. Our strategy and tactics should reflect this observation of the 'lay of the field' upon which we are staking our fortunes and freedoms. THIS MUST BE A PUBLIC FIGHT. There is no hope in a 'guerilla' conflict against the state. That would be seditious and suicidal, in my opinion. Individual warriors stepping out of cover to charge the battlements of the agencies have so far been met with defeat. This, is a waste of resources and morale. Either we all face the sobering prospects of losing this fight, and we redouble our efforts to win it, or Pete's sacrifice, Doreen's sacrifice, and all the efforts we here have given, will come to nought. The 'Discovery' and all it promises, all our freedoms to make this country a true Republic again; will be snuffed out.

If there were ever a moment to hit the peddle to the metal, then it is now. With the country at a crossroads, it may well be 'The Discovery' that can turn the tide towards Liberty and away from this rush towards statism, and communism, and anarchy. A proper understanding of the truth of our laws may yet yield up the common ground America needs in order to continue as a nation. Yes, that is the gravity of the historical moment we are in.

I've said my piece. I await earnest replies.

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