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The December 7, 2020 Lost Horizons Newsletter Mid-Edition Update
...where real knowledge intersects with real Americans!

HEY, People! Please don't just read what I post here (or anywhere), and nod your head sagely or approvingly and then move on to other things. I don't post in order to affirm your sense of things. I post in order to equip you with perspectives and arguments with which to educate others, and in the expectation that you will forward my posts to other people (or direct them to those posts). PLEASE do those things.

We won't win by YOU knowing what I present. We will win by LOTS OF OTHERS knowing what I present.

Walter Williams: The Passing Of A Giant
A great voice, a great American, and a good man, who will be missed very sorely.

I HAD THE PLEASURE and benefit of reading every one of Walter Williams' many hundreds of brilliant, insightful and uplifting columns on which my eyes were fortunate to fall over the last twenty years and more. But I also had the great pleasure of spending time with Walter Williams on a number of occasions.

This latter good fortune allows me to supplement the admiration for Dr. Williams' work issuing forth from all liberty-and-reason-loving quarters since his passing last Tuesday with an observation less commonly heard amongst the words of honor and respect: Walter Williams was a genuinely good man.

IT WAS ALWAYS PLAIN that Williams was a devoted husband and father. He was also a hard worker who demanded effort and accuracy and honesty from himself.

All told, Williams was an upright, masculine gentleman with a confident, steady, look-you-in-the-eye demeanor not tainted by bluster or false pride. As I said in my debunk of the "systemic racism" hustle a few months ago, Walter Williams was the solid sort of guy you want to have as your neighbor.

If Williams had any personality weakness of which I ever saw sign, it was only in that he never suffered fools gladly-- a failing that many (myself included) are disinclined to condemn very harshly. The fact is, most apparent foolishness in the public policy realm which was William's chief concern is no such thing, but is instead willful blindness at best, if not outright corruption and mendacity.



A Former Pfizer VP Determines There Have Been No Excess Deaths In The UK
...adding to Johns Hopkins' Dr. Genevieve Briand's research to the same effect in the USA.

DR. MICHAEL YEADON was until recently VP and Chief Scientific Officer (Allergy & Respiratory Research) with Pfizer. This is merely one of his truly impressive array of credentials as an expert voice on the subject of virology, immune system function, and the proper and correct view of the C19 "pandemic".

Dr. Yeadon recently taped a statement and an interview deeply critical of current governmental assertions about C19's prevalence and level of threat, and of public policies implemented as supposed defenses against it. Among those critiques and Dr. Yeadon's other conclusions based on his truly expert analysis of the data will be found:

--a measured, thoroughly-expert explanation of why the purported number of C19 "cases" is grossly inaccurate,

--the reason widespread exposure to the virus beginning around this time last year led to no significant number of deaths,

--that in fact, no excess deaths have occurred (in the UK-- Yeadon's area of focus) this year at all, and

--that no vaccine is necessary...

...all of which making it no great surprise that "brave new normal" propagandist YouTube deplatformed Dr. Yeadon's statement video within just a few hours of it being posted on November 11. (Happily, good folks elsewhere have given it a new home, at least for the moment-- find the video here, along with an unfortunately machine-made transcript of Yeadon's statement. Yeadon's interview with journalist Anna Brees can, surprisingly, still be found on YouTube, here-- at least for the moment.)

DR. YEADON'S POSITIONS nicely parallel the USA-focused conclusions of Dr. Genevieve Briand (discussed here) in regard to the fact that no excess deaths have appeared in the stats all year. That is, the research of both these objective experts shows that C19 is NOT actually a killer epidemic, the hyperbolic screeching by invested media and political voices to the contrary notwithstanding.

Yeadon's expert views, again, like Briand's, fully support and affirm everything I have been presenting about the virus and related policy issues for months now, here (to a world which has apparently been paying no attention). Indeed, Dr. Yeadon's analyses add his insights into "cross-immunity" to the picture, a factor plainly contributing to the extremely low fatality rates but which I (lacking Dr. Yeadon's vastly greater knowledge of immunology) had not considered in my own analysis.

I so much wish EVERY ONE OF YOU would go and read that article through!!! Then smack every other person you can reach-- Kool-Aid toss-pot or not-- and demand that they read it through carefully, as well.

This C19 insanity must end!



What Might Be My Final Words For Donald Trump
...cause if he doesn't start listening, he's toast.

WAKE UP, PAL! You've got very little time, and you are blowing it.

Your desperate hope of gaining any kind of traction in your quest to overcome the monolithic media/Democrat/RINO election fraud meant to put you out of office rests on you distinguishing yourself from what is to be expected from a Biden-Harris administration in the eyes of independents. No one new is going to the ramparts for you while you persist in business as usual, and without new support from folks suddenly feeling that there's actually something at stake that's worth fighting for, you're going down.

Your worshipful base is not enough. They've been doing all they can for more than a month and getting nowhere. With one week to go before Electoral College certification, you've got to shake things up and add strength to your team with some dazzling, attention-getting lightning strikes. Here are my suggestions:

--Announce an immediate end to all sanctions and other abuses of the Iranian people.

--Announce that all US military missions in Afghanistan and the Middle East are finished and all US military personnel and related contractors and other mercs are to return home before Christmas, either through organized institutional means or on their own steam if the Defense Department doesn't make it happen briskly enough.

--Announce your repudiation of your deeply-corrupt "Peace Plan" for Israelis and Palestinians, and declare yourself to have awakened to the need for legitimate justice for the dispossessed Palestinians.

--Announce your intention to resume an intermediate missile treaty with Russia and leave the "Open Skies" treaty intact.

--Pardon Julian Assange and Edward Snowden.

--Inform your Twitter followers of the independent-server website to which they should turn for your uncensored communiqu├ęs and then use that newly-created personal platform to debunk to C19 hoax by reading this document and showing its exhibits to those many millions of Americans, with instructions that they pass it all along to others.

--Oh, and fire Christopher Rey, Mike Pompeo, William Barr, Gina Haspel and all the other swamp creatures someone fooled you into surrounding yourself with (and then fire that person, too...).

It's the eleventh hour, and more, Donald. Way past time to stop doing the same crap over and over while expecting different results.



'Coming Soon From Joe And Kamala: Horray For The Revolution!'
An insightful observation by Phil Giraldi, and my important afterword providing the remedy to the problem.



Illuminating Anniversaries For This Week!

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