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The September 5, 2022 Lost Horizons Newsletter Mid-Edition Update
...where real knowledge intersects with real Americans!

"Woke" Lunacy Makes Michigan Democrats' Pro-Abortion Amendment A Self-Inflicted Wound
Likely due to being unable to say "woman", the amendment's authors use language sure to destroy support, if loudly pointed out by the rest of us.

MUCH IS BEING MADE IN MICHIGAN this summer of the effort by pro-abortion interests-- allies of Democrat officeholders and wannabes, in particular Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Attorney General Dana Nessel and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson-- to pass by popular referendum an amendment to the Michigan Constitution meant to enshrine a "right" to abortion therein.

The proposal faces a minor speedbump at the moment due to numerous typos in its petition text, over which the state Canvassing Board failed to approve it for the November ballot on a 2-2 partisan split, but that won't last. The issue will now go to the Michigan Supreme Court, which was switched from majority "conservative" to majority "progressive" as one of the alleged outcomes of the compromised 2020 election, and it can be expected that the court will overrule the Canvassing Board and allow the proposal to go forward.

The amendment is playing a big role in statewide politics because Democrats are heavily relying on the abortion issue to energize their base and pro-abortion independents and make a difference in an election otherwise likely to be very hard on them. These are, after all, the folks who (illegally) subjected Michigan to double-digit unemployment and the permanent closure of huge numbers of businesses during 2020-2021, while spending much of that time endorsing violent urban riots and bad-mouthing the police in an effort to menace political opponents prior to committing massive election-rigging on their behalf and that of national Democrat candidates.

These are the folks who threatened doctors who delivered life-saving treatments for COVID-19 and packed nursing homes with infection vectors, who continue to burn state resources promoting "vaccines" known now to be not only utterly ineffective but seriously dangerous to their recipients, who have been working hard to diminish Michigan's energy security and who have announced enthusiasm for drag-queen story-hours in schools, among so much else that rubs normal, sober Americans the wrong way.

But as it turns out, the "abortion rights" amendment (formally labeled the "Right to Reproductive Freedom" amendment) has a fat, juicy fly in its ointment. If publicized promptly and thoroughly through the distribution of this article, this defect will make the issue backfire on its supporters and political beneficiaries in a very big way.

You see, the language of the amendment empowers the fathers involved to compel the mothers to have abortions whether they want to or not, or to prohibit them, even while empowering the mothers involved to also make these choices.

The amendment, in short, sets up an impossible legal conflict, making it useless for pro-abortion interests, while dramatically highlighting one of the seldom-recognized great evils inherent in the "abortion rights" concept. Let me show you how...


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