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The August 12, 2019 Lost Horizons Newsletter Mid-Edition Update
...where real knowledge intersects with real Americans!

Join Me at the Dog Days of Summer Jamboree, Saturday, August 17 in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania!
Click here for more information

Bringing The Cleansing Storm
Those devoted to the truth must speak it, and speak it plainly and forcefully.

THERE ARE AN INCREASING NUMBER OF CtC-EDUCATED LITIGANTS going into courts recently, or preparing to do so. Sometimes this means Tax Court, in response to flailing resistance efforts by the IRS or state tax agencies (like the one here, for instance). Sometimes it means federal district court, in order to compel the completion of refunds fully admitted but only made in part so far-- either without even the pretense of a justification (like the one here, for instance), or based on some illegal pretext (like the one here, for instance).

Every such instance is highly virtuous. When a righteous cause exists, there shouldn't be a moment's hesitation in prosecuting one's claims.

Over the years, I have endeavored to provide those needing to conduct such prosecutions with exhaustive resources toward that end. Some can be found directly by way of site map entries. Some-- the more comprehensive and expressly-targeted-- can be found on pages only available to those who have shown their virtue and resolution by standing up in the town meeting on behalf of truth, liberty and the rule of law, as it were.

THERE IS ONE FACET of these "prosecution" resources that I have neglected over the years, though, other than insofar as related material appears in various papers, articles and essays discussing corrupt government efforts to suppress CtC. That facet might be described as the "stage setting" facet of a legal contest.

Anyone ever involved in a legal contest has likely seen a "background" or "introduction" as the first part of the first brief filed by a litigant. Here, the litigant attempts to put the contest into perspective for the court, and influence the assumptions carried into the matter by the judge.

Sometimes such a background or introduction can determine whether a judge actually reads the arguments of one side or the other-- or does so closely and respectfully-- rather than simply assuming that whatever the other side says about those arguments is sufficient.



Other Voices: 'Israel Has "The Most Moral Army in the World"?'
The creepy French "intellectual" Bernard-Henri Levy gets it wrong.
by Philip Giraldi

An important and informative-- if stomach-turning-- commentary by Giraldi, with an important afterword by Yours Truly.



Two Great Testimonials (With A Very Important Afterword)
These fine American grown-ups share victories, resolution, and a civic virtue of which our beloved country needs every bit that can be mustered.

GOTTA LOVE THESE GOOD MEN-- true patriots who have stood up from amongst their timid fellows to bear witness to a challenging but hugely-important truth. These guys realize that there is only ONE WAY to accomplish the restoration of the Republic. They realize that without that restoration, America is doomed to collapse into total despotism and barbarism.

These grown-up Americans know that the fatal collapse is already well underway, as indicated by:



Plus, Illuminating Anniversaries For This Week!

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