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The August 16, 2021 Lost Horizons Newsletter
...where real knowledge-- and actual solutions-- intersect with real Americans!

A Quiver-Full Of Common Sense
...offered in the hope of equipping an army of dissenters to the COVID death-cult with the simple facts and clear thinking necessary to beat back the insanity.

MY FAMILY HAS JUST had a run-in with C19 (confirmed by multiple tests* and consultations with our primary-care physicians). With staggered start dates over the last two weeks, we each experienced six or seven unpleasant days of fatigue, congestion, coughing, and a few other mild symptoms which varied amongst us.

We are all reasonably fit and healthy-of-diet and lifestyle, and we addressed the onset of illness with nothing but daily multivitamins supplemented with 50 mgs of zinc and 1,100 mgs of vitamin C each day of the affliction. The sinus infection I developed early on (and for which I ended up prescribed Azithromycin on the eighth day after the C19 onset) was the only thing requiring any special treatment.

All five of us are now fully and robustly immunized against the virus, much more effectively than would have been possible from the "vaccines" currently being pushed (more on that will follow below).

I think it's important to point out that Doreen and I are 66. Although the dangers posed by C19 are vanishingly small for any age group, Doreen and I are in a group waved in front of everyone as those for the protection of whom everyone else should be compelled to get injections. Our actual mild and brief unpleasantness once infected by the dread disease should be instructive as a response to the fear-mongers and vaccine-mandate-boosters.

(Still haven't got my sense of smell back, though-- and that IS a big problem. I'm married to a great cook, and I do miss enjoying those wonderful aromas which waft into my office from Doreen's kitchen every day...)



Other Voices (followed by an important afterword)

We Will Not Comply: A Campaign Against Medical Tyranny
by Brandon Smith

I have been feverishly writing lately on covid mandates and vaccine passports issues, and I’m sure most readers understand why – We are currently at the cusp of a great conflict against the powers that be; people who are exploiting the (mostly manufactured) covid crisis for unprecedented political and economic control. And when I say “manufactured”, I mean that there is no crisis, no need for mandates, no need for lockdowns and no need for vaccine passports.

We are dealing with a virus that around 99.7% of people will easily survive according to the medical establishment’s own studies and stats as well as numerous independent studies, yet, for some reason we are being bombarded with fear mongering from the media and from governments.

Why is the only solution being suggested to the general public involve us giving up all of our freedoms and medical autonomy? Why is 99.7% of the population supposed to lock down, mask up and submit to an experimental mRNA vaccine with no long term testing data to prove its safety? Why don’t the 0.26% of people that are truly at risk of dying from the virus simply take precautions or stay home while the rest of us get on with normal life?



Illuminating Anniversaries For This Week!


"I confidently trust that the American people will prove themselves...too wise not to detect the false pride or the dangerous ambitions or the selfish schemes which so often hide themselves under that deceptive cry of mock patriotism: 'Our country, right or wrong!' They will not fail to recognize that our dignity, our free institutions and the peace and welfare of this and coming generations of Americans will be secure only as we cling to the watchword of true patriotism: 'Our country--when right to be kept right; when wrong to be put right.'"
-Senator Carl Schurz, October 17, 1899

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