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Search Lost Horizons

DUE TO A SWITCH in the management of the LHC website host, the very convenient site search function previously found on this page has been disabled at the server level. I will be working, as time permits, to come up with a replacement.

In the meantime, you can use the clunkier but nonetheless fairly effective method of a generic, site-specific search engine query. To do so, use your browser's existing search engine (which, if you value privacy and autonomy, should be Presearch, at this time-- find it here). In the search field, type site:losthorizons.com [search term(s)] (note the space between .com and the search term).

As an example, if I wanted to search the site for references to Julian Assange, I would type the following in my Presearch field in the right-hand side of my browser navigation bar: site:losthorizons.com assange

I'M SORRY FOR THIS INCONVENIENCE, but we'll all have to just march through.

Best Regards,