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More On Brian Slabaugh's Victory

Brian's 2001 return, for which EVERYTHING withheld was credited to him in full as an overpayment.

Brian also filed a return and supporting documents rebutting erroneous evidence about his 1993 receipts:

Brian's filings were honored even while he was mired in collections proceedings, as reflected by this September 2003 'Notice of Levy'...

...leading to this, by January 2004:


It may be necessary for Brian to bring suit for the recovery of his 2001 refund, but the acknowledgement displayed above makes clear that for 1993, at least, he had owed nothing.  Thus, the government's diversion of the portion of his 2001 refund which was applied to that year's alleged liability is already established as improper.  If similar filings are or have been made for 1994 and 1995, the same will be true of the remainder of the 2001 refund.  It would appear that the timing with which these filings occurred is making things more complicated than they might otherwise have been, but the evidence of the truth about the law that they offer is simple and straightforward.

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