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About Countermeasures Generally

How to recognize them, and how to deal with them

EVERYBODY HAS HEARD OF "COUNTERMEASURES", RIGHT? They are the devices used to thwart an attacker by either disabling or distracting the attack ordnance. Most folks will have seen them in Hollywood war pictures.

Here's the scene: Late in the picture the evil empire's dreadnaught is on its way to London, mother of all bombs in its hold. Intrepid good-guy fighter pilots have closed in on the villainous vessel and launched missiles to bring it down.

But the captain of the dreadnaught, upon spotting the threat on his radar screen, barks out the command to "Release countermeasures!" Promptly, a couple of bright, whirly, heat-emitting objects launch from the back of the bomber to catch the mechanical attention of the heat-seeking missiles and divert them to the harmless destruction of the decoys.

SO, WITH THE "COUNTERMEASURE" CONCEPT in mind, what do you think would be deployed for this purpose by the "ignorance tax" people now that their scam has been sussed out, and the threat is a growing army of CtC-educated Americans firing paper truth-missiles? The answer, of course, is distractions, false targets spun out into cyberspace in order to harmlessly draw fire which otherwise would be concentrated right on the bad guy's ass.

These countermeasures include things like the false notion that the tax is citizenship or residency based, or that previously overlooked sections of tax law allow for the exclusion of income from the tax, or that the tax applies because one has ignorantly "elected" to be taxable for the conduct of activities which aren't inherently taxable at all, and can just revoke that "election" and then be untaxable for the same activities, and so on and so forth, ad infinitum, ad nauseum. Some even pretend to embrace or acknowledge CtC's revelations in general but contend that there are better ways of invoking their virtues than those presented in the book.

Another, and really brilliant one, is the sly proposition long-nurtured in the "tax honesty" community that somehow simply filling out and sending in a tax return form makes one's earnings taxable, or creates a basis for treating them as subject to the tax. What craft!

The undoing of the misapplication expressly requires the submission of a return, and this pernicious virus of error explicitly discourages people from doing just that. Whatever "ignorance tax" schemer came up with the idea of injecting this particular lunacy into the "tax honesty" community probably has a plaque on the wall at the US Treasury Department.

These "countermeasures" are the sole mechanism keeping closed the curtain behind which the little man works his levers and spins his dials to make the great flaming head a fearsome, and therefore powerful thing. It is those countermeasures that keep the lock on the door to liberation from the misapplied tax, which will only be broken when enough Americans have learned what CtC uniquely reveals.

THINK ABOUT THIS: In 1998, the IRS estimated that there were up to 63 million Americans who refused to file tax returns that year:

Every one of these people apparently opposed what they perceived as the misapplication of the tax. But every one of them were ignorant about how the tax is actually misapplied, and how critical the filing of an educated return is in preventing that misapplication.

I don't know what the number of non-filers would be today. But I think I can confidently say that opposition to the misapplication of the tax hasn't diminished, and has much more likely increased, and dramatically. And yet the ranks of the CtC-educated haven't yet appeared to reach 63 million. The reason for that latter problem is those countermeasures.

THE RECIPROCAL OF THIS OBSERVATION is that if the countermeasures were stripped of their potency-- that is, if everyone aware of the problem undertook to thwart and undo in whatever way possible the spread and the evil effects of these countermeasure distractions in a workmanlike fashion, these 63 millions, or even just 10% of these 63 millions would become CtC-educated.

These newly-educated millions would then add their weight to bursting the "ignorance tax" lockout of the Founders' Republic which America has suffered for the last 80 years. And even just that 10% would be more than enough to burst the lock asunder.

THOSE WHO DILIGENTLY READ THIS NEWSLETTER know that I write on this subject often. The reason is simple, and I think I've just explained it-- spreading knowledge of what CtC reveals is THE ONE AND ONLY ROAD to complete and sustained victory over the ignorance tax scheme.

"Countermeasures" are huge hindrances in achieving this top priority goal. They should not ever be ignored by the educated community. As unpleasant as it can be to actively correct errors (and this can be especially unpleasant when the errors are being advocated by stubborn, ego-driven, and often invested partisans), that's really what needs to be done.

"The day we see truth and do not speak is the day we begin to die."

-Martin Luther King, Jr.


"Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing."

-John Stuart Mill