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More Victories For The Rule Of Law- Page Sixty-Three


Tens of thousands of readers of 'Cracking the Code- The Fascinating Truth About Taxation In America' have taken control of their own resources, in accordance with, and respect for, the law. The likely total amount reclaimed by these good Americans so far is upward of several billion dollars.


A few of these good American men and women-- such as those honored below-- are generous enough to send me the evidence of their victories in upholding the law, for the edification and inspiration of everyone. At the moment those shared refund checks, closing notices, and so forth total:


Tony George

TONY IS ROCKIN' AND ROLLIN'! This is the third victory he has shared in as many months-- this one a complete refund from Oklahoma of everything withheld from him during 2018:

Here is the filing that produced this victory on behalf of the rule of law.

Lauren in Colorado

LAUREN IS EXCITED TO SHARE her first victory as an educated filer-- a complete refund of everything withheld from her and given over to Colorado during 2018:

Here is Lauren's first victory-winning filing.

Brian Swanson

BRIAN SHARES HIS LATEST VICTORY-- federal, for everything withheld during 2018. Brian's victories are always especially interesting, because as a retired US military man with a pension while also being a worker in the private sector, his filings contain withholdings from both actual taxable activities and non-taxable activities. Here is Brian's 2018 100% credit notice:


Here is the compound filing that resulted in this refund.

Craig Schieder

CRAIG SHARES HIS FIRST FOUR EDUCATED VICTORIES-- the first of which is itself a little bit of an education, as will be seen. This victory, which Craig secured just two weeks ago, consist of a refund of what was withheld during 2017 and given to the feds. The refund came back as a credit with the overpayment diverted to old liabilities arising from pre-CtC-enlightenment practices.

Here is the credit notice:

 ...and here is the filing that produced it. The lesson that came with this victory is to watch carefully if you use a software product to create a filing for you! In this case Craig used TurboTax, and I'm sorry to see that this version of the program failed to add Craig's FICA withholdings to his amount claimed for refund of federal taxes withheld on the 1040, even though creating a perfectly-proper 4852 for Craig.

Thus, the $17,965.00 refunded is only a partial, and this federal victory is still in progress. But... the feds HAVE acknowledged that Craig received no "wages" in 2017 by way of this complete Chapter 24 withholding refund. Therefore they have also acknowledged that they have no basis for keeping the Chapter 21 withholdings.

ALONG WITH THIS FEDERAL VICTORY, Craig also shares three victories with New York secured within the same two week-period as the federal victory above-- two of them on amended returns.

Here is Craig's video sharing all four of these victories.

The New York victories Craig displays in the video can be seen more completely at the following links:

New York, 2014, filing here (and note, this amended return was deemed late, and so the state, while zeroing Craig out for that year-- $0 "income", $0 tax due-- appears to just be keeping what had been withheld, and listing his refund as "expired" on its adjustment notice); notice here.

New York, 2016, filing here; notice here. New York, 2018, filing here; notice here.

Forrest Voss

FORREST PRESENTS THREE EXCELLENT VICTORIES in this, his second testimonial video:

THE FILING THAT PRODUCED Forrest's 2015 victory can be seen here. You'll note that just as Forrest says in discussing this victory and the dancing-robot Notice of Deficiency which preceded it by about two weeks, the refund he has gotten so far is only a partial.

Without even the pretense of a rationale the IRS is proposing to just keep the $7,000 or so withheld under Chapter 21. This despite having already admitted, by the refund of all Chapter 24 withholdings, that Forrest had no "wages" on which Chapter 21 taxes could have arisen.

HERE IS THE FILING that produced Forrest's straightforward and complete 2016 victory. Here is the filing that produced his straightforward and complete 2017 victory.

BTW, after enjoying Forrest's new film yourself, share it around!! Its YouTube url is https://youtu.be/jRMUrRXBiYw.

Alex Flores

ALEX SHARES HIS FIRST federal victory, this one for 2018:

Here is the filing that produced this complete refund.

Jazzmin Walton

JAZZMIN SHARES A 2016 refund, with a nice dollop of interest included:

This one is a victory-in-progress, though, as will be seen by looking at Jazzmin's filing.

That is, the United States has acknowledged that Jazzmin received no "wages" during 2016, by way of this complete refund of all Chapter 24 withholdings. But it is coyly holding back the Chapter 21 withholdings, even though the surtaxes to which they relate are also only measured by "wages" received.

Perhaps the Unites States is hoping that Jazzmin didn't study her CtC well, and will not understand that she is entitled to the refund of those amounts as well? If so, that hope is due to be dashed. Jazzmin knows better, and made that clear when she sent me these scans...

Carmen Park Is Doing Her Part

CARMEN SHARES HER LATEST VICTORY on behalf of the rule of law-- a complete refund of everything improperly withheld from her by the ravenous federal Leviathan during 2018:

The filing that meant Carmen's labors during last year served her purposes rather than those of the swamp creatures in Washington can be seen here.

Tim Lafferty, Too

TIM SHARES HIS FIRST VICTORY-- everything withheld from him during 2018 and given over to the feds has been returned, all the more gratifyingly for Tim than most as it is a 100% turn-around in his relations with the IRS. The agency has been dunning Tim for old balances that arose prior to him learning of CtC, which his most recent withholdings have now begun to pay down:

Tim's educated put-the-dog-on-a-diet filing can be seen here.

And Jeff Rische Is Very Much On The Field, As Well.

JEFF SHARES A REALLY SPECIAL VICTORY (as you will see). To begin with, this is a nearly complete refund of what was withheld from Jeff and given to the feds in 2015-- along with a big dollop of interest (which is great, but keep reading...):

Here's the thing: These withheld amounts (secured by this filing) had been made the object of a purported IRS "notice of deficiency" late last year. The matter had just made it into the earliest stage of litigation, with Jeff making clear that he wasn't having any of it, when these refunds suddenly issued.

(BTW, don't fail to notice that more than $10,000 of the refund was ridiculously diverted to a purported "frivolous return penalty" for the very same return by which this refund was claimed.)

This brings to mind the same robot-dancing event enjoyed by Forrest Voss over the same two months in which Jeff's refunds appeared  (which also, coincidentally, concerns 2015...). Gotta love it!

Kevin & Nilka Angeles

KEVIN & NILKA SHARE THEIR LATEST VICTORY: a complete refund of everything withheld from them and given to Georgia against the possibility that they had done anything income-taxable during 2018:

Here is the filing that produced this victory.

Joel in Colorado

JOEL SHARES HIS COMPLETE REFUND of everything withheld from him during 2018 and given to Colorado:

Joel's filing that produced this victory can be seen here.

Jordan Powell

JORDAN SHARES TWO VICTORIES TODAY, both from the United States and both secured by amended returns filed in February of 2019 correcting originals filed prior to gaining a CtC education (and hence, both with interest in addition to the 100% refunds of everything withheld). The first is for 2015:

Here is the filing that produced this victory on behalf of the rule of law.

Jordan's second shared victory today is for 2016:

Here is the filing that produced this second victory shared by Jordan today.

Matthew Bossard

MATTHEW, A LONG-TIME NON-FILER before finding CtC in 2018, shares a victory transforming an IRS proposed tax due of more than $27K for the year 2004, and threatened Notice of Deficiency, into a nice, polite closing notice:

Here is the return Matthew had filed for 2004-- more than 13 years belated, but thoroughly educated. Here is Matthew's well-tuned and thorough response to the IRS audit and proposed tax due, which produced this "we're reviewing your response" letter and then the closing notice seen above.

Btw, Matthew's filing had not just had the focused attention of the audit/examination which had ended in that abandoned proposed tax due and threat of Deficiency litigation. The agency attention to his return had begun with a flat-out challenge to Matthew's "income" figures, a pointless (and flatly wrong) dispute of his withholding figures, and a disallowance of his refund claim.

Only after all that came the notice of an audit and proposed $27,014.40 tax due, making clear that Matthew's filing received a lot of attention before that nice, polite standing-down letter displayed above.

A FEW DAYS AFTER THE VICTORY SHOWN ABOVE, Matthew enjoyed another-- a complete refund of everything withheld from him during 2015 by the feds:

Just got Notice CP24 for 2015 in the mail today!  This one is special, as it's my first year of actually being eligible to get back what they took, according to the 3 year rule. No check expected yet though, as they'll likely apply it to what they think I owe for previous years (which I am still working on). But, it's progress nevertheless, and I am optimistic for getting it back eventually.

A few interesting bits of commentary on this one.  As you can see, they sent me the infamous LTR 4883C identity verification (also for 2014, 2016, and 2017).  So, I readied all my documents according to their instructions, expecting I would need them. 

After calling the number and waiting on hold for an hour, they didn't ask me a single question having to do with my identity.  All they asked was one single very conspicuous question - if I had income for 2015!  I answered "no". They actually asked it several times in different ways, and each time I answered that I had no income.  They finally said, "please hold", then 15 minutes later they came back on and said, "We will not be able to verify your identity at this time.  Please make an appointment with your local IRS branch office." 

Several weeks later I went to my appointment. The woman that helped me was friendly, but when she started looking at my returns, she was scratching her head and telling me I had made mistakes, and that I couldn't have zero income if I had withholdings. She started lightly penciling in some corrections on my returns, probably just trying to be helpful!  I politely told her I appreciated her help, but that it was my understanding that I was only there to verify my identity, and that I also needed to get back to work. She acquiesced, and after about 30 seconds on her computer, she said I was verified, handed me back all my paperwork, and I was out of there.

You may also notice that I had tried to carry forward my 2014 overpayment to year 2015. This was actually a mistake, as 2014 was past the 3 year mark, and they did adjust that.  However, they also did acknowledge that I had zero wages/income, and credited a refund of all 2015 withholdings!  Plus interest!


HERE IS MATTHEW'S filing for 2015; and here is his refund notice (with interest added on):

Here are the agency calculations from the second page of the notice, acknowledging that Matthew had had no "income" and owed no tax, while having had $8,589.29 withheld in error from the money he was being paid for his work during 2015:

WELL DONE, Matthew!

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Despite the fact that those whose victories are on display here did nothing but insist that the law be applied as it is written, they did so in the face of fearful threats and cunning disinformation from the beneficiaries of corruption.  Their actions took great courage and commitment, and I salute them all.  


“God grants liberty only to those who love it, and are always ready to guard and defend it.”

-Daniel Webster


NOTE: Whether any given individual is entitled to a refund depends on a number of different factors, and no one should presume that they are so entitled simply because they see that others are.  Each person should educate himself or herself about the particulars of the law, and make his or her own determination in this regard.


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