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More Victories For The Rule Of Law- Page Sixty-Five


Tens of thousands of readers of 'Cracking the Code- The Fascinating Truth About Taxation In America' have taken control of their own resources, in accordance with, and respect for, the law. The likely total amount reclaimed by these good Americans so far is upward of several billion dollars.


A few of these good American men and women-- such as those honored below-- are generous enough to send me the evidence of their victories in upholding the law, for the edification and inspiration of everyone. At the moment those shared refund checks, closing notices, and so forth total:


Steve & Daisy Butler

Here's the return Steve and Daisy filed. You'll notice that the refund claim was for $33,046.01. And the fact is, that's the amount Steve and Daisy had refunded to them-- plus the interest shown on the check, above. The total-- overpayment plus interest-- was $34,848.71.

Here is the refund notice the couple received a few weeks prior to the check, which acknowledges that complete refund total (when the accrued interest is added):

The missing $10,000 was diverted by the IRS (illegally, without prior notice or any opportunity for a hearing) to "frivolous return penalties" allegedly arising on the amended return Steve and Daisy filed for 2014. Those alleged penalties (and now, the illegal diversion of their money) will soon be the subject of litigation, I am sure. See more about that here.

Tammy Blaszak

Here is Tammy's original federal filing.

Here is Tammy's Michigan filing; and here is her amended federal return.

Michael Antonucci

MICHAEL SHARES VICTORIES FOR 2018 from the feds and Massachusetts. Here is Michael's federal refund in full:

Here is the filing that produced this federal victory (after Michael dealt with this ID challenge-- see more about such challenges here).

Here is Michael's complete refund from Massachusetts:

The filing producing this victory can be seen here.

Robert Foti

ROBERT SHARES VICTORIES FOR 2018 with both the feds and his home state of California. Here is Robert's complete federal refund:

Here is the filing that produced this complete refund, and in which a little misunderstanding of the law is reflected but which plays out in an interesting way. You'll notice that rather than list his Social security benefits on the line 5a of his 1040, Robert reports them by way of a Form 4852.

Robert's handing of the benefits in this way reflects his perception of the benefits as "retirement account" payouts"-- and in fact, Robert explains his treatment of the payments by pointing out that the Social Security extractions were from his non-taxable earnings in the first place, invoking the formula articulated here.

Now, the error is that Social security benefits are not, in fact, "retirement account" payouts, or anything like that. They are simply welfare payments, with no legal connection between the surtaxes taken under the FICA provisions and access to the benefits. The connection between the two is purely whimsical, and a sufficiently mercurial Congress could sever it at any time.

The interesting thing about this mistake is that it goes entirely unremarked by the government, despite Robert's filing having gone through the typical heavy gauntlet of careful and suspicious vetting marched through by every CtC filing before conversion to a check and then on to a mailbox. Why?

Maybe I'm just cynical, but I've seen the IRS catch even the most insignificant mistake imaginable. This one, I suspect, was let go for two reasons, acting in combination:

  • First, because even if properly reported on the 1040 no tax would have resulted and the refund would have been the same.

  • Secondly, and much more importantly, because the "ignorance tax" schemers continue to get a great deal of benefit from widespread misunderstanding of Social security.

Correcting Robert's mistake would have done nothing for the Treasury's bottom line. Letting it go, and thus perhaps helping perpetuate the myth which underlies that mistake absolutely does, in its contribution to the the clutter keeping a lot of folks from learning the truth about the tax.

ANYWAY... here is Robert's California victory:

Not much money recaptured, but a whole lot of power and dignity changed hands here, and by way of this filing.

S & K

There's a story behind this one-- see it here.


J. IS A YOUNG MAN with the happy circumstance of having learned the liberating truth early enough to get things right on the tax front straight out of the gate. Here is his first CtC-educated victory in upholding the law:

Here is the filing by which this victory was secured.

Dale Hibshman

DALE HAS ALSO SECURED his first victory on behalf of the rule of law-- this one a complete refund from Pennsylvania of everything withheld from his earnings and given to the state during 2018 against the possibility of a tax that he never ended up owing:

Dale is still preparing his submission of the filing that produced this refund...

Ian Conners

IAN'S IS A BIG STORY... This business owner learned the truth about the tax early this year and realized that he had much to do to bring himself into conformity with the law. Ian wasted no time.

Among other things, Ian was obliged to correct years-worth of declarations made in earlier ignorance about the legal character of payments made by his business. Some of these corrections can be seen here, here, here and here. Ian also was compelled to amend past business returns (see here, here and here)..

The response by the United States to Ian's newly-knowledgeable rectifications was quick and comprehensive (and interest-bearing where appropriate):

IAN ALSO AMENDED past personal filings (see, for instance, here and here), resulting in two acknowledgements so far (see here and here) and this refund:


Steven Butler

THE FEDERAL REFUND FOR 2017 received by Steve (and his wife Daisy, too) is posted at the top of this page. That one was attended with a little sturm und drang.

But just about exactly three months later Steven received the 100% refund he claimed for 2018 (on this filing), intact, with interest, and with no fuss or muss:

...though only after a little extra processing attention by the IRS, as indicated on this notice sent to Steven more-or-less the same day as the check (and which will have been responsible for the delay resulting in the payment of interest):

Brenna Wright

See the whole story behind the 2018 victory Brenna displays in this video here.

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Even in the face of the requirements of the law, the junkyard dog still tries to play its losing hand occasionally. Ironically, it is these sporadic spasms of resistance that offer the most telling evidence of the truth about the tax...


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Despite the fact that those whose victories are on display here did nothing but insist that the law be applied as it is written, they did so in the face of fearful threats and cunning disinformation from the beneficiaries of corruption.  Their actions took great courage and commitment, and I salute them all.  


“God grants liberty only to those who love it, and are always ready to guard and defend it.”

-Daniel Webster


NOTE: Whether any given individual is entitled to a refund depends on a number of different factors, and no one should presume that they are so entitled simply because they see that others are.  Each person should educate himself or herself about the particulars of the law, and make his or her own determination in this regard.


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NOTE: The documents displayed on this and any linked pages, and any associated comments, are posted with the permission and cooperation of the upstanding Americans with whom they are concerned. 

When a return is posted in connection with any refund or other responsive document, it is complete-- that is, what is posted is EVERYTHING filed as a return in connection with that refund or document, unless otherwise indicated.