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“Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.”

-James Madison



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Mid-Edition Update for February 11, 2019

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On "Cherry-Picking"


Briefly, In The News: Elizabeth Warren; and The "Green New Deal"


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Rand Paul In Defense Of Free Speech, And Is Marco Rubio A Traitor?


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The upgraded Fifteenth Edition of CtC Is Now Available!

Btw, a copy of CtC from anywhere except the link above may not be a current edition. CHECK. It matters. Also, there ARE no e-book, Kindle or .pdf versions of CtC. Don't get taken in by efforts to sell you-- or even give you for free-- any such thing.


"The preservation of a free government requires, not merely that the metes and bounds which separate each department of power be invariably maintained, but more especially that neither of them be suffered to overleap the great barrier which defends the rights of the people. The rulers who are guilty of such encroachment exceed the commission from which they derive their authority, and are TYRANTS. The people who submit to it are governed by laws made neither by themselves nor by an authority derived from them and are slaves….."

-James Madison


No one can guarantee success in all they do in life. But anyone can guarantee that they DESERVE success in anything they do.


Dallas, Darling!! February 16!

Be there for the next CtC Seminar in the Lone Star State!!

It's The Last Chance To Reserve A Seat, People!

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On "Cherry-Picking"

...who doesn't do it, and who does.

LAST WEEK I WAS SPEAKING WITH a warrior who told of a frustrating failure in getting his cousin, a real estate lawyer, to take in CtC. The fellow just skimmed the book for a while and then announced his conclusion that I was just "cherry-picking" support for my arguments.

"Cherry-picking" is the selection of authorities that appear to furnish support but are taken out of an unacknowledged context by which they really have a different meaning, or ignoring and leaving concealed authorities which contradict one's arguments. It's a sleazy practice employed deliberately by hucksters and sometimes inadvertently by incompetent researchers.

IT WAS IRONIC THAT THE COUSIN should use the expression "cherry-picking" in his dismissal of CtC. In so doing he reveals the scantiness of his attention to the book.

In the very center of CtC I recognize the "cherry picking" suspicion and address the charge, in this passage from the "Interlude":


"There are two distinct classes of men...those who pay taxes and those who receive and live upon taxes."

-Thomas Paine

I am confident there are those reading this book who still, even at this point, harbor lingering doubts as to the truth of the limited reach of the “income” tax revealed here. This is understandable and readily forgiven, as the habits of a lifetime are not quickly and easily overcome-- especially habits of thought. Habits of thought that are reinforced day-in and day-out by dedicated beneficiaries of the status quo are particularly persistent. Such doubts will express themselves as one or another version of the, “How can this be true when I hear so much to the contrary, and the law appears to be enforced in defiance of what you say?”

I must point out to such doubters that they are obliged by self-honesty to find themselves on the horns of a dilemma. In light of the Supreme Court’s clear and repeated expressions regarding the untaxable nature of private activities, the virtually moot effect of the 16th Amendment, and the restricted meaning of the term “income”-- along with the sufficiently clear written letter of the law-- there are only a couple of possible truths to compete with that presented here.

One, of course, is that you personally are simply incapable of understanding the law-- either because it is possessed of a mystical character incomprehensible to normal persons, or because there is something wrong with you. As to the latter, I will assure you that if you have made it to this point in this book, you are perfectly OK, at least insofar as your intellectual and academic capacities are concerned.

As to the former, we have already discussed the nature of proper law. If you have disagreed with me on that subject, and are content that the law should be a mysterious, self-contradictory thing accessible only through the scryings of a priestly class, go from us now, for no words or evidence will sway you from surrender to the blandishments and ambitions of the corrupt and powerful. Their lust is your law and you will not raise your bowed head.

Another possibility is that I am just “cherry-picking”, culling out only such rulings, statutes and other evidence from the whole body available as support my contentions. Well, even if this were true, the very existence of such evidence to be “cherry-picked” would render any to the contrary that might exist to be at least ambiguous, if not outright overborne, and thus, in either case, void. As the Supreme Court has instructed us in Connally v. General Const. Co., 269 U.S. 385 (1926):

"…a statute which either forbids or requires the doing of an act in terms so vague that men of common intelligence must necessarily guess at its meaning and differ as to its application violates the first essential of due process of law.”

At bottom, that protest, which presumes that there is somewhere a contradictory body of evidence in support of the current regime, is a hollow attempt to reverse the burden of proof, compelling the questions of why is MY body of evidence extant, and where is the other? Ah, yes… it is in the hands of the priests, and not to be looked upon by mere laymen! Really, lacking such contradictory evidence in hand, and faced with what is, this is merely a version of “mysterious law”.

What is left is that what I say about the law is true, and the apparent contradiction with the ways things are is the consequence of a conspiracy in defiance of that truth. Such a conspiracy might be imagined as one in which judges, prosecutors, bureaucrats, politicians and professionals-- knowing the truth-- simply act in blithe and blatant disregard of the law as written and ruled upon. They want the money and don’t give a damn what the law says, and somehow nobody else knows or cares. This is the “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” scenario. If it’s true, you should be reading this in a bunker in the hills.

Of course, if such a wide-spread, deeply rooted conscious conspiracy existed there would be plenty of evidence to support the conspirators-- they could make their own, after all-- and I would have none. Then I would be back to arguing against the propriety of the law, rather than having little more to do than to point out what it actually says. The fact is, the “Body Snatchers” thing is an oversimplification of the much murkier and, in its way, more sordid reality. (At least the “Body Snatchers” thing would amount to a relatively straightforward conquest of tax-payers by tax-consumers, without necessarily generating a corrupting influence extending much beyond the area of taxes themselves. More about that later in ‘Why It Matters’).


Plainly my friend's callow cousin never even made it as far as the Interlude, or was not really reading at all... Had he been paying enough attention to render a worthwhile judgment on the book, he would have noted my "cherry-picking" discussion and at least picked a different expression with which to offer his brush-off. The fellow's opinion of the book, then, is worth as much as what he expended in its examination-- which is to say, nothing.

BUT I MAKE MENTION of this tale of the callow cousin because I was struck, when the story was told to me, by how much the relevant landscape has changed since I first wrote that portion of the Interlude dealing with the "cherry-picking" suspicion. I think those changes are worth a few comments.

Though it seems strange to me now to think about the fact, back when that excerpt from the Interlude was written there hadn't been a single CtC-educated victory. That is, at that time back in 2003 not one tax agency acknowledgement of the correctness of my arguments, or of my scrupulous diligence and honesty in my presentation of supporting authorities, had taken place.

The strength of my reasoning in the excerpt notwithstanding, one might well have reasonably suspected back then that there really MIGHT BE countervailing authorities out there. One might have imagined that there having been no occasion thus far for doing so, these countervailing authorities simply hadn't yet been marshaled to oppose me, and thus were not in view.

Fair enough, as far as it goes (and hence my other points also offered in the Interlude argument above).

Now, though...

NOW, WE ARE MORE THAN 15 years later. There HAVE been a few occasions for marshaling any countervailing authorities. Well over a quarter of a million of them, in fact.

But no countervailing arguments have been marshaled on any of these many occasions. Instead we've simply seen more than a quarter of a million steady acknowledgements of the correctness of CtC-- year after year, from dozens of different tax agencies, every single one after rigorous vetting, and all issued even while the federal government, at least, has relentlessly struggled the whole time to discourage CtC-educated filings. It is emphatically clear that no countervailing authorities exist, and I have done no "cherry-picking".

HERE'S ONE OTHER THING that has come along in the years since I first argued against the "cherry-picking" suspicion-- and the thing that really puts "paid" to any and all doubts about the accuracy of CtC: The several documented occasions on which the IRS and certain federal courts have actually lied, full Monty, about the unanimous ruling of the Brushaber court in 1916 concerning the nature and history of the income tax and the limited meaning and effect of the 16th Amendment.

I present and discuss these lies here (or as a video here).

I hope everyone has paid very close attention to this presentation, because as I said, the making of these lies is a 100% disposition of any question of the accuracy of CtC concerning the nature of the income tax. These lies are made in order to evade what the Brushaber court ruled, which proves two things beyond further challenge:

  1. The Brushaber ruling IS (and still is) the prevailing jurisprudence on the income tax and the 16th Amendment (else the lying jurists and agency would be citing to, or lying about, some other ruling); and

  2. The tax ACTUALLY is the OPPOSITE of what these lying jurists and agencies are using their lies to say that is is-- meaning it is exactly what CtC first revealed it to be in 2003.

There could be nothing more definitive in proving these two key points than these particular and transparent lies by corrupt purveyors and beneficiaries of the "ignorance tax" scheme.

SO HERE'S THE ENTERTAINING IRONY with which to wrap up this commentary prompted by the Callow Cousin: Any "cherry-picking" that is done in regard to the truth about the income tax is done by the enemies of CtC in a desperate struggle to shore up their fictions about the tax, and what's more, they even have to fraudulently manufacture the "cherries" to which they deceitfully resort!

One can't help but smile in amusement, even while shaking the head and wagging a finger at this shameful behavior.

AND HERE'S THE TAKE AWAY for all of you reading this observation: The lies discussed here (or as a video here)-- even more than the victories, the overall history of CtC and efforts to suppress it, the "frivolous return penalty" hoax, and so much else that speaks to the truth about all this-- are the very strongest demonstration of that truth, when thoughtfully presented.

I urge everyone to make vigorous use of this "wake up" resource. In addition to starkly limning the truth about the tax and the 100% accuracy and completeness of CtC, it has the collateral benefit of painting the villains who oppose both as the criminals they are, thus encouraging a sea-change in their corrupt behavior.

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Briefly, In The News...

A few comments on a few current topics of interest, starting with Elizabeth Warren.

SO, ELIZABETH WARREN announced her presidential candidacy this past weekend. This is the woman who claimed in a number of different places and ways to be Native American in genetic heritage when this is simply not true.

For instance, on Warren's 1986 Texas Bar registration card, she listed herself as American Indian and ended up with several different professorships and research positions in Texas law schools. From 1986 to 1995 Warren was listed in the Association of American Law Schools records as a minority, which would enhance her prospects of being recruited or selected for a faculty position. This apparently worked at the University of Pennsylvania where she was hired in 1987 as a full professor right out of the gate, and again at Harvard in 1995.

Later, Warren traded on the fictional Native American ancestry falsehood for political benefit, until skeptics began to challenge her.

Warren claimed to have learned of her alleged Cherokee heritage as a matter of family lore. But last year she was pressured into submitting to a DNA test which concluded that at best a touch of Native American blood might have entered the family line in a drive-by 6-10 generations ago, making her possible Cherokee ancestry around .00001% (rounding up...), if anything at all.

It is extremely unlikely that anything as sketchy as a possible .00001% interface could have credibly become "family lore". It is impossible that, even if true, this possible event and its steady diminishment in significance over hundreds of years could have furnished Warren with an honest basis for calling herself Native American.

Remember, Warren didn't say, "I have a touch of Native American blood in my distant ancestry..." Instead, she said, "I'm a Cherokee.".

SO HERE'S MY QUESTION: Why isn't Warren being run out on a rail from at least Democratic politics?

Not for lying about her ancestry per se (for which she certainly has taken some flak). But for lying in order to exploit Identity Politics for her own personal gain?

I don't mean to be flippant, but this is the crassest kind of "cultural appropriation". Further, it highlights, to the detriment of all other beneficiaries, the fundamental illegitimacy of affirmative action, virtue signaling, and the foolish notion (reflected in nonsense like "Women's Studies", "Queer Studies", etc.) of discrete realities for superficially different groups despite all of us having exactly the same rights and cognizable fundamental interests.

I guess that last part is a good thing, but still, Warren has given good cause for exile from the serious American political scene.

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Next: The "Green New Deal"

...and what it tells us about the collapse of the American education system.

I KNOW MANY OF YOU, LIKE ME, remember when even a government welfare (aka, "public") school education included some serious reading. In my time, among the works every high school student was obliged to read was George Orwell's penetrating little satire and exposé of socialism titled, 'Animal Farm'.

I was recently prompted to think of 'Animal Farm' and the much-mourned passing of any effort at a real liberal education in public schools while becoming aware of the ignorance-channeling lunacy called the "Green New Deal" flogged into revived interest by the newly-elected and massively-uneducated Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to much fanfare among Democrats and other progressivists. (The "Green New Deal" is not a new notion or title. Both go back at least to 2007.)

LIKE ALL SOCIALIST UTOPIAN NONSENSE, the "Green New Deal" pitches pie-in-the-sky in exchange for ceding massive power over individual choices and behaviors to the state (which those pitching the "pie" expect to be running at the time). Like all socialist utopian nonsense, Orwell's sharply-honed pen is the unforgettable bubble-burster-- but, of course, only for those who are gotten to read 'Animal Farm'.

Think this is why the classic literature of liberty (and the classic debunks of statism, socialism, fascism etc.) has been pulled from the curricula of American schools? You bet.

It's also why American high-schoolers are no longer taught logic, economics, political science or history as they once were, either. What goes on in the schools matters. It matters a lot.

Here we have a very telling lesson to that effect, even if all that happens with the "Green New Deal" is that is occupies a big chunk of focus by the electorate that otherwise might be spent on learning the truth about the income tax, or using that knowledge to squeeze Leviathan back down to its proper role as a servant government.

WANT TO KNOW THE SOLUTION? Homeschool your kids. Tell everyone with school-age children to do so.

It's easy, effective, and SOOOOO much better for the parents and the kids than even the best of any alternatives. Click here to learn more about this hugely-important topic.

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The Entire Legal And Practical Truth About The Income Tax In Three Short Sentences

Focus on these simple points and you can teach anyone the truth about the tax.

1. The income tax is an excise.

2. Excise taxes are taxes on the gainful exercise of privileges.

3. You probably didn't earn your money by exercising any taxable privilege (or earned very little that way).

Inarguable (and nowhere disputed) proof of the first two statements above can be found concisely spelled-out in this little 7-page document. Whether the third is true for any particular person can be determined by consulting this guide to understanding "income-taxable privilege".



A Wise Warrior On What's Really At Stake


DON DON LA VIGNE, a long-time warrior and real American grown-up, shares a nice and inspiring testimonial on what CtC has done for him for over nine years now:


"Like a muddied stream or a polluted fountain is the righteous man who gives way before the wicked."

-Proverbs 25:26


"A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves."

-Edward R. Murrow


(Click on Saruman to see what he means...)


See Who's Really Been Lying About The Tax


Daft And Despicable Deniers

What the hell is wrong with these people?!


CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE how abysmally stupid someone would have to be to continue to doubt or deny that CtC has revealed the actual, complete and insurmountable truth about the income tax in light of the overwhelming mountain of historical, legal, practical and logical evidence to the contrary? (Not to mention the outright lies and even ludicrous hoaxes the executive and some corrupt members of the judiciary have been caught at in desperate efforts to conceal the truth...)

Plainly any such denier must either be abysmally stupid or be an abysmally corrupt government official or other person who sees him or herself as benefitting from the lies about the tax by which America has suffered for 75 years now. Isn't this true?



A Few Good Folks With Good and Important Things To Say:

Find this film on YouTube at youtu.be/K0CYo57I3ks


How Do You Know When The State Is Lying?

An old joke, but in regard to this deceiver, not a laughing matter at all.

““When principles that run against your deepest convictions begin to win the day, then battle is your calling, and peace has become sin; you must, at the price of dearest peace, lay your convictions bare before friend and enemy, with all the fire of your faith.

-Abraham Kuyper


Assessing The Damage From The Misapplication Of The Income Tax

Man, are Americans getting ripped off...!


Looking For A Litigator Who Wants To Do Well While Doing Good

THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENT presents details of a long-running (and still-ongoing) violation of the speech, conscience and due-process rights of two Americans. The offenses, in a nutshell, involve a federal district court attempting to dictate to these two folks-- word for word-- sworn "testimony" they are ordered to make in a legal contest with the government.

Click the link below to read the brief. You'll find it thoroughly supported with relevant testimony by the chief perpetrator and other similarly unambiguous exhibits.

The Civil Rights Lawsuit Documentation

"Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them, and these will continue till they have been resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they suppress."

-Frederick Douglass

"It does not take a majority to prevail... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."

-Samuel Adams


"A slave is one who waits for someone to come and free him."

-Ezra Pound


A Michigan Version Of The "Watching The Watchmen" Amendment Has Been Proposed


Did you know…

 …The US may be the only country in the world where people working in the non-federal private sector must commit perjury in order to owe and pay ‘God’s things to Caesar’?

If you work in the private sector, stop falsely swearing that your private-sector earnings are federal “income”1.  Perjury is a crime.  Exercise the law’s provision for protecting your private-sector earnings from the 154-year-old2 indirect excise known as the federal income tax.  Rebut fraudulent allegations made by your payers regarding the legal nature of your work and the earnings derived therefrom, so that you pay only your fair share.  Join the hundreds of thousands of honest, law-abiding Americans who have been doing so for more than a decade.  Learn how for free at losthorizons.com.

1--“We must reject… …the broad contention submitted in behalf of the government that all receipts—everything that comes in—are income…”.

United States Supreme Court, So. Pacific v. Lowe, 247 U.S. 330, (1918)

2—The income tax in the United States was first instituted into law on July 1, 1862, during Lincoln’s presidency under the excise laws of the United States.   The preamble to the 1939 Internal Revenue Code traces its roots to this original income tax law.


Get this flyer as a printable .pdf here

Get this flyer as a multi-piece printable .pdf here


Poisonous Pieties

Now click here to learn the truth about the myths that have kept you from knowing the truth about the income tax


Trolls Against The Truth: A Dis-Information Campaign

UNLESS YOU'VE LOOKED, you can have no idea of the volume, intensity and mendacity deployed in the government's efforts to discourage Americans from learning what is revealed in CtC. It's truly astonishing.

A lot of folks are aware of the show-trial events in which my wife and I have received state-engineered public beatings meant to scare people away from the truth about the "ignorance tax" scam. But many are unaware of the overall campaign. This is a shame, really, because a focused propaganda effort like this one is a very powerful acknowledgement of the significance of CtC's revelations.

While the majority of Americans do not yet know how CtC protects them from the vampire state, the vampire itself certainly does. Dis-information campaigns like this one make that very clear.


FORMER CBS REPORTER SHERYL ATKISSON describes some aspects of this sort of dis-information campaign in the following video. Despite the annoying preliminary 15 seconds or so of advertising, her presentation is very much worth watching:

(H/T to Greg Belcher for finding and forwarding this great presentation.)

Losthorizons.com is one of those websites specifically-targeted by the corrupt interests at Wikipedia described by Atkisson. The behind-the-scenes folks at that site won't allow links on their pages to anything posted at losthorizons.com, nor even just text corrections of misinformation in their pages about the income tax.

That's the least of it. Click here for some specific discussion of the enormous scare campaign that's been actively spreading false information in hope of discouraging legitimate media attention, as well as men and women simply seeking the truth about the tax and liberty from the scourge of the "ignorance tax".

PLEASE GIVE SOME SERIOUS THOUGHT to the fact that YOU being secure in your own freedom rests on others learning the truth as well, and recognize that it falls to you to help overcome the dis-information campaign. Post and share your videos; share your victories; help silence the agents-provocateur and distraction-injectors whose nonsense is discussed and debunked here; and widely (and frankly, impatiently) share this page, this page and this page, challenging everyone in your address book to disconnect the phone and the TV for an afternoon and get educated.

Doing these things will be what makes it happen, Cap'n.

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Please Help losthorizons.com Be As Effective As Possible!

OVER THE LAST FEW YEARS I've heard from a number of folks that a firewall known as "Comodo" blocks access to this website. This is apparently a glitch in that program. This site is safe, as can be seen by going here.

Please share this info with others in your own address book so it gets around-- obviously those suffering the ill effects of this defect in Comodo won't be able to see it here themselves until they go into their firewall settings and manually whitelist losthorizons.com.

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WANTED! Your Article!!

Sharpen those quills, people!

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Why Aren't People Suing?



A New Policy

I HAVE DONE MY BEST to lead this country to liberty from the mis-applied income tax. I have labored hard. I've shed a lot of sweat, a fair bit of blood and more than a few tears. But I seem to be pretty poor at that kind of work.

When I have asked all of you for what I firmly believe is a necessary resource to move the ball downfield and give all of us the best chance at justice and an end to the assault on the rule of law-- simple testimonial videos requiring nothing from any of you but the phone in your pocket and three minutes of speaking from the heart-- I have had only a handful of people answer my call.

I CAN'T KEEP GOING THIS WAY. I have to be able to turn my attention away from writing new persuasive or skepticism-addressing articles week after week, and toward research, analysis and educational presentations that will benefit everyone already in this community. I need time to do some suing, and to bring together the resources and talent toward that end.

As said, it is my firm belief that your testimonial videos are the resource that I need to make big things happen, and they are unquestionably the thing I need to allow me to turn my attention away from trying to get horses to drink at the waterhole to which I have led them. Your words, in your great numbers and all in your own different ways, will do that better than anything I write possibly could.

And yet, you are not providing them. This, despite my having been asking you for them for many years now.

Therefore, with enormous reluctance, I am making portions of this website restricted access only. People have been urging me to do this for years now, telling me I should impose a charge to access my work-product, so as to enable me to keep producing.

I have never been inclined to charge fees for access. I ask for donations, and will continue to do that, and if they do not come, then I will conclude that my work is of no value to anyone, and I will close shop.

But I now WILL charge a special something for access to some key portions of that work-- testimonial videos, as discussed, described and demonstrated here.

SELECTED PAGES CONSTITUTING primarily "legal resources" pages now require passwords for access, and to get a password, I need your video. Similarly, if an email comes my way asking for guidance or assistance, it had best have a video attached, if I don't already have yours posted.

I hate to play it this way, but I want to win.

I'll tell you a story from when I was coaching my kids in soccer. Both of my kids at a certain age in their careers had run into a wall common to all but the very exceptional. They had gotten to be pretty good, and they wanted to enjoy the benefits of their hard work. But the arrival of this interest coincided with a new self-consciousness which made them reluctant to risk failing and looking foolish. So, they were hanging back from seizing the main chance when it appeared, and driving for the goal.

My solution was to post on the wall of our dining room a couple of simple points about self-discipline, the chief of which is this: You can't score a goal if you don't take a shot.

That's how it is here, too. If you don't stand up, you are laying down, and you'll never score that goal.

Here is what my kids live by now, in their own version of that lesson. I hear it from them all the time as they excel (accompanied by the sound of a father's breast swelling with pride): Go hard, or go home.

You, too. Go hard, or go home. Send those videos.

Do I ask for a lot? I want your victories to post, your financial support, your efforts at spreading the word, and your beautiful faces and inspiring words, too. It IS a lot.

But I'll let Thomas Paine explain:

"Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheaply, we esteem too lightly. Heaven knows how to put a proper price on its goods; and it would be strange indeed, if so celestial an article as freedom should not be highly rated.”

Fear nothing but God.

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Give Yourself A 30% Raise: A New Flyer


What Makes YOU A Warrior For The Truth?

We each have our reasons, and our story. It's time, and it's needed, for you to share yours with the world.


"The day we see truth and do not speak is the day we begin to die."

-Martin Luther King, Jr.

What does it for you?

Is it simply because no moral and upstanding person has any choice when it comes to telling the truth over his or her signature, whether on tax forms or anywhere else?

Is it recognition of the critical importance of the rule of law, and the knowledge that if everybody leaves its caretaking to someone else, it will soon be lost to us completely?

Is it the money?

Maybe it's just simple respect for your own rights as a human being, who is not and cannot be not involuntarily subordinated to others?

Maybe it's just simple respect for your general civic responsibility to be the grown-up and enforce frugality and restraint on a big, powerful creature of our own devising which otherwise is like a badly-raised teenage boy given whiskey and car keys and let loose on the road to wreak havoc?

Or is it, perhaps, a more acute anxiety that if our bonfire of a state isn't damped, and quickly, it'll soon burn down the house around us all?

What IS it that firms up your jaw and stiffens your resolve?

It's time to take off the bushel and share your light!

I would like you to think about what it is that motivates you for a few moments (or all day, if you like), and then send me your thoughts. I want to put YOUR reasons to work inspiring folks who don't yet understand what this is all about.

In this day and age, the most effective way for you to share your thinking for the benefit of others is to video-record yourself talking about how you feel, and explaining what inspires and motivates YOU.

All you need is a webcam or cell-phone equipped with a camera. If you don't have, or know how to use, one of these, have a friend help. (And if you use a cell-phone, please have the orientation horizontal, not vertical-- that is, so that the screen of the phone on which you are watching yourself while taping looks like a TV or movie screen.)

If needed, write a little script for yourself. Better, though, to just speak extemporaneously, after spending a little time sorting out your thoughts and getting down into your heart. Perhaps make it a video of someone in your family, or a close friend, interviewing you.

Dress "business casual". Be well-groomed.

Keep yourself to no more than 2 or 3 minutes, and keep in mind that the purpose is not to educate, but to INSPIRE, ENCOURAGE and ENERGIZE. Your video will be one of many to be shared.

You needn't feel any obligation to be profound, and you shouldn't try to explain anything about the law, other than to say that you have read it and you know it's on your side. You just need to be sincere, and uplifting. Your object is to make your audience want to have what you have, and to be where you are in your heart.

Don't talk to ME, or to others in the CtC-educated community. Make remarks that are suited to the NON-CtC-educated community, and at the same time, be mindful that you're speaking to an audience that doesn't yet know ANYTHING about the subject, and whose first reaction is, "This must be illegal; this must be dangerous; this is too good to be true." You want to pull that audience right past such things, and straight to a focus on truth, morality, and our American heritage of liberty and the rule of law.


Speak about rights. Speak about morality, and the obligation of a grown-up and responsible person to speak the truth and to enforce the Constitution. Speak about everyone's duty to give to God what is God's, always, and to Caesar only what is really Caesar's. Speak of your obligation to respect yourself, and to look out for the current and future well-being of your children and your fellow citizens. Speak of CtC, and what its information has done for your understanding and resolve. Show the book.

If you have had victories, describe them. Better still, show them, if possible.

Be clear about just what you accomplished: EVERYTHING back-- Social Security, Medicare and all; a "notice of deficiency" closing notice; an on-paper agreement or acknowledgment that your earnings weren't subject to the tax and everything withheld or paid-in was an "overpayment"; a transcript showing all $0s; or whatever happened.

When you speak of state victories, name the state. If you had to overcome balkiness from a tax agency before winning any victory, describe that, too!

If you're in a battle now, speak of your resolve to uphold the law, come what may. If you haven't yet begun to act, speak of your decision to do so, and your plans.

Remember, your purpose is to INSPIRE, ENCOURAGE and ENERGIZE.

If you're dealing with ongoing balkiness, describe that, too, if you wish-- but be sure to explain why you're not discouraged, and why you are not standing down, not slinking back into the barn, and not choosing to endorse the lies.

Mention what you do for a living, whether you're a doctor, homemaker, lawyer, trucker, IT guy or gal, or a retiree or student. Help people understand that the company of grown-up activist Americans they are being invited to join cuts across all demographics and all interests-- with the common denominator being respect for the law and love of the principles on which this great country was founded.

This is your chance to get a LOT accomplished.

We've all had frustrating occasions of trying to explain all this to a friend, neighbor, family member or co-worker, only to pile up against the wall of a mind not yet ready to listen and learn. Here is your chance to address a self-selected audience of folks who have themselves decided that it's time for them to begin paying attention, and have clicked on your testimonial for exactly that reason.

Further, think about this: You want judges, bureaucrats, CPAs, lawyers, the HR people where you work, your pastors, your neighbors and everyone else to acknowledge the truth about the tax openly and straightforwardly. How and why would these folks do this if YOU won't?

You want these folks to learn the truth. Why would they even recognize that there is a truth to be learned if you won't attest to having learned it yourself? You've got to stand up, face forward and chin up and tell these folks that you have studied and checked and verified and seen the evidence and seen the government evasions and you know that the tax is not the capitation that the beneficiary government wants everyone to think it is but a benign, but strictly limited thing, and that they need to study and learn that, too.

Again, if you have victories to show, that's nice, and powerful, too. But you don't have to have victories to display in order to declare your knowledge of what the law says. I've never flown around the world, but I've seen the evidence and considered the arguments, and I'm not hesitant to declare it a sphere...

Even those of you who haven't yet studied CtC have surely read this short document, and have verified everything in it for yourself. You should therefore be declaring its veracity and its message, loud and proud. Again, if you won't say it, how can you hope that others will ever even bother to look at the facts?

Be the change you want to see in the world, or there won't be any change.

So, please make and send those videos right away! You can share them with me via a cloud-based drive space like OneDrive.Live.com or GoogleDrive, or mail DVDs to me at 232 Oriole St., Commerce Twp., Michigan 48382, or even email to me if each file is no more than 20 megs (and you can break a video up if need be-- I can reassemble them). Render as .mpg or mp4, if possible; if not, send them how you have them and I'll make them work.

Remember, the restoration of institutional respect for individual rights and the rule of law depends on enough individuals insisting upon it. Do your part to let those starting to rub the sleep from their eyes know that there is a community already waiting for their fellowship with open arms and open hearts and shining spirits.

See how some of your fellow warriors for the truth have done their parts in videos sent over the years, many of which are posted here.

"It does not take a majority to prevail... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."

-Samuel Adams

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The Crime of the Misapplied Income Tax


Was Grandpa Really A Moron?

Critical Inquiries for a New American Century

Bob’s Bicycles


Getting Free Of The "Income" Tax Scheme Is As Easy As Falling Off A Bike

To get an idea of how today's "income" tax scheme works, try this little exercise:

Think of the federal government as a guy named Bob, who lives down the street from you in a town that is really big on bicycles. Bikes get used for commuting, deliveries, shopping, etc.. In fact, other than walking, bicycles are the exclusive form of transportation in your town.

Your neighbor Bob has a by-the-mile bicycle-renting business-- "Bob's Bicycles". Bob's Bicycles is far and away the biggest business in town.

Part of Bob’s success is because he does a lot of contract business. However, Bob doesn't just get paid by riders who have signed an agreement with him, or even just those using Bob's bikes. Bob gets something every time anybody in town does any riding at all, through an odd combination of circumstances that took many years to come together.

Here's how it happened...

Bob's Bicycles was launched long ago by the great grandfather of the present Bob (Bob IV). Great Grandpa Bob started out not only with a main location for his contract business-- he also had the bright idea of setting up spots around town where he parked some of his bikes for use by the more occasional rider, on an "honor system". Anyone could take and use one of these bikes, but they were expected to keep track of their mileage, and send Bob a "1040 Mileage Ridden/Rent Due Form" (and the appropriate rent), periodically. The initial design of the form was like this:

I, ______________, rode a Bob's Bicycle a total of _____ miles this year.

At Bob's rental rate of $.15 per mile, I owe Bob $______

I said that Great Grandpa Bob planned to deal with these occasional riders on the "honor system", and that's true. But he liked his money, too, and didn't want to miss anything that was due him. So, after setting up the "self-serve" locations, Great Grandpa Bob went around handing out "W-2, 1099 or K-1 Rider Reporting Forms" to every other business in town. The forms-- accompanied by notices that if Bob didn't get his rent from someone riding a bicycle in connection with any business, he would sue the company involved-- said:

Click here to enjoy the rest of this illuminating little parable

(...and if you want to see a liberating transformation take place THIS YEAR, forward this file to everyone in your address book.)

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You Can’t Fight Well When You Don’t Know What You’re Fighting About

If you are having an argument with the IRS or any other tax agency,

  • You are NOT being presumed to have made “corporate profit”.

  • You are NOT being alleged to have received “foreign income”.

  • You are NOT entangled in an invisible “adhesion contract”.

  • You are NOT being obligated by a law whose subject is never identified.

You are being targeted because REAL EVIDENCE exists that YOU PERSONALLY HAD “INCOME” to which the revenue laws apply-- even though that evidence is almost certainly incorrect, and CAN be corrected.

There IS "A Law" By Which You Can Be Made Liable, And This Is How It Works

Now Learn How To Be Master Of The Situation

See the Proof

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Photographed on 1-70 in Missouri. America is waking up.


Do You Know What Happens When YOU Decide To "Let Someone Else Do It"?



"I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. What I can do, I should do and, with the help of God, I will do."

-Everett Hale

(...and every other person who ever really deserved liberty)


"God grants liberty only to those who love it, and are always ready to guard and defend it."

-Daniel Webster


"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves."

-Edward R. Murrow





Get this graphic as a printable/postable/mailable .pdf

Browse other transformational-truth-spreading tools

Test Your "Income" Tax IQ!

CtC WARRIOR SanDiegoScott has put together a great little 20-question quiz to test your knowledge of the law regarding the United States "income" tax. Test yourself, test your friends and family! Test your accountant and tax attorney, and help them learn the liberating truth!!

Click here to take the test

Find more quizzes here

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CtC Videos And Audio Resources


"Never must thou take up a false cry, or join hands with the guilty by giving false witness in their favor. Never must thou follow with the crowd in doing wrong, or be swayed by many voices so as to give false judgment; even pity for the poor must not sway thee when judgment is to be given."

-Exodus 23:1-3


Doing A Little High-Payoff Math

IF EACH PERSON receiving this newsletter each week distributed as few as 100 of any of the great outreach tools featured here to co-workers, friends, neighbors and family members (or just strangers on the street, in the mall, etc...), we could have SEVERAL MILLION new Americans suddenly introduced to the liberating truth about the tax!

Just like that! In one week!

C'mon, people, let's roll on this!

“Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.”

‑Dale Carnegie

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Spread The Truth


A Few Tips For Making Best Use Of This WebSite



When directed to a page by topic or link, read everything.

I know that this can mean the investment of a lot of time, attention and effort, but although some may imagine otherwise, I don't write as much as I do because I can't think of any other way to spend my time...

Furthermore, when you encounter a hyperlink within, or associated with, the text you are reading, follow it!

It is pretty common these days for web-based material to be littered with hyperlinks. Sometimes the purpose is to provide definitions or examples, in order to ensure that folks reading the original material aren't presented with a word or reference which they don't understand. Sometimes the links lead to illustrations pertinent to the original text.

It is common-- and perfectly understandable-- for folks who are confident that they are familiar with language or references within the main text they are reading to get in the habit of skipping over included links. I do it all the time, myself!

However, I very rarely include links for definitional or explanatory purposes; and when I DO make a link out of text in one page it is generally to another self-contained page, rather than merely illustrative material. These other pages contain material the clear understanding of which I deem highly important for the proper and complete understanding of the original page. (Links to CtC, the Victories pages, CtC Warriors and so on are obvious exceptions to this general rule. On the other hand, a link to the victory Highlights or 'Every Which Way But Loose' pages, which might seem like such exceptions, are not. The special selection of victories on those pages, and the filed docs and tax-agency correspondences included therewith, themselves constitute highly instructive material which merits careful attention. Thus care needs to be taken in all cases.)

Please make a habit of clicking on all provided links and at least looking briefly to ensure that the linked page is one with which you are completely familiar from another study session.

Finally, please keep in mind that, annoying though it may seem at first blush (but not, I trust, upon reflection), I constantly tweak material already posted. Obviously this doesn't mean that every page is in flux at all times, but it does mean that if you are directed to a page that IS familiar, it's worthwhile to read it through again if it's been a while since your last having done so.


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"Those who will not reason, are bigots, those who cannot, are fools, and those who dare not, are slaves."

-George Gordon (Lord) Byron